Volunteer Resignation Letters

Though not a full-time employment, the volunteers too may often opt out of their jobs before the expiration of the contract altogether. Like any other job, a letter of resignation to that effect has to be drafted. Similarly, this letter has to be written around two weeks before the effective date of departure. The same rules also apply to a large extent.

Tips for writing the resignation letter

Tip I: Expression of Gratitude

Your first and foremost aim should be to express gratitude for the opportunity you received to volunteer your time in the firm you are now departing from. As a sign of goodwill, you may highlight a few examples of the specific experiences that you particularly cherish.

Tip II: Explain your Departure

Simply put: Why exactly have you seen it necessary to quit the company? The specific examples obviously vary significantly from one person to another person. Typical examples are study, maternity, and vacations. You have to maintain a great deal of honesty as you go about this.

Tip III: Share your plans and keep in touch

The chances are that you may have to revert to the same organization in the future. Many of the reasons for quit are temporary in nature. For this reason, it is a good idea to share your future plans in order to make it easier for you to return if need be. Make it understandable that your departure is also temporary.

Tip IV: Demonstrate that you indeed wanted to stay involved

Throughout the letter, make it understandable that you really wanted to stay involved in the organization in the long run. That way, it will be easier for you to revert to the institution at a later date if need be.

Tip V: Offer to aid with the transition

As a matter of courtesy, you should also offer to help with the transition. Tell them plainly that you are open for any further roles if called upon to do so. Then, you should also supply your latest personal contacts to facilitate the same.

Tip VI: Bid farewell to your employer and colleagues

Lastly, you have to officially bid farewell to your colleagues, supervisor, and the employees. This again is to create a good ground for your return to the firm, if the need to do so arises.

Sample Volunteer Resignation Letter

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Re: Resignation from the Volunteer Position with your Organization
Dear Mr. /Ms. Last name:

As you know, I have been working for you in the position of a volunteer for the previous 2 years now. How I wish I would keep working for you in this capacity. However, as feat has had it, I have just had to depart the firm.

My departure has been triggered by my enrolment for a two-year associate bachelor’s degree at a local community college. Being a full-time undertaking, I just have no choice but to cut off any other commitment in pursuit of my studies.

I must say that I have enjoyed every bit of my time at your organization. Tears of joy drop down my cheeks when I recall pleasant memories of the good times I cherished with my workmates and colleagues.

If possible, I shall be available for volunteers during the long summer breaks. In case my services may be necessary at such times, do not hesitate to reach me. Immediately upon completing my studies, I shall also gladly come back to the firm, pending my full employment elsewhere.

To aid with the transition, I offer to help the new person who shall be picked to take up my position. Feel free to reach me on XXX-XXX-XXXXX. Otherwise, I also take this opportunity to bid farewell to my colleagues and supervisors.

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Volunteer Resignation Letter (Word Format)

Volunteer Resignation Letter

Volunteer Resignation Email Example

Subject: Your Name – Volunteer Resignation with your Company

Dear First name,

It is with great sorrow that I draft this letter to inform you of my imminent departure from your firm. My resignation from your firm shall take effect one week from now.

Whereas I would have wanted to stay in the long run, I have just had to opt-out prematurely owing to the need to deliver my baby, whom I conceived 8 months ago.

After my baby is fully weaned, I consider returning to resume my job. In the next two weeks, I also offer to aid with the transition phase. Feel free to let me know if my intervention shall indeed be necessary or not.

May I also take this opportunity to bid farewell to my colleagues, supervisors, and the entire board of trustees. I say, ‘Thank You’ for the chance you accorded me to make money and spend time at your organization.

Best wishes also to your entire membership moving forward.


First name Last name

Volunteer Resignation Email (Word Format)

Volunteer Resignation Letter email example

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