12 Best Engineering Cover Letter Templates + How To Write

As a job applicant looking for an engineering job, you must ensure that your application documents are complete and detailed. The idea is to ensure that you stand out among other candidates by confidently focusing on your uniqueness. You can achieve this by preparing an engineering cover letter alongside your engineering CV.

An engineering cover letter is an official document prepared by a job candidate to highlight the most relevant skills, exceptional qualifications, and experience in the engineer job position you are applying for.

This letter must be written formally, be brief, and focus on convincing the hiring manager to consider you for the job position.

Apart from preparing a CV, you also need to prepare a cover letter to have a platform that presents not only your experience as an engineer but also your personality, attributes, and qualities as an individual or employee. In addition, it will enable the recruiter to understand why you are the most qualified candidate for the job. That means you must present yourself as a solution to your prospective employer.

More impressive job candidates might be applying for the same position as you. However, if you wish to stand out as the best and most qualified engineer, you need to know how to write a cover letter and learn more about the practices you need to consider before writing it. In this article, you will learn more about this cover letter and the information you must include in it.

Practices to Consider Before Writing a Cover Letter

There are two leading practices that you need to consider before you start writing your letter. The two essential practices are as follows:

Know why you want the job

You need to know why you want the engineering job you are applying for. A hiring manager will be more interested in a job applicant who displays their passion and enthusiasm for the job. This is what you need to achieve in your cover letter. Therefore, before you write that letter, create time to think about why you want the job. Identifying your passion and motivation for the job benefits your letter.

Research the company

The other critical practice you must consider is conducting proper research about the company you want to work for. A transparent background about the company, its values, work ethics, and other important details relating to your desired job position is essential. A hiring manager will be interested in reading a cover letter containing content that aligns with the company and its beliefs.

Also, the hiring manager will view you as thorough and professional. You can conduct research about the company by going through their website and social media accounts and reviewing their upcoming projects

Steps to Writing an Engineering Cover Letter

After taking the two practices above into consideration, you can go ahead and start writing your letter. You will be able to achieve a formal, complete, and convincing letter by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Start with an introduction

For the introduction, start by writing the header, which should include your name, title, email, phone number, and the hiring manager. Always include a salutation that should be proper and official, for example, Dear [The hiring manager’s name]. Also, it is valuable to include a quick short story that is specific to the main achievement you want to highlight in your letter introduction.

Next, you will need to focus on a feature that will present you as a unique job applicant, help you stand out among other candidates, and increase your chances of getting hired. The idea is to capture the interest and attention of the hiring manager. That means that you should have a strong introduction.

You can achieve this by:

  • Expressing your passion and enthusiasm for the job opportunity. You will need to show your interest in not only the job position but also the company and the engineering project it has.
  • Ensuring you include a remarkable engineering achievement will briefly highlight some of your skills.
  • Quantifying your skills by including numbers and percentages presents you as a valuable individual with something to contribute to the company.


When writing your salutation, avoid using terms that highlight marital statuses, such as Mrs. but instead use Ms. Also, as it is okay to write Dear (Hiring manager), it is best to find out their name, as this will draw their attention to your letter. Finally, for professionalism as an engineer, you can include your LinkedIn profile with your contact details in the header.

Step 2: Write a detailed body section

Regarding the body section, ensure that you are detailed and accurate. The information in this section should be backed up with examples, if possible.

Highlighted below is the information you should include in the body of your letter:

Mention your training and qualifications

Ensure you mention your academic training and qualifications, as your prospective employer will be interested in hiring a qualified engineer. You can mention the apprenticeship you have gone through, along with further training and internships. If you have advanced academic qualifications that allow you to specialize in your career, this is where you should include such information to gain the hiring manager’s attention.

Highlight your skills

Ensure that you highlight your hard and soft skills in the body section. You need to craft your skills section in a way that allows you to focus on the relevant skills for the particular job position you want. You can apply for different jobs in engineering, including civil, electrical, software, and mechanical engineering.

Your prospective employer will focus on this skill section to identify if you are qualified enough to handle the projects based on the given time and specifications. You will only be viewed as a reliable and ideal candidate for the job if you have the proper skills. As you list your hard and soft skills, ensure that you provide examples that depict how relevant your skills are to being an engineer.

Some of the general hard or technical skills that you can include in your cover letter include:

  • Analytical and mapping software
  • The MathWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • Design software
  • ERP software
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Some soft skills include the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Innovative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork

Mention relevant experience

Ensure that you include some of your relevant professional and academic experience as an engineer. Your experience should not overwhelm your letter but rather complement the information you have already shared so far. You can achieve that by selecting experiences that entail tasks similar to those you will have under the job position you are applying for.

If you lack experience and are just starting as an engineer, you can include the experiences and technical knowledge you gathered at university. However, ensure that you include the most impressive examples if you are to increase your chances of getting employed.

Connect the work to your future goals

It should give the employer insight into how your career goals, passions, and motivations inspire your application for the engineering job. The last part of the body section should show your prospective employer how being hired for the job position fits with your career and will benefit the company.   


Ensure that the motivation statement you include in this section convinces the hiring manager to call you for an interview. You need to be charming and convincing in a way that suggests that the company will not only benefit from you, but you will also benefit from them.

Step 3: Conclude your cover letter

The final section of the letter should be as great as the introduction. Ensure that your letter ends in a way that the hiring manager will not forget. You can achieve this by making an offer in your conclusion. Ensure that you close with a proper phrase, such as Sincerely and, if possible, add a PS where you will include another outstanding achievement you have as an engineer.

