24 Free Bar Graph Templates (Editable)

Bar Graph and Chart Template

A bar graph is a chart that uses bars or strips to graphically represent data, statistics, quantities, and information. This means that these graphs can be represented both vertically and horizontally. They are mainly used to compare and contrast categories of data, such as numbers and frequencies. In it, the comparison is indicated by comparing the lengths of the bars … Read more

14 Free Vehicle Inspection Forms (Editable) – Word, Excel

Vehicle Inspection Form

A Vehicle Inspection Form is a document that contains detailed information about the condition of a vehicle. The form is meant to help ensure that the vehicle meets safety standards and regulations set by the local government or state. The form is used to perform periodic inspections of a car or other movable machinery in order to ensure its fitness … Read more

Free Texas Promissory Note Templates (Word) – Editable

Texas Promissory Note Template

In Texas, a promissory note is a legally binding financial document that allows the lender and borrower to enter into an agreement that requires the borrower to repay the loan in full. Usually, the borrower makes specific, complete payments regularly, as indicated. This note assures the lender that they will receive their money in full. It can be used by … Read more

Free Printable Place Card Templates (Word, Illustrator)


A place card template is a piece of paper that is used by different individuals, such as employers, event organizers, or married couples, to guide the people attending their event to their respective seats at the table. Using a place card will help you avoid commotion as each person will be aware of their designated seat. The best way to … Read more

35 Free Course Syllabus Templates (Editable) – Word | PDF

Syllabus Template

A syllabus is a guide for lessons that outlines the subjects to be taught and all other important information regarding a particular course or class. As a teacher, you can use this document to break down the topics for a particular subject that you will teach during your lesson, alongside the tests and exams to be covered for the specific … Read more

30 Free Printable Shipping Label Templates (Word, PDF)

Shipping Label Template

A shipping label is a sticker usually placed on packages to indicate what is contained on the particular package, where it is going (location), and who it is for. A shipping label templates are often printed on special paper with chemicals that make the ink smudge-proof and water-resistant. Some labels may also have unique machine-readable barcodes used to identify packages … Read more

Free Printable Envelope Address Templates in Every Size

Address information is essential for ensuring mailed documents arrive at their intended designation. Two addresses are generally written on the envelope: the recipients and the return address. This information can be placed on the envelope using an envelope address template and a printer. Self-designed templates allow users to have a consistent look on their envelopes that matches their business, event, … Read more

45 Printable Reading Log Templates (Word – Excel)

Reading Log Template

A Reading Log Template is a simple way of documenting an individual’s reading activities, notes, and thoughts on what they have read. It is similar to a diary or a journal as it helps you record what you have read so far, how many pages you have read, and your experience and views. Log Template Reasons of Keeping it There … Read more

46 Printable Newsletter Templates (for Word, PDF)

Newsletter Template

A Newsletter is a type of publication that gives information to a specific group of people. A Template used for it, on the other hand, is a pre-made document that is just needed to be filled and serves the same purpose as a hand-typed newsletter. They are usually written about one specific topic and are directed towards one type of … Read more

24 Editable Flowchart Templates [MS Word & PowerPoint]

flow chart template

A Flowchart is a diagram that graphically represents a particular process, displays certain information, or illustrates a computer algorithm. A flowchart template is a prepared diagram that can be used to attain this purpose. With a flowchart, you can communicate a complex process using an easy-to-understand diagram. From hand-drawn to computer-drawn, flowcharts comprise of shapes (like rectangles, ovals, and diamonds) … Read more

45 Free Printable Price List Templates (Word, Excel, PDF)

price list

Transparency about the prices of products or services that a business is selling helps set a clear message of what potential clients can expect from a business and helps clients decide whether to buy a service or product from your business, hence the use of a price list. A price list is basically a list of prices for all the … Read more

36 Free Printable Ten Frame Templates | Word – PDF

Ten Frames Worksheets Templates

If you are a teacher, you have probably used many tools while teaching. One such tool may have been the ten-frames- a rectangular form into which objects like counters are placed to demonstrate numbers that are less than or equal to 10. First developed by researchers such as Van de Walle and Bobis in the year 1988, teachers now commonly … Read more

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