Short Notice Resignation Letter Examples

As the name suggests, the ‘short notice resignation letter’ is a communique that is drafted by an employee to an employer to give notice of an impending resignation. This notice is short in the sense that the employee, in this case, intends to quit within a too short duration of time, typically under two weeks.

Tips for Writing Short Notice Resignation Letter

It is essential to bid goodbye to your company, cordially and professionally. This is a feat you may only achieve if you adhere to certain tips and best practices. We highlight and explain them here below:

Tip I: Use the Business letter format

Given that this is an official letter, you have to abide by the rules that govern the business letter format. On account of this, the letter has to possess a professional tone, properly punctuated, and written in a professional layout too!

Tip II: Date the letter appropriately

You have to date the letter appropriately. The date you place has to reflect when exactly you drafted the letter and way before your eventual departure from the company.

Tip III: Maintain it Short

Avoid overly verbose languages as these might bore the readers and render your communication of no effect. As a matter of importance, you have to categorically state when you intend to quit the company.

Tip IV: Give a brief reason for your resignation

Though short, this letter has to state why you intend to resign from your current position. Be open and to the point to avoid any ambiguities. It is also a good thing to lay a better foundation for future correspondences.

Tip V: Thank the Employer

Thank your employer for giving you the chance to work with them and make money. This is not only courteous but also makes it easier for your employer to work with you in the future again.

Tip VI: Offer to aid with the Transition.

You should also offer to aid with the transition. Pledge to your employer your time and support throughout the transition period, even if by that time you will have already left the company altogether.

Tip VII: Proof-read and Edit

Before hitting the ‘send’ button, it is necessary that you proof-read and edit. Take particular care of the grammar and spelling mistakes which are ordinarily bound to arise.

Sample Short Notice Resignation Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email
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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

I bring to your attention the fact that I intend to resign from my present position with your company within seven days. I am alive to the fact that I ought to give you two weeks’ notice.

Nonetheless, some personal circumstances have necessitated my premature departure from your company within the stipulated timeframe.

I will be glad to offer any assistance within the transition period. Feel free to contact me for any such assistance if need be.

I express my sincere gratitude to the opportunity you have accorded me to work for your organization. I must also state that I have enjoyed every bit of my time at your place, and for the support, I obtained from various quarters.

Your Signature (hard copy letter)
You’re (Typed Name)

Short Notice Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Short Notice Resignation Letter

Short Notice Resignation (Email Example)

Subject: Resignation from Employment (effective November 23, 2019)

Dear Bob,

Kindly accept this letter as my intention to resign from your company. I am fully aware of the fact that I should have notified you no less than two weeks to my departure.

However, some urgent health reasons have cropped up and have pushed me to depart prematurely. My last day to work for you shall be November 23rd (exactly one week from now.)
Sorry for the short notice. I have enjoyed every bit of my stay here. Please let me know if you will require my assistance during the transition period.
Many thanks in advance also for your understanding,

Your Name

Short Notice Resignation Email (Word Format)

Short Notice Resignation Letter Email example

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