Resignation Email Message Examples

A ‘resignation e-mail message’ is a formal letter that an employee sends out to an employer. This letter is sent out around two weeks before the resignation from the company. Its purpose is generally to let the employer know that the employee intends to resign from the company and leave the present job position.

What to include in “Resignation Email Message?”

The Date of the Letter

You should start with the date of the letter. This is the day, month, and year when you draft the letter. The purpose of this is to aid with future reference if need be. It also gives your employer a timeline within which to prepare for your departure from the company.

Gratitude for the Opportunity

As a matter of gratitude, you must express some gratitude to the employer for allowing you to work for them and make money. Even if you are not happy with the company for whatever reason, it is just important to do so. You never know what might become of you next. In particular, you might need a letter of reference later.

Express an offer of Assistance

It is also vital that you offer to assist the newcomer during the transition period. In this role, you will assist the person who will assume and fill your position with getting started. This also is a good gesture as you might never really know when the company might need you next.

Contact Information

Lastly, incorporate some non-company contacts when exiting the company. This is to allow you to be accessed later on. Your departure from the current company will lead to a loss of all your work-related contacts.

Writing Tips for Resignation Email Message

Being a professional document, there are some tips you must adhere to while drafting it. Below are some of the hot tips you have to uphold while doing so:

Tip I: Send out dual copies

You should send out dual copies. The first copy you send out should be to your immediate supervisor, whereas the second copy should be to the human resource manager. Remember to keep a copy also for your future references and submissions.

Tip II: Give sufficient notice

It is necessary that you give sufficient notice. This ideally should be one week or two weeks before your departure from the organization. The reason this is necessary is to allow the employer to come to terms with your imminent departure and prepare appropriately for the same.

Tip III: Keep it brief and concise

Do not stuff in too much information. Just keep it brief and concise. You should be concerned mainly with the fact that you are about to leave and when that shall happen.

Tip IV: Ask questions

To crown it all, you should ask questions. These questions touch on your pending dues, perquisites, and when your last paycheck from the company shall be released. Be free also to be asked any questions by your employer if need be.

Sample Email Resignation Letter

Sample: Resignation Email Message
Email Subject Line: Resignation – Your Name

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last name,
Kindly receive this message from me as my formal resignation from your company ABC Limited. I intend to step down from my present position at the end of this month, which is roughly two weeks from now.
To give you a glimpse of why I am leaving, I have to attend to my duty as a mother, considering that I am due to deliver within a week.
In case you need me to assist with the transition, kindly let me know. Please note, though, that I might not be available full time owing to my imminent delivery.
I am on the whole very grateful for the six years I have worked for your company. Particularly, I appreciate the support and kindness your colleagues and management accorded me throughout my time in your company.
For future references, reach me via this personal e-mail address or my cellphone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX).
Many thanks yet again for your time and opportunity. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.
Your Name

Email Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Resignation Email Message cover letter

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