Sample Resignation Letter (Due to Career Change)

A ‘resignation letter due to career change’ is an official letter that employee drafts to notify an employer of his impending departure from the organization. The purpose of the departure, in this case, is informed by the need to switch careers. This letter mainly showcases the reason for the departure and the date when the same shall officially take effect.

Effective Date

This refers to the date when the resignation shall officially take place. As a standard practice, this has to be at least one week or two weeks from when you draft this letter. The aim is to grant the employer ample time to come to terms with your departure.

Reason for Departure

Here comes the core of the letter. At this stage, you spell out why exactly you have seen it necessary to call it quits. You have to be very truthful and honest. Do not leave your employer guessing or having unnecessary doubts. You never know: you might be forced to come back again another time.

Example: resigning because the job is not a good fit, etc.

Last Day at Work

Tell the employer exactly when you will officially vacate his organization for the other. This should be accompanied by a statement stipulating that you are available for consultation during the transition period.

Thanksgiving Segment

Thank your employer and colleagues at large for allowing you to work for the organization you are now departing. It is not only courteous but a sure way to nurture and maintain the bonds you will have created while in the organization.


Append your signature at the bottom of the letter. It is the signature that gives the letter the official character.

NB: Throughout the letter, you should maintain a positive attitude and professionalism. Even if you are bitter with your employer with your current employer for whatever reason, hide the bitterness. Do not express any hostilities towards your employer as this may comprise your future career prospects.

Resignation Letter (Due to Career Change)

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