16 Free Client Call Log Templates – Excel, Word

Call logs are used to collect, analyse, and record the data taken via phone calls. Formally,

A call log is a document that contains all the crucial information related to the call made to a client, such as the origin of the call, duration of the call, and call transmission details.

Other details may also include the start and end time of the call and the network used for making the call.

These logs are used to record all the incoming and outgoing calls. Therefore, they should be kept simple, and it should be made sure that all the information is accurately enlisted.

Different business owners use them for identifying various purposes, such as:

  • Peak hours
  • Customers’ location
  • Monitoring the performance of a call centre
  • Complying with the requirements of the industry

Call logs can be suitable for different organizations and can help them increase their sales/leads, number of customers, and business dealings. In addition, a company’s progress can be easily visualized through the available data, and appropriate decisions can be made.

Call Log Templates

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    Uses of Call Logs

    Call logs are best to use in those businesses where most of the dealings are done using mobile phones and telephones.

    Two types of data can be recorded with the help of call loggings:

    • Statistical data
    • Technical data

    There are three basic purposes for recording the data in the form of call logs. These are

    • Data collection
    • Data evaluation
    • Data reporting

    Call logs are used by most of the businesses which have been enlisted, and the purpose of using call logs by those businesses has been elaborated below:

    Sales companies

    The sales team working in a sales company has to record all existing clients. In addition, they should also keep a record of those customers whom they have contacted to get their services.


    The medical staff needs to have correct and detailed information regarding the contacts of all the patients. These can also be the hospitals for properly scheduling the appointments for patients and avoiding any sort of confusion afterward.

    Customer service companies

    Service-providing companies use call logs to record all of their customers. They can also easily schedule follow-up calls with their clients and get their feedback about their services.

    Client/prospect contact services

    Call logs are used by these businesses to keep a record of all the present and future customers so that if any other team member views the details, he /she can quickly get the idea about the client’s perspective.

    What Should be Included in a Call Log

    Call logs can give detailed information regarding your company’s contacts with all the customers. Your call logs should meet all the essential requirements, and all the crucial information should be carefully made a part of it. The number of sections and type of information included in your log will be decided according to the work nature of your setup.

    The data relating to clients should also be appropriately incorporated so that any employee can deal with any client. A specific person should not be required to deal with a particular customer. The call logs should be kept updated by a verification department whose responsibility would include cross-checking the contact numbers and updating the new ones if any of the company or customer has changed their phone numbers. The call log information should be accessible by all the workers of your company.

    Following is a list of some important sections that should be a part of your company’s call log templates. Some sections can be added or removed according to the type of organization being run by you:

    Company name and address

    Your company’s full name and accurate address should be mentioned at the top of the call log template. It makes your document look authentic, and anyone can become acknowledged about the company by seeing it.

    Name and title

    The name of the person who you are contacting should be written along with the designated post he/she has in their organization.

    Time period

    In this section, the time period decided to contact that particular person is mentioned after asking him/her about their availability.

    Time of call

    In this column, the actual time is written when your company’s employee contacted the customer within the time period already mentioned above.

    Name of the caller

    The name of your company’s employee who called the client is mentioned for having end-to-end data encryption.

    Duration of call

    The time duration for which the call continued is also necessary to be mentioned as it can help to calculate the average time required by employees to sell or promote a product, service or business proposal. It is required to be mentioned as it can trace that whether the purpose of calling your customer is appropriately fulfilled or not. The duration of call will be in accordance to the purpose of that call so you can also depict that there is no issue being faced by your clients from your employees if they ever talk to them by going out of the way.

    Contact number

    It is important not to misplace the client’s contact number, and it should be kept in the record so that they can be easily contacted in the future for getting their feedback about your services, etc.

    Action to be taken

    There can be any purpose of making a call to your client, and that reason should be mentioned along with the appropriate steps which will be taken to deal with their query.


    Any kind of further information which could not be incorporated in the above sections can be written in this column, such as the customer’s response, whether the client picked your call or not. In addition, if the client asks to call them at another time, these timings should also be mentioned in this part of the call log template.

    Free Downloads

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      Creating a Call Log Template in EXCEL

      Microsoft EXCEL is comparatively easy to use than any other software. Although call log templates can be easily found all over the internet, it is also possible to make them yourself. You can organize all the data conveniently and get it printed out. In EXCEL, you can make the desired changes at any time and save the file again.

      Following is a key to making a call log template in EXCEL, along with images to make every step easy to understand:

      • Open the Microsoft EXCEL on your computer or laptop.
      • Click “File” and select “New”. It will show you the template thumbnails from which you can select one for your page.
      • Click “Search for Online Templates”, type call log and press the enter button. Results will be displayed on your screen.
      • Select the thumbnail of “Sales Call Log and Organizer,” and the view of template will get larger. You can download a template that is according to your requirements.
      • Click on the lower tab of the sheet to view the worksheet on your screen.
      • Now, you can customize your EXCEL table design. Click the “Design” tab to see the Table Tools ribbon.
      • Find and then select the “More” option from the Styles gallery; it will open the Table Styles chart. You can find the Custom, Light, and Medium categories for different thumbnails.
      • Move your cursor on any of the thumbnails; you will see the preview effect of that particular style on your table. It will help you select the one which suits best for your theme.
      • In the Client Contact Info worksheet, start giving input related to the customer’s data, such as their names, phone numbers etc.
      • Enter all the information related to your calls in Sales Call Log worksheet in a compiled form. Meanwhile, also keep the Checklist worksheet updated.
      • Save the file in any folder.

