Best Sales Cover Letter Examples [How to Write]

A Sales Cover Letter is a letter written to the hiring manager to highlight the qualifications and experience of an applicant who is applying for a sales position.

It also shows the skills of the applicant in selling themselves to the hiring manager.

Desiring to establish a career in matters sales and marketing? Well, you have to draft a sales cover letter and send it to the hiring manager alongside your resume. For a start, a sales cover letter is basically an introductory explanation that summarizes the contents of your resume. It showcases your own suitability for the vacant sales position and your past achievements which might make you stand from the crowd.

It is quite hard to sell yourself to the hiring manager for this position. That is because sales jobs do attract many applicants. It requires almost no post-secondary qualification and is an entry-level position. At any given time, you will be competing with many other potential applicants out there. It is for this reason that you want to treat your application process seriously.

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    How to Professionally Write a Sales Cover Letter

    A strong sales cover letter can be an applicant’s determinant if they will get the job. This article will provide a guide with the basic steps you can follow when writing a cover letter. It will discuss all the key elements of a sales cover and the order in which they are to appear in the letter.

    Step 1: Letterhead

    The first element of the cover letter is a formal letterhead. The letterhead is meant to identify the sender and recipient of the letter. The following information should be provided. 

    Add your contact information

    Firstly, the cover needs to show your personal details. Write down the following details; your full name, physical address, and contact details. Ensure to write down your phone number and email address. You can also add a link to your LinkedIn profile.

    Date of writing

    After stating your personal details, state the date when the cover letter was written. A cover letter ought to be dated for reference and record-keeping purposes. Remember the letter goes into your employee file if you get the job.

    Include company’s details

    The letter should then indicate the recipient, the hiring manager of the company in this case. Indicate the recruiting officer’s (hiring manager) name their position in the company. After, the name of the company and the official mailing address should follow. 

    Step 2: Introduction

    The cover letter should have a professional introduction that comprises a formal salutation and an introductory paragraph.  The introduction is an effective way of grasping the hiring manager’s interest.

    Start with an opening greeting or salutation

    When writing the salutation, address the hiring manager accordingly. Opt to use “Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms” then followed by their last name. Always try to avoid generic salutations. If you do not know the hiring manager’s name, consider doing some research to find out. 

    Write the introductory paragraph

    Next, write the introductory paragraph by presenting yourself as the most suitable candidate for the vacancy. The paragraph should be structured to engage and spark curiosity in the hiring manager, creating interest in wanting to know more. Including a major achievement in any of your previous jobs can be highly effective in getting the recruiter’s attention. However, avoid state facts that you have already presented in the resume. 

    Step 3: Body

    The next step is writing the body of the cover letter. Salespeople are tasked with communicating the value of a company’s products and services to customers. This typically involves engaging with customers and being persuasive. The body of the letter should outline how you are able to execute the responsibilities of a salesperson by outlining the following.

    Include examples of the value you’d bring to the sales team

    Start by illustrating the quantifiable value you bring to the company. This can be provided by including examples of the results you were able to achieve in your previous job. Use figures or statistical data to represent outcomes. Sale is a results-driven profession; the hiring manager will want to see that indeed you are able to convert marketing strategies into sales.

    For example:

    Instead of stating “The campaign was successful,” illustrate how successful it was, for example, “Converted 200 prospects into paying customers”.

    State reasons why this sales job is ideal for you

    Next, outline why you would be a good fit for the job position. This is where you outline the skills, academic qualifications, and personal traits that contribute towards the effective execution of your responsibilities as a salesperson. Ensure to provide skills and qualifications that are relevant to the sales job. Review the job description and choose the skills to include in accordance with the description. Some of the skills to consider are;

    • Persuasive speaking
    • Negotiation
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Communication skills
    • Time management skills etc

    Also, declare your interest in the job and the specifics about the job and company that appeal to you the most.

    Describe your past accomplishments and achievements 

    Subsequently, outline your professional achievements. This includes promotions, certifications, successful projects, and notable events in your previous jobs that can further market you to the hiring manager. Keep the accomplishments relevant to the job at hand.

    Step 4: Conclusion

    The last step in writing a professional sales cover letter is providing a conclusion. The conclusion should contain the following details:

    Add a closing paragraph

    Write a closing paragraph that encourages the hiring manager to invite you for an in-person interview. You can choose to thank the hiring manager for reviewing the letter. Restate the value you bring to the company and your interest in the position. 

