Resignation Letter (Due to a Schedule Conflict)

Sometimes, two or more events may be scheduled at the more or less similar time slot. It is obviously not humanly possible to attend these two events simultaneously. That is why you have to forfeit one and respond to another one. The resignation letter due to a schedule conflict aims to express a desire to resign from employment by reason of having to choose between one interest and the other.

Sample Resignation Letter (Due to a Schedule Conflict)

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Lastname:

I hereby hand in this formal letter as an official resignation of my position of XX with your company. For quite some time now, I have been working two jobs. One in the morning hours in your company and another in the afternoon hours in another firm.

However, that other firm has now hired me on full-time, permanent, and pensionable terms. I have hence found my stay at your company untenable going forward. That is what has necessitated my departure from this firm altogether.

My resignation shall take effect from the end month. I would wish to let you know that I enjoyed my stay at your facility completely. I will truly miss my coworkers and supervisors in equal measure. They have left indelible marks on my heart also.

I do apologize sincerely for the inconvenience that my abrupt resignation has caused. you require my help and support in filling the vacancy or helping with the transition, kindly let me know.
Thanks a lot for understanding this issue. It is my hope also that you will remain successful in the business. I promise to stay in touch even after my official departure.

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Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (Due to a Schedule Conflict)

Resignation E-mail (Due to a Schedule Conflict)

Subject Line: Notice of Resignation from [Your Name]

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

It is with deep sorrow and regret that I have had to resign with your organization. Working as a part-time professional with your organization has indeed been full of pleasure. You are also aware that I have been interning at yet another company.

Well, the company has offered me a full-time position. This has meant that I can no longer work for you, given that I have had to devote more time to my full-time schedule.

My last date of work in your company will be roughly two weeks from now. That translates to mm/dd/yyyy.

Thank you very much for offering to have me to work for your firm. Indeed, the experience and the monetary benefits I gained while here shall live to enrich my life.

You can always count on me to aid with filling the vacancy or expediting the transition period. I will be more than happy to offer any form of assistance to those ends. May I also know when I shall receive my dues for the month ended mm/dd/yyyy?

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Resignation E-mail (Word Format)

Resignation E-mail (Due to a Schedule Conflict) Email Example

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