Free Template

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number]


[Recipient’s Name]

[Recipient’s Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [Specific Position] position at [Company Name], as advertised on [where you found the job listing]. With a [Your Degree] in [Your Field of Engineering] from [Your University] and [number of years] years of hands-on experience in [specific area of engineering, e.g., civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.], I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your team and help achieve [Company Name]’s objectives.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my ability to work collaboratively on complex projects, delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed project requirements and objectives. For example, at [Previous Employer], I was part of a team that developed a [brief description of a project], which resulted in [mention the outcome, achievement, or benefit of the project]. This experience honed my skills in [mention any important skills or tools used], and I am eager to bring my expertise in [specific skills or areas] to [Company Name].

I am particularly impressed by [Company Name]’s commitment to [mention any known company initiatives related to engineering, innovation, sustainability, etc.]. I share your passion for [related interest, e.g., creating sustainable engineering solutions, advancing technological innovation, etc.] and believe my background in [your area of expertise] aligns well with your goals.

In addition to my technical abilities, I bring strong problem-solving skills, a keen attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of my work. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to [Company Name] by [mention how you plan to contribute, e.g., developing innovative solutions, improving project efficiencies, etc.].

Please find attached my resume, which provides further details on my professional achievements. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how my education, experience, and skills will be beneficial to [Company Name]. I am available at your convenience for an interview and can be reached at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address].

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my passion for engineering and my expertise to [Company Name] and am excited about the possibility of contributing to your team’s success.


[Your Name]

Sample of an Engineering Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Roberts,

I am writing to express my interest in the Senior Electrical Engineer position at Innovative Tech Solutions, as recently advertised on LinkedIn. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Techville University and five years of dedicated experience at HighVolt Technologies, I have developed a solid foundation in electrical design, project management, and innovation in electrical solutions. I am excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise in power systems, circuit design, and renewable energy technologies to your team.

During my tenure at HighVolt Technologies, I played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art power distribution system that increased efficiency by 25% and significantly reduced energy waste. This project not only honed my technical skills in advanced circuit simulation using MATLAB and Simulink but also strengthened my abilities in team collaboration and project leadership. My commitment to staying abreast of emerging technologies has enabled me to contribute to the development of cutting-edge electrical solutions that meet evolving market needs.

I am particularly drawn to Innovative Tech Solutions because of your pioneering work in renewable energy systems and your commitment to sustainable engineering practices. I am passionate about leveraging my expertise in electrical engineering to contribute to environmentally sustainable innovations. I am eager to apply my skills in simulation, design, and analysis to support your team in achieving its ambitious projects, especially in the area of renewable energy applications.

I am known for my problem-solving abilities, my meticulous attention to detail, and my unwavering commitment to ensuring project success from conception to completion. I am excited about the prospect of bringing my unique blend of skills and experience to the team at Innovative Tech Solutions. I am particularly interested in your recent initiative to integrate IoT technologies into renewable energy systems and see significant potential for contribution based on my background and interests.

Please find my resume attached, detailing my projects and achievements. I am keen to discuss how I can contribute to the ongoing success and growth of Innovative Tech Solutions. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience and can be reached at (555) 432-1234 or via email at james.anderson@email.com.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your team and sharing in the exciting work that lies ahead.


James Anderson


This cover letter effectively communicates the applicant’s interest and qualifications for the Senior Electrical Engineer position at Innovative Tech Solutions. It begins with a clear statement of interest, followed by a concise overview of the applicant’s educational background and professional experience, establishing credibility and relevance. Highlighting a significant achievement at HighVolt Technologies, the applicant demonstrates their technical proficiency, leadership, and collaborative skills, which are crucial for the role.

The letter also expresses the applicant’s enthusiasm for the company’s focus on renewable energy and sustainable engineering practices, aligning personal passions with the company’s objectives. This alignment suggests the applicant is not only a fit for the technical requirements but also shares the company’s vision, enhancing the potential for a meaningful contribution.

Further, the applicant mentions specific skills and areas of expertise, such as advanced circuit simulation and interest in IoT technologies within renewable energy systems, indicating a strong fit for the company’s projects. The mention of problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and commitment to project success reinforces the applicant’s suitability for a senior role.

By closing with a call to action, attaching a resume, and expressing eagerness for an interview, the letter is both polite and proactive. Overall, the cover letter is structured to showcase the applicant’s qualifications, alignment with the company’s goals, and eagerness to contribute to its success.


Emphasize your attention to detail. As an engineer, your prospective employer expects you to be a keen individual who pays attention to detail. Ensure that you mention and emphasize that you pay attention to detail, whether it entails developing new systems or analyzing blueprints. The hiring manager will be interested in an individual who can adequately meet specifications and follow directions to achieve quality work. This means that you must be able to pay great attention to detail.

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    Key Takeaways

    • As a candidate looking for an engineering job, the best way to increase your chances of getting hired in this competitive industry is by writing a compelling cover letter.
    • It will enable you to pitch yourself and your experience to the hiring manager successfully.
    • A well-prepared cover letter must be tailored according to the job position to increase your chances of being selected.
    • Also, the best way to write this letter is by crafting it the same way you would prepare a sales pitch; it is all about convincing the recipient of the letter to hire you.
    • Use the sample as a guide as you write your letter.

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