Software Developer Cover Letter Templates (Guide and Tips)


Nowadays, standing out in the competitive software development industry requires more than an impressive resumé. Most employers are highly interested in seeing how you can fit in with their work environment and benefit the business. Getting across your belief that you are the best candidate for the job offered is what a software developer cover letter is for.

In this article, you’ll see how to write a stellar cover letter for the software developer position to get you noticed.

Importance of Cover Letter

A software developer cover letter presents a means of further highlighting your suitability for a job position to an employer. While a resume provides a general overview of technical skills and relevant experiences that shows competency to hold the position, a cover letter displays why you are the best candidate.

A software developer cover letter provides an opportunity to supply answers to questions that cannot be answered on your resume. Beyond stating what makes you a great software developer, with a cover letter, you can highlight: why you believe you are an excellent fit for that organization, how past experiences and accomplishments have prepared you for the position, and the several developed soft skills that will be indispensable in the work environment.

Key Elements of a Cover Letter

Structuring your cover letter for the software developer post correctly can distinguish between a logical presentation and a jumble of disjointed comments. A software developer’s cover letter should follow a train of formalities and proper sequence to communicate a concise point.

 This letter contains the following parts:


The heading is the foremost part of the cover letter for the software developer post. This section provides information about the person writing the letter (the applicant) and the person to whom the letter is addressed (the employer). This includes names, contact information, and addresses of both as well.


The salutation is a short one-line greeting that directly names the letter’s recipient’s position or attaches an honorific to acknowledge the letter’s recipient. For example, Dear Hiring manager/ Dear sir/madam.

Main body

The main body of the cover letter for the software developer is the section addressing the letter’s purpose. This is the lengthiest part of the letter and contains the information the writer wishes to pass across. The letter’s main body usually contains multiple paragraphs, with each one dealing with a distinct aspect of the letter’s purpose.


This is written as either the conclusion of the main body or a separate paragraph with the closing. The call-to-action is a suggestion to the recipient to follow up on the letter. Finally, an action is proposed, which the recipient can choose to pursue.

Formal closings

The closing and the end of your cover letter terminates the letter. In this section of the software developer cover letter, the writer includes a closing remark and signs off.

The postscript

The postscript is a short note at the end of a letter, typically as a one-sentence footnote. The postscript starts with the abbreviation P.S., followed by a single sentence. The postscript primarily functions as an attention-grabber in most cover letters.

Writing a Software Developer Cover Letter

A software developer cover letter is a formal document and should possess specific content and a particular tone. The outline to follow for writing a software developer cover letter has been itemized above, but the steps for actually penning down the letter are discussed below:

Address your letter

A personalized salutation should follow the heading by writing, “Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. [First name] [Last name],”. Using the traditional expression of “Dear Sir/Madam” is also applicable; however, attempt to determine the recipient’s gender to use the correct term. An address of “Dear Hiring Manager” can also be used if the recipient’s gender or name is not known but is less appealing and too impersonal. Finally, avoid the salutation “To whom it may concern”, as this implies you know next to nothing about where you are applying to or who will receive your letter.

Explain why you are writing

Begin the main body of the software developer cover letter with a brief introduction that sums up the letter’s purpose. Then, preferably in no more than two sentences, make it clear to the reader that the letter’s subject is a job application for a particular position.

Explain how you meet the required criteria

Present your best argument on why you should be hired. Almost every job posting includes a list of requirements all applicants must meet. This can include a duration of work experience, programming language proficiency, software usage, etc. Touch on some basic requirements and how you meet them.  Include a comment that states you are confident you are the best candidate for the job.

Write about your qualifications and experience

Start by giving an overview of yourself. Include a rundown of your training, education, professional experience, skills, work history, and the programming languages you are proficient in. In this way, you can generate interest and establish your competency. If you have had significant experience as a software developer, either through an internship or a career, indicate how long you have worked.

Match your skills with the requirements

Draw a direct correlation between your skills and experience to the job-specific requirements in the job ad. if the ad lists the specific duties of the post being applied for, outline how your experience or skills will make you suitable to accomplish them.

Talk about your most recent job

Your past accomplishments will be an excellent gauge of your abilities. If you have previously held a position before your application, give details about your most recent role. In your cover letter for the software developer post, explain the responsibilities you performed in your past job. Illustrate how that job links with the current one you are applying for and how it has prepared you for the new position. Emphasize previous impressive projects you have completed, making the most relevant ones foremost.

Mention a few things about the company

Align your goals with that of the company. Talk about where you fit in regarding what the company seeks to achieve. Express admiration for the things company has already achieved and what they are currently doing. A bit of research will help describe the corporate culture and other admirable involvements of the company.

Explain why you want to work there

Paint in detail your motivation for wanting to work as a software developer in the company. Don’t be vague. Identify a beautiful work culture, revolutionary technology, or exciting projects you have to be a part of.


Here are two examples of software developer cover letters you can use as inspiration when writing up yours.

