Permission (Consent) Letter to Participate in School Activity

School Activity Permission Letter

A permission letter is a document sent to the parents or legal guardians of a minor by a school authority asking them to permit their child to attend and/or participate in a school activity. The letter is usually addressed to the parents or legal guardians to request their consent and/or approval for their child to be involved in an activity. … Read more

Registered Nurse (RN) Letter of Recommendation Samples

Registered Nurse (RN) Letter of Recommendation

A registered nurse (RN) letter of recommendation is a letter written to potential employers outlining the work ethic, professional ability and skills, and experience of a nurse applying for a nursing position. This letter of recommendation for registered nurses is written to strengthen the nursing applicant’s application and boost their chances of securing the position. Sometimes it can be a … Read more

Free Business Bill of Sale Forms (Purchase Agreement) – Word | PDF

Business Bill of Sale

This bill of sale is a legal document or form that details in writing the sale of a business entity from one party to another. It serves as legal evidence that full consideration has been provided in the transaction and that the seller has transferred the rights to the business detailed in the form to the purchaser for a given … Read more

Immigration Reference Letter (Samples & Templates)

Immigration Reference Letter

The immigration process for any country is often long and challenging. Applicants often need to prove financial stability, good character, and how they can contribute positively to society. This proof is often given in many ways, including reference letters. Often, the writer of the letter is a person who can speak to the character and good morals of the applicant. … Read more

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