Employee Handbook Templates for Word and PDF

An employee handbook is perhaps the most important document your company will produce. Even though it is a dynamic product, it is intended to be the indisputable source of answers in employee relations, and this is why your employee handbook template needs to be extremely detailed and clear, in order to avoid future miscommunications.

Typically, an employee handbook is produced by the human resources staff or its equivalent. It contains legal considerations, such as payment of overtime, description of employee benefits and employee leave. However, it also is a manual of how a company does business and what it expects from the employer-employee relationship. A great employee handbook is one that contains the answers to employee questions and sets clear guidelines of what behavior he or she is expected to model during work hours.

This document is also important in establishing the commitment of the corporation towards its staff. For example, the employee handbook is the place where accrual of vacation and sick days is outlined and the company is to be held to that standard at all times. Occasionally changes will be made to reflect a change in policy or for further clarification. It is important that human resources is able to track how changes are communicated to employees and that these verify receipt and understanding of the changes in question.

The employee handbook template should address issues from hiring to termination and everything in-between. A worker seeking to resign should be able to refer to the handbook to determine how much notice he needs to give and what ending the work relationship will look like. Similarly, one that is just starting his relationship with the company should be able to find information on when benefits becoming effective, orientation and dress code clearly outlined in the employee handbook.

To create your own employee handbook template here are a few templates that can help you.

Employee Handbook Template for PDF,

Employee Handbook PDF


Handbook Template for Word,

Handbook Template for Word


Employee Handbook Sample PDF,

Employee Handbook Sample PDF