6 Great Recruiter Cover Letter Examples (Writing Tips)

Recruiter Cover Letter

Recruiters are some of the most influential people in a company or organization. They are responsible for finding, attracting, screening, and hiring applicants for open positions. The role of a recruiter also involves advertising job openings, reviewing applicant resumes, interviewing candidates, and choosing suitable candidates. All job applications and cover letters must be thoroughly examined by recruiters due to the … Read more

20 Manager Resume Examples: Format, Skills, Templates

Manager Resume

Managers have the ultimate responsibility of managing the workflow and productivity of their team within an organization. Whether a large or small team, managers ensure the workplace functions smoothly and efficiently. In addition, they strive to increase the productivity of their teams by ensuring that they have all the resources needed to optimally contribute to the organization’s profitability and success.  … Read more

22 Free Purchase Agreement Templates (Word)

Purchase Agreement

People buy and sell various items daily. These items range from groceries and office tools to cars, stocks, and properties. Some buying and selling can be made casually, with or without a receipt. However, there is a need for a purchase agreement to guard both the buyer and the seller for things like cars, stocks, and properties. That does not … Read more

How to Write a White Paper (20 Free Templates)

White Paper

If you’re looking for the right direction on how to start a white paper, this article and its template will be an ideal game-changer. With both relevant  example discussions as well as how to apply them, your writing and marketing will take a step up by the end of this reading. Spend any time in business or technology, and the … Read more

28 Perfect Career Change Cover Letter Samples

Career Change Cover Letter

The choice to make a career change can help set individuals on their desired employment paths. Simply sending a resume can confuse the hiring manager and lead to the dismissal of your application. Writing a cover letter for career change will enable you to outline qualifications, experiences, and transferable skills that make them perfect for the positions they hope to … Read more

40 Free Use Case Templates and Examples (Word, PDF)

Use Case Template

A use case is a technique used to identify, describe, organize, and analyze a system’s requirements by highlighting all probable observable interactions between a system and its users in a particular setting that leads to a specific objective. The methodology then presents the information in a textual description. A use case template is more specific and concentrated than a business … Read more

14 Free Fact Sheet Templates, Examples, and Designs

Fact Sheet Template

Fact sheet is a single-paged document that highlights essential details about a company with an aim of helping readers to quickly grasp what the subject brand is all about. It summarises key information that can be used to fulfil many different purposes, such as marketing and helping new employees settle in. By going through your company’s fact sheet, a reader … Read more

Writing a Letter of Support for Grant (Persuasive Examples)

Letter of Support for Grant

A Letter of Support for a Grant is written by donors and partners of a nonprofit organization to articulate their support for a grant application or proposal. It acts as a testimonial from a third party that backs up the nonprofit organization’s claims of success and promises of the delivery of results. A grant letter of support helps show that … Read more

How to Write a Letter of Intent for a Job (with Examples)

Letter Of Intent Preview

A letter of intent works as a business card and must present clearly and objectively what the candidate wants. The main purpose of writing is to show your interest in a job position at an organization and how your skills are relevant to the work that the organization requires.  Therefore, it is evident that the letter needs to be well … Read more

Administrative Assistant Resume: 20 Best Examples + Tips

Administrative Assistant

Competition is customary in the job market, and you can expect that there are many other people applying for the same job as you. Employers use resumes to select or narrow down their search for candidates suitable for a job opening. This is a clear representation of the importance of a resume. What is the work of an administrative assistant? … Read more

How to Write a Letter of Introduction (with Examples)

Letter of Introduction

Across the business world, people are gaining access to jobs, contracts, and networking opportunities by sending an important document. This document is called a letter of introduction, and it is different from cover letters, letters of recommendation, reference letters, and even job application letters. This letter is just as important, and sometimes, depending on your industry and the purpose of … Read more

Employment Verification Letter for Immigration (Samples)

Verification Letter

An employment verification letter for immigration is a formal document written to verify the employment status and income of an employee who is undergoing the immigration process. The correspondence is addressed to immigration authorities, often the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and written by the employer or the company’s human resources representative.  People may request this letter when … Read more

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