Sample 01

Arthur Morgan
33 Hillcrest Valley
Creek City, NY 38474
[email protected]

 April 10, 20xx

 Melvin Bellon
Head of Technology
Binary Solutions
47 Silicon Ave
Chip City, NY 10110

 Dear Mr. Bellon,

 I am writing this letter to submit my application for the Senior Software Developer position open at your company. I have extensive training as a software engineer, a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, and a strong command of C++, PHP, Java, and HTML. As an industry-seasoned professional with eight years of experience as a full-stack developer and software tester, I am sure I can be of great value to your company.

The skill and wealth of experience I wish to bring to Binary Solutions have been tried and tested over the years. 3 AI-based Android applications, 2 of which I developed independently, have exceeded 500K downloads on the App Store. As AI-based technology is a strong focus of your company, I am sure my skills will be highly valued in designing, building, and maintaining new applications. And with my experience, I am sure I will integrate easily.

As a software developer, I have had to work with several teams of computer specialists like myself. Through those experiences, I have developed the skills to collaborate, lead, or follow to play off the strengths and shore up the weaknesses of others and achieve results. In addition, I am incredibly adept with my communication skills, and I am patient enough to explain concepts repeatedly to junior programmers and even non-technical persons. Thus, putting me in a managerial role as a senior developer will not be a challenge due to my strong human relations skills.

The opportunity to work with your pioneering AI technology, Infinitesimal, and work alongside your team to achieve your mission statement of expanding man’s vision truly leaves me excited. I would be most glad if we could meet to discuss how I can further help to achieve your company goals. Again, I thank you for your time.

Best regards,



Sample 02

Thomas Vercetti
42 Malibu Street
Starfish City, NY 32556
[email protected]

 May 3, 20xx

 Alyssa Marvin
The Hiring Manager
LMD Technologies
153 Basalt Ave
Saint-Denis, VA 47434

 Dear Mrs. Alyssa Marvin,

I am writing in response to your job posting on LinkedIn for the position of Junior Software Developer at LMD Technologies. I am a burgeoning computer scientist who graduated with first-class honors from the Faraday Institute of Technology. In addition, I have gained a steady wealth of programming and industrial experience from multiple internship programs as a student. This experience qualifies me for the requirements in the job posting.

In my years as a student and during my internship period, I have understood the practical challenges in software development. Through this, I have developed strong analytical skills, a problem-solving attitude, and a continuous urge to learn. In addition, I have mastered two programming languages, Java and C++, which were instrumental in developing a database management application for my final year project.

The impressive work of LMD Technologies has fascinated me for years. The unprecedented compression speed and encoding technology of your flagship program, TechBox, were always the focal point of my junior year presentations. It will undoubtedly be a fantastic learning experience for me to work with your fantastic team on this software and other future projects.

I appreciate you taking the time to go through my application. I eagerly await hearing from you, and I would be most honored if my application is considered.



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    Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

    Here we’ll cover some software developer cover letter practices to adopt. Then, employ these tips and guidelines above to draft an exemplary software developer cover letter.

    Personalize your letter

    Avoid making your letter look generic as much as possible. Cover letters submitted in any job field with few changes are less appealing and do not indicate strong enthusiasm. Do your research before writing. Use the information found to add a more personal touch to the letter and instill in the reader that the letter was specifically crafted. Use names in place of professional titles when appropriate, name achievements in the company’s history, or touch on ongoing projects you would like to be a part of.  

    Highlight in-demand skills

    Strategically arrange the listing of your qualifications and experiences with the requirements specified in the job posting. Place the skills matching the requirements foremost, with a detailed illustration of how they correlate. Educational requirements are usually commonplace, but if not specified, include them anyway – usually as one of the first listings.

    Be brief

    The recipient of your software developer cover letter will undoubtedly have several other letters to get through in a day. Making yours stand out and communicating what you want to the reader is key to getting noticed. Keep your letter as short as possible, no more than four paragraphs. Be concise, direct, and make the letter easy to read.

    Prepare for any audience

    Your letter should be easily accessible and understandable to whoever picks it up. A large enough company may have a separate department for hiring, staffed with workers who are good at human relations but are not technologically inclined. Still, it would be best if you got the recipient to appreciate your value as a software developer. Keep the technospeak to a minimum and illustrate technical achievements with easy-to-visualize metrics.

    Edit the letter

    Submitting your cover letter with errors is accessible to damage your prospects. Edit your cover letter correctly to Avoid grammatical errors, typos, or formatting errors and keep them it professional as much as possible. Run your letter through grammar correction software and then go through it again. Double-check the spellings of names, addresses, and the organization name. Misspelling the organization’s name is not a mistake you should make.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long should a cover letter for a software developer position be?

    There is no formal guideline on how long a software developer cover letter should be but aim to keep it no more than a single page. The letter should be long enough to cover the essentials, but it should be brief enough to hold the reader’s attention. The letter should go straight to the point, with a proper structure to facilitate a clear flow from each argument.

    What qualifications do software developers need?

    Educational qualification is set for most software developer job positions to establish competency. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or another computer-related course is usually set as the minimum.

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