Writing a Grant Application (with Examples)

Successful Grant Application Examples

The advent in the field of information technology has started a race among the masses. The people belonging to this modern age are trying their best to keep pace with the fast-changing world but then there is a class, which needs assistance from the Government. It is very sad to believe that there are people in the world who cannot enjoy a decent meal. Many people among these are also talented but sometimes have no one or no place to display their talents and many do not have the means for getting more education. Government helps many people by giving them a grant, but many people apply for grants and never receive it. They should follow the various samples that can help them to write a perfect grant application.

Grant Application

A grant application is the written document under which an appeal is submitted to the granting authority usually a corporation, a government agency, or a foundation assisting those in need of funds. The nature of the grant can be monetary-based or community-based.

Purpose of GA

The human population is composed of individuals belonging to different classes. Many people do not have the means to survive in this fast-changing world and they are dependent on the grants. The grant application has greater chances of selection if it is accurate and appeals to the one providing grants.

Contents of a Grant Application

The contents include the:

Sections and Subsections: These are important as they highlight the various aspects.

Appendixes: These are listed and numbered.

Forms: The forms can be state-mandated or federally mandated.

Attachments: All the other important information is in the attachment.

Steps to Write a Grant Application


It is important to make sure that the grant application has an appropriate layout. There is no restriction for using any specific format.

A Firm Reason:

It is important to highlight the reason for the need for a grant. The reason should be strong enough to capture their attention however, it is important to make sure not to be pushy at the very same time.

Positive Tone:

The application should be in a positive tone. It is important that the person writing the application is genuine, realistic, and reasonable.

Sample of Grant Application

A Standard Grant Application, for example, includes information related to the program concerned, the summary of the application, information of the applicant, the operational and financial capacity, and information on the action requiring the grant, planned duration, budget, the declaration by an applicant and the checklist by the applicant. All these variables can be arranged in a table format.

A variety of free sample templates is available for download, which can assist in better understanding.

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