Free Ten (10) Day Eviction Notice Form [Word, PDF]

A ‘ten-day eviction notice’ is a letter that is drafted by a landlord to a tenant. It lets them know that they are late in payment or are in violation of one of the terms that govern their lease agreements. If they do not settle the dispute within ten days, they shall be evicted from the premise altogether.

There is no universal set of laws that govern the use of this document. Each state has its own terms and conditions, which are spelled out in its statutes. This means you have to invest some time to familiarize yourself with those terms before attempting to draft and make use of this notice.

How to fill Ten (10) Day Eviction Notice Form

Step I: Familiarize yourself with your State Laws

We have already stated that different states have different laws that govern the use and issuance of these forms. It is hence a necessary step to invest some time to familiarize yourself with these laws. If possible, bring in an attorney to help with the interpretation of the said laws.

Step II: Download and print the form

You now have to download and print the form. You will find this form from this portal:

Ten (10) Day Eviction Notice Template

Take some time yet again to get to know about the requirements deeper. Read through each step and the accompanying explanations to have a full grasp of what the notice entails and how to go about filling it. Print it out in readiness for its filling and submission.

Step III: Fill the form diligently

Get down to the business of filling the form. Write the full name of the tenant who the notice is targeted at. Furnish other relevant pieces of information like the address, social security number, and the exact location wherein he is based.

Step IV: Supply the other pertinent pieces of information

Enter the other pertinent pieces of information. These pertain to the exact date when the lease between the tenant and the landlord was entered into, the exact state, city, and zip code wherein the property in question is located, and so on.

Step V: Specify the exact reason for issuing the notice

At this stage, you now have to specify the exact reason for issuing the notice. Do this by checking the appropriate box which closely mirrors the precise reason why you have deemed it necessary to give your tenant this notice. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Non-remittance of rent – In this case, the tenant must settle the dues within ten days, failure to which he shall be kicked out of the premise.
  • Violation of Lease Agreement – A list of the violations which the tenant has carried out while staying at the premise concerned.
  • Undertaking on an Unlawful Activity – Describes any prohibited act, be it criminal or otherwise, which the tenant has committed while staying on the said piece of property.

Step VI: Make Copies of the Document and Sign

Make no less than two copies of the document after which you should now sign them. Turn over to the ‘certificate of service’ page and sign it or hand it over to your representative to do so. Lastly, send the notice to your tenant preferably via registered mail.

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