Sample Resignation Letter (Due to Changes in Company)

In some instances, an employee may resign from the company due to reasons beyond his help or sphere of influence. Common examples include a shift in operational policy or the alteration of the terms of references governing operations within the organization.

Like any other reason, a resignation letter has to be drafted to that effect. The letter has to make it plain that the resignation has indeed been triggered by the issue at hand. Similarly, it has to be submitted at least a fortnight before the due date indicated on the letter thereof.

What to say in Resignation Letter?

Stick to the format of an official letter

This resignation letter does not differ in any way from your ordinary resignation letter. As such, every other rule, the format included, has to be maintained. You should hence stick to the format of an official business letter as much as possible. This is to give it the official character it is supposed to have.

Provide a brief yet precise explanation

It is always good to show course specifically why you have opted to leave the company. This reason has to be precise, to the point and brief. Give some room for negotiation just in case the employer may decide to your case some special consideration. For example, resignation due to schedule conflict.

Highlight some of the benefits you have gained

Like is the norm with letters of these kinds, it is important yet again to highlight some of the benefits you have gained from the organization you have worked for. These are lessons, experiences, or encounters that have enriched your own expertise or professional life.

Assure support for smooth transitions

Assure your employer the support he needs during the transition exercise. If you can help him to headhunt a replacement, kindly let him know. The same should apply to training, orientation, or other undertakings that are carried out when acquainting a newcomer with the intrigues of the workplace.

Stay positive and courteous all the while

You should always stay positive all the while. Even if the reason is daunting, you should convey that idea in a tone that is positive and devoid of any bitterness. This is to safeguard your image and to let the employer write positive reviews if you need them later on.

What not to say?

Having examined what to include in the resignation letter, we now want to examine those things that you should never incorporate in such a letter:

Trash the company

‘Never bite the hands that once fed you.’ The company may not mean much to you going forward, granted. However, do not lose sight of the fact that it once fed you and gave you the opportunity to further your career and professional life. Keep your differences professional.

Make disparaging remarks

You should also not make disparaging remarks on the shift in policy that has necessitated your departure from the organization. The fact that you do not agree with them does not necessarily mean that every other person is uncomfortable with them or that they will not work.

Speak negatively of your co-workers

The same token should extend to your co-workers. Do not disparage, mock, or ridicule them unnecessarily. Just leave them to live their life, and you go ahead with living yours in the new location. You do not want to spoil your future professional life, do you?

Post anything on social media

As a matter of courtesy and goodwill, you should refrain from using social media platforms to convey your feelings, thoughts, and reactions. Keep all your correspondences within official channels and one-on-one with those who are parties to the conflict.

Sample Resignation Letter

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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

It is well known to you that I have been working for you for XX years now. How I would wish to work with you till I restore. However, I have had no option but to jump ship now.

Why I have opted to jump ship, you may ask? Well, the company’s decision to relocate from here to the neighbouring state is what has necessitated my departure. I just could not move over with you due to marriage and family matters.

Your company indeed, gave me the opportunity to start out in my career life has joined you in the entry-level position. I highly doubt that any other firm would have accorded me a similar opportunity.

Could it be that you require my intervention about filling the vacancy? Count on me! I have many people in mind whom I am cocksure can fit my shoes.

(Sign Here)
Your Name
cc: (HR Manager & Director

Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (Due to Changes in Company)

Resignation Letter Email Example

Resignation Effective January 14—Jamie Hernandez

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

It is with sorrow and utmost reluctance that I draft you this resignation letter. I shall resign officially from your firm on mm/dd/yyyy, which coincidentally marks my last day of working for you.

I was hired on full-time, permanent, and pensionable terms, granted. However, your recent shift in policy has necessitated my premature departure. When I was employed, your company was against the freedom of gun ownership.

I opted to work for you with that understanding in mind. However, your recent decision to fund politicians who support private gun ownership has pushed me to reconsider working for you altogether.

I am indeed truly grateful for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to build my career and make money. I shall indeed live to cherish the awesome time I had with your staff members, more so my manager.

Kindly let me know how I may aid with the transition. I would particularly be happier to train and acquaint the newcomer with settling down in the new job.

Also, let me know how soon I should expect my pay check and outstanding benefits.

Thank you,

FirstName Last Name

Email Example (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (Due to Changes in Company)  Email Example

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