      You can also make a blank sales call log template if you want to give it to your employees in printed form for their use. You may also choose to send it to them via email so that they can enter the data through their laptops or computers, which will get saved automatically.

      Benefits of Having a Call Log

      The benefits of keeping a call log are far more than just having a record of all phone calls and other detailed information related to the company and clients. These wide-ranging benefits can do very good for your business.

      Some of the advantages of keeping a call log have been given below:

      Costs’ control

      Mostly, the companies have allocated a specific budget for the phone calls. So a call log will help in different ways:

      • Record of all the calls made via the company’s mobile phone can be maintained.
      • You can aware your employees that the phone calls will be recorded so that they can become careful while using the mobile phone and do not use it for personal calls.
      • You can also monitor the number of calls made every day or per month on average by your company.

      Prevent hacking

      In this age of technology, concerns regarding the hacking of mobile phones and telephones are rising worldwide.

      • Some wicked people can hack any organization’s mobile phones and use them for calling overseas, which can cause a significant increase in billing amount and is not good for your organization as well.
      • If you notice something unusual in your call logs, you can take immediate steps to understand the problem for find the solution on an urgent basis.

      Tracking major accounts

      Business owners have contracts and dealings with all sort of companies on larger as well as smaller level.

      • Call logs can help you in keeping track of bigger companies specifically.
      • When the contact numbers and other important details are available in your call log, you will make sure to answer their calls. It will help in developing a positive association with them.

      Tracking sales calls

      If your company’s setup runs on the basis of making several sales calls to your customers, then call logs to have significant importance for your business.

      • The performance of different workers can be observed.
      • You can decide and develop a strategy oh how to train your employees.
      • It will also help you in monitoring which team members are effective for your organization and which can be the damaging.

      Managing service desks

      There are a lot people who just call to gain information and are not interest in purchasing your services. Call logs can be beneficial for you in this regard also.

      • You will get to know how many numbers of clients are actually interested in getting your services.
      • You can recognize your potential customers in this way.

      Identifying strengths and weaknesses

      Call logs can be given to your employees who are dealing with customers on mobile phones, and it will assist you in a variety of ways.

      • You can monitor the performance of all the workers.
      • Employees with good performance can be appreciated by giving them credits and incentives.
      • Appropriate steps can be taken for those employees whose performances are not up to the mark.
      • You can improve the weak points of your team members by arranging training sessions for them by which they could get proper guidance to work efficiently.

      Enhancing feedback

      Logs can be used as a reference in training sessions to discuss the main points of that session.

      • You can mention those strategies which can be helpful for improving one’s performance.
      • You can give practical examples to your workers without specifying or targeting a specific person.
      • It will help them to understand your point of view easily.

      Setting goals

      You can observe your organisation’s progress by having a look at call logs made by your employees.

      • After evaluating the results, if your company is doing good, then you can set new and bigger goals and advise your workers to make efforts for achieving the new goals.
      • On the other hand, if the company’s performance is not up to the mark then you can train your workers to achieve realistic goals.
      • If the accurate data is present in call log templates then you can use it effectively for the progress and development of your company as a whole.

      Monitoring progress

      Call logs can aid you in tracing the progress of your company by evaluating whether the set objectives and goals have been achieved or not.

      • The performance of agents working for call centers can be recorded by evaluating the call logs.
      • If all the agents are working well, it can be deduced that the whole company is progressing.
      • It helps in differentiating the workers who are performing well from those whose performance is not doing any good for the organization.

      Learning and progressive work environment

      It is essential to have such an environment at your workplace where all the employees can interact positively with each other.

      • A progressive learning behavior will be adopted by everyone.
      • Once the workers become responsive and start realizing their responsibilities, the company will also start making progress in actual.
      • The productivity and working capacity of workers also get improved when the working environment gets better which leads the organization to become successful as a whole.

      Customer satisfaction and service quality

      Maintaining the company’s record with the help of appropriate call logs can be good for any organization.

      • Any organization can be made successful when the workers start to work productively.
      • The service providing ability of the employees gets enhanced.
      • Customers feel satisfied because of the positive and optimistic behavior of the company’s workers with them.
      • More satisfied customers will ultimately increase the number of purchases made from your service-providing organization.
      • A positive and good image of your company will be developed in front of all the customers, and they will talk about your services in good words in front of others also.

      Other benefits

      Different activities and the time duration required in performing those tasks can be tracked by the call logs. The record of sales made by your company and associated payments and bills can also be depicted. The relationship between your company and your clients can also be improved. The responsive actions can be decided according to the progress. You can also offer more services to your potential and regular customers and can keep check on the billing status of different clients.

      Final Thoughts

      There are many benefits of recording your customer’s crucial data in the form of a call log. A simple call log becomes a significant document for your company once all the information gets updated in it.

      Call logs can be used by different companies to keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls. The organization’s performance can get improved, and they can save their money and time as well. Different disputes may occur with the customers, and they can be solved when you have all the required information kept in inappropriate records. Moreover, the call logs keep your employees to stay compliant and follow all the rules and regulations in a professional manner.

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