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Weekly Calendar Template

Being organized is essential in getting things efficiently done on time – time management tools are used to list all the projects and responsibilities a person has to undertake within the week. Therefore a weekly calendar template can be essential for students and academics/teachers, professionals, project managers or team leaders, employees, freelancers and consultants, and individuals who want to boost their productivity.  

Weekly calendars come in different forms based on application/utilization. It can be used as a calendar, work schedule, or planner to manage different personal, educational, and professional responsibilities. Households use the calendar or planner to plan how to complete various activities such as appointments, laundry, vet visits, etc.

Professionals will use the weekly calendars to designate responsibilities among workers, plan how to complete tasks, and improve productivity within the workplace. Students use calendars to note down deadlines for projects and assignments. With a weekly calendar planner in place, a person can create a balance between work and personal commitments.

What to Include in a Weekly Calendar

Knowing what to include in a weekly calendar goes a long way in creating an excellent planner. Below are items to look out for in any planner template before using it for time management:

Important dates

A good planner needs to have a section to note important dates for events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, expiration dates, deadlines, etc. The important dates should be visible such that they are quick to notice and assist in planning ahead. 

Goals and challenges

A weekly planner can outline the goals and challenges of the user. This way, they can be reminded of them anytime they look at their calendar. This can help in tracking progress and motivating a person. This will, in turn, fulfill goals bit by bit.  Daily and weekly goals can be included in the planner and reviewed at the end of the week.


A budget can be added to a weekly calendar template to allocate money that a person can afford to spend on weekly routines, tasks, and bills. This can be crucial in ensuring individuals live within their means because they are aware of spending limits on meetings, dinner dates, or appointments. 

Health appointments 

Any doctor appointments should be recorded in a weekly planner such that even if they are set months down the line, they will be visible to the user. Using a weekly calendar to note down appointments is better and more efficient than committing the dates to memory.


A weekly planner can be used to record any ideas on different things such as business ideas, decoration ideas, gym enrolment, important information meant for someone else, etc., that an individual may come up with at odd times or places such as during morning runs. The planner can act as a reminder of such ideas.

Phone contacts

Weekly calendars can be used to write down contact details such as phone numbers and addresses. Planners can be essential in keeping emergency contacts, making sure they are accessible to anyone within the house.

Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes can be added as inspiration sources every time an individual looks at their calendar. Some people have daily, weekly or yearly quotes. Quotes can play a huge role in motivating a person to get things done. 

How to Create a Perfect Weekly Calendar

While using weekly calendar templates is the simplest and most straightforward way of obtaining a weekly planner, there is a sense of fulfillment that comes with creating one. A planner will be equally as practical as one created from scratch.

Different types of planner templates are available online to meet different user needs. You should select a template that meets your specific requirements. Microsoft has a depository of free templates that can be downloaded and used for time management.

Creating a weekly calendar template gives the user more flexibility in terms of design and specific details. The most common tools for creating planner templates are MS Word, Excel, and Google Docs.

Using Microsoft Word and Excel 

To create a weekly planner template with MS Word or Excel, create a table with as many columns as the entries needed in the template. The fundamental entries are the name of tasks, date, duration of the task, and other details like team members, appointments, important details, etc. The template can be personalized in color, design, text, etc. The template can be a simple weekly calendar template or a complex template covering tasks over a more extended period.

Using Google Docs

When using Google Docs, create a new document and type the month you will start with. Next, insert a table and include as many squares as the number of days you intend to keep track of. Next, add the tasks and the dates when these tasks ought to be done. Finally, personalize the template by modifying colors and other elements.

For example, dates with similar tasks can have the same color, or urgent issues can have a bright color like red to show urgency. Save your template and update it accordingly.

Weekly Calendar Templates

Weekly calendar templates are pre-designed and printable tools used to track tasks and plans, and work progress, record important dates or events, and note down any information deemed relevant to the user’s plans. We have provided templates that can be downloaded at no charge to assist our readers in saving time in creating a weekly calendar.

Templates are ready to use and personalized to fit the user’s requirements and are made to be compatible with editorial tools like MS Word, Excel, and such.

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    Benefits of Making a Weekly Calendar

    A weekly planner can prove to be the assistant anyone needs to get things done on time and efficiently, a challenge experienced by most people.

    This article will discuss the different benefits obtained from using a weekly calendar:

    Track your responsibilities anytime

    Weekly planners are designed to be compatible with different devices, including smartphones meaning they are readily accessible to the user at any moment in time. This helps in tracking, updating, and planning responsibilities in real-time. 

    Keep your most important activities visible

    People are likely to forget some responsibilities, mainly due to busy schedules and multiple responsibilities within short periods. However, important activities and dates can be quickly brought to the user’s attention with a weekly calendar. They are made to be more visible at all times just in case the user forgets about them.

