31 Executive Summary Examples (Guide + Free Templates)

Writing an Executive Summary (with Examples & Templates)

A well-crafted business proposal should grab the reader’s attention immediately and make them want to read your entire business plan; this is because there are instances where investors or sponsors make an early judgement and decision based on your business plan. Therefore, it is mandatory to write a great executive summary. By definition, An executive summary is a synopsis and/or … Read more

24 Best Executive Summary Templates & Examples

Writing Executive Summary

Writing a business plan, report, or any other research should be not only comprehensive but also be able to cover everything in detail. However, in order to preface your report and make it more attractive, you need to come up with an executive summary of the whole idea. An executive summary is a document that provides an overview of the … Read more

35 Free Executive Summary Templates and Examples

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is a short text that summarizes a larger important document like a business plan or a project proposal. In this article, we have provided a how-to-write guide along with executive summary templates, but first, let’s comprehend the meaning of an executive summary. It is comparable to an abstract in the academic world or a summary at the … Read more

40 Effective Resume Summary Examples + How to Guide

A Good Resume Summary

Your resume is one of the first things a hiring manager will see about you when applying for a job. You won’t be there in person to describe your experience or why you would be a good fit for their company, so you need to let the resume do all the work for you. Because of this, you need to … Read more

Free Department Budget Template – Excel

Department Budget

Departments are divisions of a large organization aimed at simplifying management. As a result, each department will have its own objectives, projects, and resource needs. This is why it is vital to create departmental budgets to ensure things run smoothly. A budget is a roadmap that guides a department’s financial decisions, empowers you to make informed choices, and allocates resources … Read more

8 Free Business Case Templates

Business Case

As a business specialist or manager, you are majorly responsible for important business decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and know how to create a well-structured case. A business case is a fundamental document that plays a significant role in the organization’s decision-making processes. It is advisable to use a template when creating such a case. The template will … Read more

Free Feasibility Study Templates for Word

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an assessment that examines the viability of a project or idea. The idea of the study is to answer the question: “Is it feasible?” It can be one part of the process when seeking investment. It often examines the market and other factors, such as competition and infrastructure. It should gather as many inputs as possible … Read more

18 Great Consulting Report Examples & Templates

Consulting Report

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations face a myriad of complex challenges that require expert insights and strategic recommendations for effective decision-making. This is where consulting reports play a pivotal role. They are comprehensive documents that offer data-driven analysis, strategic recommendations, and actionable solutions to address specific issues faced by clients. These reports, prepared by experienced consultants or consulting teams, … Read more

Free Feasibility Study Templates (How to Conduct)

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study, also known as a feasibility analysis, is a project management technique that will protect your company from any problems during the execution of a new project. Such study is a crucial stage in project management because it determines whether a project (depending on the sector and objective of the company) is feasible, doable, and worthwhile to be … Read more

22 Free Business Requirements Document Templates

Business Requirements Document

It is a formal document that describes the goals and objectives of a project, the work that needs to be done to achieve them, and the expected outcomes. It also identifies key stakeholders, the project’s purpose, and its constraints. It acts as a guide for the decisions made by stakeholders about the project to ensure that they align with the … Read more

How to Write a Request For Quote (RFQ) – Free Templates

Request For Quote

A request for quote (RFQ) is a type of solicitation where an organization requests a quote from a vendor for the purchase of specific products or services. RFQs are usually issued when an organization is seeking to buy high-value products or services and wants to ensure that it gets the best possible deal. When issuing one, the organization will typically … Read more

How to Conduct a Business Impact Analysis [Free Templates]

Business Impact Analysis

A business impact analysis (BIA) is a technique of assessment that evaluates how a disruption such as an accident or emergency to conventional business operations affects multiple aspects of the business. A BIA is necessary for ensuring continuity and resilience of business operations after drawbacks. When operating a business, there are always risks involved, foreseeable and unforeseeable. Some may even … Read more

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