Resignation Letter (from new job)

Although it’s not common for employees to resign from a new job, some circumstances may force one to take the decision. In the situation, it’s imperative to write a letter to your employer to inform them about your choice. Maybe, the new job didn’t meet your expectations, or you have some personal or family issues that need you to quit the job. No matter the circumstance, it’s vital to resign professionally by submitting a letter or sending an email to your employer. In your letter, it’s essential to inform the recipient of what led to your rush decision.

Writing Tips

Be brief and precise: When writing your letter, avoid sharing lengthy unnecessary details with the employer. Although you may indicate the reason for your resignation, you should not share too much information about the issue.

Remain positive: Although you may have valid negative issues about the company or you may be dissatisfied with the position. You should, at all costs, avoid mentioning anything negative about the company. You may apply for another job in the company, or you might require a recommendation letter from the employer in the future.

Indicate the effective date: As you write your letter, it’s vital to include the effective date for your resignation.

Be willing to help: In your letter, you should reiterate that you are eager to offer help to ensure a smooth transition and also clear any pending work.

Share your contacts: In the resignation letter, share your new contact details; your employer may want to reach you later for more information.

Sample resignation letter (from New Job)

Jones Mark
777 Java Street
Maytown, CA 23231
[email protected]
September 1, 2019
Leonard Barbet
Human Resources Manager
Pathways Supplies
320 Business Rd.
Ancyra City, NY 50001

Dear Mr. Barbet,

This letter serves as my official resignation from my position as a sales assistant at Pathways Supplies with immediate effect. I’m glad to have worked for your company for the last three months, but unfortunately, my family will be relocating to Chicago in the next three days; thus, I will have to move with them.

It would have been my desire to work for the company for a longer duration, but please understand my situation. I know you must be surprised at my decision, but I believe it’s the best option at the moment. Thank you for the opportunity, and please let me know if I can help in any way to ease the transition.

Please accept my apologies for leaving on short notice. I wish the company and all the employees’ success. I promise to keep in touch.

Thank you for your understanding.
Jones Mark

Resignation letter (from New Job) Word Format

resignation letter (from New Job)

Sample resignation email (from New Job)

Subject: Resignation (from New Job) – Joyce Michaels

Dear Mr. Brown,

Please accept my resignation as the IT assistant a Jolly Technologies, effective November 7, 2019. I have been offered a management aspiration.

I’m grateful for the experience I have gained working for you in the last four months. Thank you for the support, advice, and training I have received.

If I can help in any way to ensure a smooth transition, please let me know.

Once more, thank you for the opportunity to work at Jolly Technologies.

Joyce Michaels

Resignation email example (Word Format)

resignation letter (from New Job) email example

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