6 Best Weekly Calendar Templates (For Daily or Weekly Tasks)

A weekly calendar can be defined as the period between Saturday midnight to following Saturday midnight. A general definition of a weekly calendar is a period of seven consecutive days of a year. A weekly calendar is a beneficial thing to any individual regardless of their profession or field of life. It helps one to be organized as it follows the day to day task assigning or the tasks to be done.

How is the weekly Calendar helpful in daily life?

1. It helps in the management of time

Doing things without having a plan on how to do them and when to do them leads to time wastage as you think about what to do and when to do it. This even leads to running out of time, having not completed your tasks. A weekly calendar helps you to plan for different tasks, events, errands, and appointments and assign them over the week and probably the specific time. This will help you know what to do in a given day and time. This will even help you create time for yourself and your family.

2. It helps relieve and avoid stress

Stress can be caused by many things. One of the main causes of stress is being overwhelmed and burdened. This results from a busy and hectic day, too many demands and tasks, and fatigue. A weekly calendar helps you plan for everything you need to do, depending on their determining factors. This ensures that everything will be done successfully by the end of the week without fearing about missing anything or running out of time.

3. It helps in ensuring a healthy life

A weekly calendar helps in ensuring that you live a healthy life in various ways. It helps in your physical health by creating time for meals and exercises as well as keeping track of exercises and diet. It also helps in creating time for your health appointments. The fact that it helps relieve and avoid stress translates to good mental health.

4. Keeping records

Finally, a weekly calendar also helps you keep track of records. You can easily track important detail/information that you once encountered, but you cannot remember it.

Free Templates

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    Uses of a weekly calendar to specific individuals

    1. Businessman

    A weekly calendar serves many purposes to a businessman, ensuring smooth flow and working of the business. For instance, a weekly calendar helps the businessman in ensuring that orders are made at the right time, salary payment is made at the right time without delay, invoices are sent at the appropriate time to prevent delayed payment, among others.

    2. Housewife

    A weekly calendar serves the purpose of ensuring that the house chores and duties are executed at the right time. For instance, some duties are not done on a daily basis, and so there is a very high probability of forgetting or being late.

    3. School going kids

    A weekly calendar serves the purpose of ensuring that the kid is equipped with the right thing he/she requires for the day. It also helps them create time to do their own studies without delay and time wastage. This is achieved as the kid already has the plan of what to learn on that day.

    4. Doctors

    A weekly calendar is a very important thing for doctors, especially those with part-time duties. It helps them ensure that all appointments are fulfilled without delay, as well as giving sufficient appointments to avoid being overburdened.

    5. Teachers

    A weekly calendar helps teachers in managing their time properly, thereby ensuring proper lesson preparation without failure or running out of time. It also helps in planning for co-curricular activities, laboratory practicals, and informing the relevant personnel for practical preparation, among others.

    Best Apps for Weekly Schedule Planning

    1. Microsoft To-Do app

    2. Todoist

    3. TickTick

    4. Google Tasks

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