Sales Cover Letter Examples & Samples (with Writing Tips)

Sales Cover Letter Example

Desiring to establish a career in matters sales and marketing? Well, you have to draft a sales cover letter and send it to the hiring manager alongside your resume. For a start, a sales cover letter is basically an introductory explanation which summarizes the contents of your resume. It showcases your own suitability to the vacant sales position and your past achievements which might make you stand from the crowd.

Generally speaking, it is quite hard to sell yourself to the hiring manager for this position. That is because sales jobs do attract many applicants. It requires almost no post-secondary qualification and is an entry-level position. At any given time, you will be competing with many other potential applicants out there. It is for this reason that you want to treat your application process seriously.

Things to include in your cover letter

Past Achievements

This is by far the most significant content of a sales cover letter. It is basically a list of the many sales undertakings you have engaged in the past. These are accompanied by how exactly you performed i.e. the volume of sales you hit, the income you brought in and other benefits.

Unique Skills

What skills do you have which others lack? Remember, the employer is always looking to hire someone who stands out. A sales job requires a lot of patience, great oratory, and persuasion skills. Make sure you mention these somewhere within the body of the letter.

Work Experience

As noted above, sales jobs are mostly entry-level positions. They also require no post-secondary education for a large part. However, for the sake of standing out among the others, you have to show that you indeed are experienced in the field. It is only in this way that the employer shall find you better off.

Evidence of your Aggressiveness and Persuasions

As noted above, sales require some aggressiveness and persuasion. That is because you really have to talk your way and convince your client to purchase your wares. With regards to this, you really have to prove to you would-be employer that you have those skills.

Added Advantages

Lastly, you also have to demonstrate your other advantages. Simply put: Other than sales, what else can you bring to the table? Obviously, any employer will want a multipurpose employee; whom he can use to perform many other roles than the core. Can you do something clerical or cleaning?

NB: Throughout your letter, maintain an authoritative tone. Show your hiring manager that you are aggressive and indeed equal to the task.

Sales Cover Letter Example


(Hiring Manager)
(Physical Address)
(Postal Address)
(City, State, ZIP Code)

Dear Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.


I learned with joy that you are in search of 20 direct sales representatives to push through your new product. Well, I am indeed thrilled to submit my applications for the same. A combination of factors makes me feel suited and qualified for the same.

For one, I have worked in that position for various companies over the last 10 years. Then, I possess excellent communications and interpersonal skills. Lastly, my track record speaks for itself. In my last company, I managed to rake in a whopping $5 million worth of revenue. That was because I managed to convince five schools to enter into a contract with the dairy firm whose products I was promoting.

Besides matters sales, I am also a great copywriter. I can draft articles and letters on behalf of your company. Hiring me means reaping much more than you part with, in the forms of salaries and commissions.
Kindly consider me as one of your sales representatives. I look forward to taking that position with zeal. In the interview, we shall discuss all the other pertinent issues.


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