    Easily share your schedule with others

    With all your tasks and responsibilities recorded in one place, it becomes easy to explain and share your schedule with other people through a weekly calendar template. This can be very crucial for joint schedules such as family schedules and team schedules.

    Increase your productivity 

    A weekly planner helps users meet deadlines by highlighting any action items in their schedule and allocating time to complete them, resulting in maximum utilization of any available time at work or home. Consequently, this boosts the users’ productivity and reduces time wastage.

    Sense of accomplishment 

    When users plan and complete weekly obligations on time, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to take on the following week’s tasks. Completing tasks that build up to your goals can go a long way in keeping you motivated to achieve your goals. 

    Keep your data safe

    Since a weekly planner allows users to input any necessary information for their weekly tasks and obligations, it can help protect sensitive and crucial data such as files, log-in credentials, essential notes, etc. This can be exceptionally helpful for people working on multiple projects, such as project managers.

    Ease the task delegation process

    A weekly calendar benefits supervisors and managers who have to delegate tasks to different individuals. The tasks allocated to each employee can be noted in the calendar, and progress can be monitored.

    Track time spent on each activity

    Weekly calendars are used to monitor and allocate time spent on completing tasks. This can be a fundamental factor in determining the cost of a project or billing rates for freelancers. Additionally, by tracking time spent carrying out project activities, freelancers can use weekly calendars to estimate the time and hence cost implications of a project before committing to the project.

    Also, by outlining all project activities and their completion time, freelancers are able to identify areas of improvement and create optimal time-management schedules.

    Become stress-free

    Planning how and when to complete tasks ensures a person’s week goes by stress-free as they are not trying to do too much at the same time or more than they can handle. A weekly calendar divides major projects into simpler doable tasks that can be completed in a reasonable time, thus promoting a stress-free environment at home and work.

    Time for other creative things

    Careful planning of someone’s time ensures they create time for other activities like rest, recreation, and hobbies. Therefore, you can allocate time to undertake such activities in a weekly calendar template.

    Create subtasks for your ease

    Weekly calendars allow users to break down large tasks into multiple subtasks that can be distributed over a more extended period. This ensures subtasks are effectively completed.

    View your weekly targets together

    By having all the tasks and responsibilities in one place, a person is able to see the best way to schedule and accomplish them. This way, urgent matters can be prioritized while making time for other less critical tasks.

    Facilitates visibility of HITS

    The use of weekly calendar templates helps employees categorize High Impact Tasks to not be forgotten within the massive list of tasks assigned to a person. Therefore, these tasks can be completed first before focus can be shifted to other responsibilities. 

    Allows you to see the entire team task within seconds

    A weekly calendar helps determine which team is an undertaking which projects within an organization quickly and clearly. This comes in handy in cases where there are multiple teams and multiple projects to be completed.

    Manage recurring tasks automatically 

    A weekly calendar template allows users to set the tasks that will be repeated after a given period (recurring tasks) such that they are automatically scheduled within the calendar. This reduces the hassle of having to create these tasks every time they have to be done.

    Quickly spot overdue tasks

    It is fairly easy to forget a task that was to be completed at a certain date. Weekly calendar templates help in identifying pending tasks and notifying the user of the issue. This way, they can be quickly identified and resolved immediately.    

    Easily track the work of remote employees

    It is normal for businesses to outsource employees in order to meet deadlines or reduce the workload on company employees. Weekly calendars can be used to accurately monitor how the remote employees use the allocated time to ensure deadlines are met and operations proceed as expected.

    Improve customer satisfaction

    Effective planning and organization help businesses complete projects as per customer expectations since each task is designated to a specific person and allocated a timeline. When expectations are met, this leads to customer satisfaction which means more business and revenue. 

    Improve your workflow

    A weekly calendar gives you an overview of your schedule’s moving parts. This way, it becomes easy to manage your time and ensure all tasks and projects are running smoothly without neglect. By enhancing your workflow, you can do more and reach your targets.

    Integrate with your preferred tools

    Weekly calendar templates are designed to be integrated with other management tools like files, software, and reports. This way, information from these tools can be easily accessed from the template and vice versa, a feature that saves users a lot of time that would have been used when logging in to these tools only to access this information.

    Final Thoughts

    Planning and time management are essential in an individual’s personal affairs and work life. One of the effective planning and time management tools is a weekly calendar. It ensures a person records all the tasks they intend to achieve at specific dates and any other pertinent details related to their schedule. Weekly calendars will differ based on what they are meant for; a weekly student calendar will be different from a weekly employee calendar.

    People can decide to use third-party weekly calendar templates or create one for themselves using MS Word and Excel tools. Once implemented, a weekly calendar has multiple benefits, such as getting things done on time and increasing productivity – just a few benefits of using weekly calendars. 

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