Understanding Bed Bug Addendum (Free Template)

Bed Bug Lease Addendum

This type of addendum typically pertains to landlords and tenants. It is an addendum that legally declares that there is no infestation of bed bugs present on the premises of the domicile in question. In the United States, many states require landlords to provide such notice to tenants, as well as a detailed history in the case that there had previously been such an infestation on the property. Additionally, landlords are also required to provide information on any exterminations that may have taken place to tenants.

Drafting a Bed Bug Lease Addendum

When drafting a bed bug lease addendum, it is highly recommended to use an existing template in order to make things easier! A Bed Bug Lease Addendum is a fairly simple legal mechanism, and so is easy to draft, provided you have a template on hand. To help you out, we’ve developed a template that can be used in a number of states and is as follows;

The following addendum, as per state law, pertains to Bed Bugs and is hereby titled “Bed Bug Addendum Agreement.” The parties subject to the agreement are;


Name _____

Address ___

City State _

ZIP __

(Be sure to add multiple spaces for the same details in the case that there are multiple tenants.)

Landlord: ____________

Address: _____________

City: _ State:

Zip: _

The Bed Bug Addendum pertains to the quality of the domicile and ambiance, with its intention being to protect said domicile from the impacts of bed bugs by clearly defining the processes taken to prevent any such infestations. Additionally, it also provides details and steps that are recommended to tenants, as well as establishing the duties and responsibilities of the tenant(s) during the course of their rental term.

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that they have received and read the supplementary material provided to all residents of the building, which contains further information on the detection of bed bugs, preventing outbreaks, management, preparation and the general responsibilities of the tenant(s), landlord and the exterminator(s).

Yes _ No_

The tenant(s) acknowledge that the landlord has personally conducted a walkthrough inspection and is unaware of any existing infestations.

Yes _ No _

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that all personal property that is to be placed within the premises will be thoroughly checked to be free of any infestations.

Yes _ No _

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that they adhere to the following dispositions in order to prevent future infestations;

The tenant(s) will regularly conduct inspections for any bed bugs. For instance, if they were to move from a hotel or another home, they are obligated to inspect personal items that are brought back into the domicile.

The tenant(s) will notify the landlord of any potential or existing issue at their earliest convenience.

The tenant(s) will cooperate and not obstruct any efforts to control and manage potential infestations. This includes not obstructing any efforts and/or procedures taken by pest extermination professionals that are enlisted on the landlord’s request. Additionally, the tenant(s) domicile, in the case of existing infestations, will need to be prepared for pest extermination. The tenant(s) are obligated to comply with all the requests made by extermination professionals.

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that they are obligated to compensate the landlord for any expenses that may include, but are not exclusive to, legal fees, extermination fees and specialist fees that may occur due to infestations in the domicile.

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that the landlord cannot be held liable in the case of damages and losses that arise due to bed bug infestations in the domicile.

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that they have the right to personal insurance in the case that they need to cover any damages and/or losses that arise from bed bug infestations in the domicile.

The tenant(s) hereby acknowledge that they have read and, to the best of their abilities, comprehend the terms and conditions stated within the Bed Bug Addendum.

Tenant: __ Date_____

Landlord: _ Date______

(Be sure to add additional spaces in the case that there are multiple tenants.)

Bed Bug Lease Addendum for All States

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