Research Technician Cover Letter (Samples & Examples)

Research Technician Cover Letter

A “Research Technician Cover Letter” is a component of an application that is drafted to vouch for the suitability to the role of research technician. A research technician basically aids scientists and other relevant departments to tackle their experiments by use of their research capabilities and expertise.

Why cover letter is required

This letter is necessary mainly because it helps the recruiter to grasp what an applicant has to offer easily. It also explains some of the points and details which the resume contains. In this way, it aids with the digestion of the facts that are contained in the resume. The employer is subsequently capable of making more informed decisions.

What an employer looks for in a Research Technician

Employers generally look for three issues in a research technician. These are explained hereunder:

Academic Qualifications

Before qualifying to be a research technician, one has to possess some bare minimum academic qualifications. He must have studied up the graduate level of education and must have passed highly too. A prospective employer wants to know about these.

Work Experience

Though not a must, it is strongly recommended that an applicant possess some work experience. This should preferably be attained in a field that is relevant to the one in which he wants to be employed. It is only then that the technician may bring in the needed support.

Skills and Expertise

Lastly, an employee will also look for the skills and expertise of the said technician. It is one thing to memorize facts and figures. It is yet another thing to put those facts and figures into action. A good employer will insist on the past works of the applicant as a way to vouch for this.

What type of companies hire Research Technicians?

  • Research and Development
  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Information Technology
  • Laboratories and Hospitals

Sample Cover Letter for Research Technician

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Dear Mr. Lee,

Re: Application for Research Technician

Following the announcements, you posted on your website, I hereby offer my applications for the position of Research Technician. I do hold a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from the prestigious ABC Universality.

Though I have never really held the position of research technician before, I nonetheless interned at the XYZ Pharmaceuticals Incorporated for a period of 3 years. My stint at the facility equipped with some basic skills of research. Among these are data analysis, preparation of reports, and creation of synergies.

I am also good at teamwork in the sense that I blend well with the other team members. To add to these, I intend to pursue a doctorate in qualitative research. By working for you, I will gain the expertise needed to enrich my experience and up my overall performance.

Enclosed in the application package is a resume that explains my qualifications and expertise in detail. Feel free to seek any further clarification from me if need be.


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Research Technician Cover Letter (Word Format)

Research Technician Cover Letter (Word Format)

Email Example (Word Format)

Research Technician Cover Letter Email Example

Research Technician Cover Letter Email Example

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

Re: Application for the position of Senior Research Technician

Kindly accept my resume and application for the position of senior research technician with your organization. My academic backgrounds, work experience, exposure, and future aspirations all combine to make me suited for this vacancy.

I do hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Research Methodology from WWW University. After obtaining that qualification, I moved on to work for the NBG Incorporated in the capacity of Research Fellow. This lasted 4 years, during which time I mined data, analyzed reports, displayed information in the form of graphs, and generated feedback.

As hinted above, I do have some dream of becoming a full-fledge researcher. My stay in your organization will hence give me the support I need to launch my career successfully. Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

I truly look forward to working with you later on.


First Name Last Name

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