Sample Retail Position Resignation Letter

No matter your reasons for resignation, it’s vital to write a courteous and professional letter to your employer informing them of your decision to resign. Additionally, if possible, issue a notice as per the company policy to ensure a smooth transition. In your retail position resignation letter, you should offer a valid reason as to why you’re leaving the job. The letter will go a long way to solidify your relationship with your employer and acts as a way of honoring them for giving you’re the chance to work for them. When in doubt about what to include in the letter, rely on our samples and templates for tips and guidelines.

Sample Retail Position Resignation Letter

Sarah Morgan
211 Stairway Street
New York City, NY 901768
September 26, 20XX
Finch H. Mercy
Store Manager
Star Boutique
300 Straight Road
New York City, NY 91200
Dear Ms. Mercy,
This letter is to inform you of my impending resignation as a Retail Associate with Star Boutique effective November 10, 20XX. As per the company’s policy, I have issued a two-week notice.

I have been offered a new job as a Store Manager with Jumbo Boutique Starting November 15, 20XX, thus my reason for resigning. I believe this new role is the right step in advance my career in the retail industry.

My last five years working for you have been a wonderful time where I have sharpened my skills retails sales and management. I will be forever grateful to you for offering me the opportunity to work for this prestigious boutique. In the remaining time, I will be ready to help in ensuring a smooth transition, including training my replacement.

I appreciate you and my co-workers for the support, guidance, and training I have received over the years. I am who I am today because of Star Boutique.
Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. If you need further details, please reach me via (206) 545-6677 or email [email protected]

Best regards
Sarah Morgan
Retail Associate
Star Boutique

Retail Position Resignation Letter (Word Format)

 Retail Position Resignation Letter

Email Example: Retail Position Resignation Letter

Subject: Resignation- Geoffrey Black

Dear Ms. Prince,

Please accept this letter as my resignation notice from my position as a Sales Associate at Amsterdam Department Store. Recently I was awarded another job hat I believe will draw me closer to my career goals. My last day of employment will be December 3, 20XX. This letter is in line with the two weeks’ official resignation notice, and I will appreciate your support in this matter.

In the reaming period, I will be ready to offer any assistance in finding and training a suitable replacement for this position. Thank you all for the work experience, training, and cooperation. I will replicate what I have learned in my new assignment. I will miss the positive work environment and work ethics and culture at Amsterdam Department Store.

If you need us to talk further, reach me via (213) 664-0909 or email [email protected]

Once more, thank you for the chance to work for your company.

Yours sincerely,
Geoffrey Black
Sales Associate
Amsterdam Department Store

Email Example (Word Format)

Retail Position Resignation Letter Email

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