Sample Retirement Letter of Resignation

When your time comes to retire after years of service, it’s essential to announce your departure to your employer via a letter or email. In your retirement resignation letter, you should thank your employer for the opportunity or work for them and the experience you’ve gained. It’s also essential to share information on how the job has shaped your future. Since this may be your last letter to your employer, it’s crucial to craft a winning letter. If you have reservations on what to include in your letter, use our samples.

What to include?

Based on your company’s policy regarding resignations, it’s vital to give your employer ample notice for an effective transition. In most cases, you should issue the usual two weeks’ notice.

Your letter should include the effective date of your resignation; since you have been with the company for long, it’s also essential t to offer to train your replacement.

And finally, thank your employer for granting you a chance to work for them.

Sample Retirement Letter of Resignation

Felicia Erica
 Maryland Library
 21 Gorge Ave.
 Chicago, IL 30101
Dear Ms. Erica:
This letter informs you of my pending retirement from Maryland Library, effective January 1, 2020.
I take this opportunity to thank you all for the chance of serving as a librarian at this prestigious library for the last 25 years. My career as a librarian has been rewarding due to the wonderful colleagues and my employer. I’m now ready to start a new chapter in my life.
Please let me know how I can assist in ensuring a smooth transition.
I am thanking you all for your support, guidance, and cooperation — all the best in your plans.
 Barbara Foster

Retirement Letter of Resignation (Word Format)

Retirement Letter of Resignation

Retirement Letter of Resignation (Email Example)

Subject: Retirement resignation- Mark Peterson

Dear Ms. White,

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign as the Store Manager at Glasco Manufacturing effective November 4, 20XX. I have had an exemplary career working for this company for the past 20 years. However, I have to tender my resignation due to my current medical status.

I appreciate the wonderful time I have had working for the company rising from one rank to another. If you need any assistance concerning the client relationships I have cultivated over the years, I will be available.

In the remaining period, before my official resignation, I will dedicate my time to ensure a smooth transition. I have personally trained and mentored Joshua as my replacement, and I believe he will deliver incredible results.

If you need more details about my resignation, we can meet for further discussion at your convenience.

Thank you for your understanding.


Mark Peterson

Email Example (Word Format)

Retirement Letter of Resignation email example