    Include the sign-off statement

    Next, include a complimentary close. Consider using a more formal complimentary close.

    Write your name

    You should then sign the document and write your name just after.

    Add a postscript (P.S.)

    Lastly, you can add a postscript highlighting a significant achievement that would compel the hiring manager to reach out.  The achievement can be professional-based, volunteer-based, or an award that is associated with the sales career.

    Sales Cover Letter Samples


    (Hiring Manager)


    (Physical Address)

    (Postal Address)

    (City, State, ZIP Code)

    Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.


    I learned with joy that you are in search of 20 direct sales representatives to push through your new product. Well, I am indeed thrilled to submit my applications for the same. A combination of factors makes me feel suited and qualified for the same.

    For one, I have worked in that position for various companies over the last 10 years. Then, I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Lastly, my track record speaks for itself. In my last company, I managed to rake in a whopping $5 million worth of revenue. That was because I managed to convince five schools to enter into a contract with the dairy firm whose products I was promoting.

    Besides matters sales, I am also a great copywriter. I can draft articles and letters on behalf of your company. Hiring me means reaping much more than you part with, in the forms of salaries and commissions.

    Kindly consider me as one of your sales representatives. I look forward to taking that position with zeal. In the interview, we shall discuss all the other pertinent issues.



    Things to Include in your Sales Cover Letter

    Past Achievements

    This is by far the most significant content of a sales cover letter. It is basically a list of the many sales undertakings you have engaged in the past. These are accompanied by how exactly you performed i.e. the volume of sales you hit, the income you brought in, and other benefits.

    Unique Skills

    What skills do you have which others lack? Remember, the employer is always looking to hire someone who stands out. A sales job requires a lot of patience, great oratory, and persuasion skills. Make sure you mention these somewhere within the body of the letter.

    Work Experience

    As noted above, sales jobs are mostly entry-level positions. They also require no post-secondary education for a large part. However, for the sake of standing out among the others, you have to show that you indeed are experienced in the field. It is only in this way that the employer shall find you better off.

    Evidence of your Aggressiveness and Persuasions

    As noted above, sales require some aggressiveness and persuasion. That is because you really have to talk your way and convince your client to purchase your wares. With regards to this, you really have to prove to you would-be employer that you have those skills.

    Added Advantages

    Lastly, you also have to demonstrate your other advantages. Simply put: Other than sales, what else can you bring to the table? Obviously, any employer will want a multipurpose employee; whom he can use to perform many other roles than the core. Can you do something clerical or cleaning?

    NB: Throughout your letter, maintain an authoritative tone. Show your hiring manager that you are aggressive and indeed equal to the task.

    Tips for Writing an Effective Sales Cover Letter

    A sales cover letter is an opportunity for any salesperson to sell themselves to the hiring manager. An exceptional sales cover letter might be a bit involved, but it is worth the hassle. The following tips are worth remembering when writing a sales cover letter.

    Start with a good opening statement

    From the onset of the letter, the reader must enjoy reading the letter. It is therefore very imperative to always start with an attention-grabbing opening statement at the introduction and body of the letter.

    Include quantifiable achievements

    Include achievements that can be quantified. Numbers give a clear understanding of the value of an applicant – use them to show impact, success, or results.

    Make your achievements visually appealing

    Aesthetics can be used to improve the quality of a cover letter. You can utilize bullet points to list the achievements and highlight sales figures by making them bold. 

    Show you belong together

    Design the letter to illustrate that you and the company are a good fit and working together would be mutually beneficial.

    Make it easy to read

    The letter should be written in a more reader-friendly manner. This makes it effortless for the hiring manager to review and pick out important information as fast as possible.

    Personalize your letter

    Tailor the letter to address the specific company you are applying to. Avoid reusing the same cover letter to apply for positions in different companies.

    Use a strong ending

    A strong ending can be used to leave an impression on the new employer.

    Key Takeaways

    A sales cover letter is a document a salesperson submits with his or her application to further outline why they are suitable for a sales position. It is more detailed than a resume. The letter contains the skills, qualifications, skills, and experience that make an applicant suitable for the position. Other than communicating an applicant’s suitability, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your selling skills by marketing yourself to the potential employer. The letter should be written in a professional format. 

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