Sample Transfer Recommendation Letters (for College, Job etc.)

You are sitting at your desk one day, and one of your most beloved students or employees approaches and asks you to write a transfer recommendation letter for them. Elated, you respond, “Of, course”! The minute they leave the room, however, you scratch your head and think, “Transfer recommendation letter? Where do I even begin?”

A transfer recommendation letter is an important aspect of a person’s transitioning process especially when it pertains to their education or employment. Everyone has a season in life where they must move on, and when they ask you to assist in the process, it is an honor. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to help them cross this threshold.

To begin writing a transfer recommendation letter, ask certain questions to make sure you are on the right track such as:

Why and when is this letter required?

Although this is often not a requirement for students who are looking to switch colleges or employees looking to transfer to another department, it will serve as an asset to the applicant’s file particularly if they are not reflected in the best light on paper. For example, the letter can become a voucher for an applicant who has had a series of short-term jobs or a student who has been enrolled at a college for less than one year. Usually, the recommendation is due the same time the applicant’s general, transfer application is due.

Who should you ask to write this letter?

If they are trustworthy, try approaching your fellow colleagues for tips. You could also try reaching out to admissions team employees or human resource representatives from the institution in question. For general inquiries, look at the institution’s website for more information.

Who should you address in the letter?

Most of the time, it is the hiring manager or the department head for that institution. However, do your research to verify the correct recipient. Also, do not forget to address the recipient in their proper titles.

What should you write in the context of the letter?

Like the preceding points, it varies by situation. In general, an introductory paragraph that praises the candidate and provides the recipient with some background information about yourself is the first step. Next, compose a few supporting paragraphs highlighting why they are the perfect candidate for this transfer by listing certain qualities such as their work ethic, love of people, and how they progressed while they were at your institution. Finally, a conclusion reaffirming the candidate and thanking the recipient for considering them should suffice.

To reiterate, the purpose of this letter is to highlight the applicant’s strengths. However, think outside the box, and try to add a human aspect to the applicant that will make them stand out from the pack.

College Transfer Recommendation Letter Sample

Dear Dr. Joe Blow,
It is a pleasure recommending Jane Dow for admissions into Hunter College. As a professor with 20 years of experience, I have crossed few students like Jane in my Biology 101 and 102 classes that exude so much intellect and passion in what they do.

Jane not only displays analytical skills and a hard-working demeanor, but she is a creative, soul who looks at micro-organisms from a unique perspective. She is also a student whose peers say she is a joy to work with. During her two-years at Queens College, she served as the president of the Biology Club where her intuitive, research findings landed her a column in the college’s weekly newspaper.

Based on these qualities, I am confident that Jane is a premier candidate for Hunter’s Biology Department. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 777-777-7777.
With Sincerity,
Professor Anonymous

Job Transfer Recommendation Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Sally Sixpack,

It was a joy having Jack Smith on staff as a customer service representative since he started at Target in June 2016.

During his tenure at the Atlantic Terminal Branch, he exceeded my expectations. More specifically, I was amazed by the way he quickly learned the ropes and performed his duties with excellence.
He was well-liked by customers and was always the worker his fellow peers and managers went to for questions or advice.

Although I am sad to see him go, I can enthusiastically say he will be a valuable asset to Target’s 34th Street Branch as a Customer Service Manager. If you would like me to elaborate on Jack’s qualities, I’m will be available at 333-333-3333.
Manager Tim Public

Other things to include in the letter

Like any other letter, start by listing your name and contact information followed by the recipients’ name and contact information. Then write the date and a salutation like “Dear”. Enter the context, end the letter with a valediction such as “Sincerely”, and sign and print your name.

Remember, the applicant trusts you enough to be one of the factors determining their future. You got this!

For further reference, a sample college and job transfer recommendation letter are provided below.

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