Sample Resignation Letter (for Contractor and Clients)

Although contractors and clients work under different terms when compared to an employer and employee relationship, it depicts professionalism if they stop offering their services by giving reasonable notice. This is essential to avoid affecting the day to day operations of a company/business. A contractor or client may decide to resign due to several reasons, including personal issues, or unfavorable terms from their employer. No matter the problem, it’s vital to craft a letter to inform your employer that you’ll be terminating your services. When writing your resignation letter, you should consider the terms and conditions stipulated in your contract.

What is the purpose of a resignation letter?

A resignation letter helps to alert the employer of the decision of their contractor or client and enable them to make the necessary arrangements to prevent the disruption of their business. It also helps to cement the relationship between these two parties. The contractor needs to resign honorably; they might work together in the future.

You must realize that there are some significant differences between a resignation letter written by a permanent employee that by a contractor or freelancer. Under certain circumstances, the contractor may only need to inform the employer they’ll no longer be offering their services; in other instances, they may need to issues a notice period.

Sample Resignation Letter (for Contractor and Clients)

John Mark
456 Green Street
Los Angeles LA, 80102
February 7, 2020
Abel Jackson
Managing Director
SilverWay Electronics
309 Amazon Lane
Los Angeles LA, 91730

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I would like to resign as the company’s freelancer web designer effective February 14, 2020.

Although this has been a tough decision, I have decided to terminate my services with the company to concentrate on building my growing business. My decision is in line with our contract as I have issued seven days’ notice. I’m grateful for the experience I have gained working for you. I have also had a wonderful time interacting with the fantastic employees at Silver Way Electronics.

I will be available to assist in the transition period and ensure the company runs successfully. Should you require my input in training a replacement, I will be glad to help.

Once more, thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.

Yours sincerely,
John Mark

Resignation Letter Sample (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (for Contractor and Clients)

Resignation Email Example (for Contractor and Clients)

Subject: resignation- Joyce Turner

Dear Ms. Meyer,

This is to inform you of our decision to withdraw our contract with Becky Consultants. This contact will be expiring on December 31, 2019, and we will not renew the contract for 2020.

I must admit that our relationship with Becky Consultants has been remarkable and professional. But, unfortunately, we will not renew the contract since our company policy doesn’t allow us to engage one contractor for more than three years. We enjoyed working with you, and we wish you all the best.

Please let us know if you need any help or further details from us.

Thank you.

Joyce Turner
Group CEO
Abase Holdings

Resignation Email Example (Word Format)

Resignation Letter (for Contractor and Clients) Email Example

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