16 Best Software Developer Cover Letter Examples (Writing Tips)

Software Developer Cover Letter Example

Desiring a career in software development? You will have to submit a software developer cover letter as part of your application for employment. This is basically a letter summarizing your own expertise and suitability for the role of software development. It also points the recruitment panel or human resource manager to your resume.

Contents of Software Developer Cover Letter


You have to include the names of the company you are applying to and yours. This is to draw a personal connection to these two parties. The names have to be official and recognizable.

Educational Background

Next, you have to provide evidence that you indeed studied the trade and have the appropriate qualifications for the job. Definitely, the information you showcase here will have to be backed up with proper evidence chiefly by way of certificates of completion.

Expertise and Experience

Other than your own educational qualification, you must also showcase your expertise and experience. Tell your prospective employer the company you have already worked for and the entire duration. Obviously, the work experience has to be related to the one you are applying for.

Special Skills

There are some skills that are acquired in the course of work. They are never taught in class. You also want your employer to know that you have them. This will help your employer to break any ties between you and other candidates.

Extraordinary Accomplishments

In the course of your career, you might have achieved some feats and heights. It is a good thing to inform your employer of the same in the cover letter. Just like the special skills above, these accomplishments too go a long way in separating you from the other applicants.

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    Sample 1:

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (email address)


    (Company Name)
    (Company physical address)
    (Company telephone)
    (Company email address)

    Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.
    In response to your call for applications towards the vacant programmer position, I am thrilled to submit the same. By virtue of holding both Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degrees in Software Development, coupled with 5 years of hands-on experience in system designs and analysis, I feel most qualified for the job.

    Over my 5-year stint as a software developer, I have:

    • Attained the Software Development Associate and Professional certification 
    • Been a team leader in two Java-based software releases
    • Bolstered the efficacy of my team chiefly by implementing cost-cutting approaches

    It is my hope that you will consider me to bring in much knowledge and dedication to your company. Attached to this letter is a full copy of my latest resume. In case any information is not clear or you require some clarification, feel free to reach me on the indicated phone number.

    Kind regards,

    (Your Name)
    Signature (signature hard copy letter)

    Sample 2:

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (email address)


    (Company Name)
    (Company physical address)
    (Company telephone)
    (Company email address)


    Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.

    I draft this application letter to express my interest in the position of Software Developer which you announced as vacant. I feel qualified for the job owing to my possession of both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Technology.

    Besides this, I also have hands-on experience using powerful .net and .xml languages. I am thus pretty confident that I shall be a valuable asset to your organization if picked for the job.

    After attaining my qualifications, I got involved in the execution of projects which call for getting out of the comfort zones. Other than this, I have also continued to learn new languages and keeping abreast with the latest trends in the field of software development.

    You required that each applicant list his special skills and achievements. Here they are:

    • Design, test, and development of software
    • Data structure and algorithms
    • Back-end development best practices
    • Hands-on software troubleshooting experience
    • Proper documentation
    • Maintenance and upgrades

    Find attached a copy of my resume for your perusal. You will gain access to finer details of the information I have already hinted at above.
    Thanks a lot for your consideration and time. I am very enthusiastic and eager to come over for an interview.


    Your Signature (hard copy letter)

    (Typed Name)

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