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If you experience high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular disease, it is essential to keep a record of your blood pressure periodically. You may begin by testing yourself at specific times of the day and recording the results consistently on a piece of paper, a spreadsheet, or a digital application. This information can help you observe trends in your blood pressure which you can then use to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.

The recordings are essentially blood pressure logs for consistency and clarity. You can check your pressure after some specific activities that you suspect are affecting it. Once you notice a pattern or trend, you can consult a doctor to advise you on how to address your medical issues. 

Types of Blood Pressure Log Sheets

You can use different types of log sheets depending on your reasons and blood pressure goals. The objective of your log should be to collect consistent information to recognize a trend or pattern.

The different types of log sheets include:

Daily blood pressure log sheet

This log sheet is used when you need to record your blood pressure during the day. It should contain spaces where readings are recorded over specific hours of the day. The readings should be done at the same time of the day to help you record any fluctuations in blood pressure. With the information gained, you can establish your regular blood pressure pattern. 

Editable Daily Blood Pressure Log Sheet for Word

    Weekly blood pressure log sheet

    On this log sheet, readings should be taken weekly on the same day and hour. The log should contain spaces where daily readings are recorded. Since the readings are done over a longer period compared to the daily log, weekly sheets are more suitable if you would like to record any changes over a longer period of time. You can observe trends in your blood pressure over the period of each week.

    Free Weekly Blood Pressure Log Sheet for Word

      Monthly blood pressure log sheet

      Just like weekly logs, monthly logs are taken daily over the month. They contain spaces for daily systolic and diastolic pressure readings, date, and time. Since the readings are taken over an extended period, it is helpful when establishing blood pressure trends on a monthly basis. They help you remain consistent in achieving your blood pressure target. These can be regular check-ups if your blood pressure is almost normal and you can manage it without constant supervision.

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      Event-specific pressure log sheet

      The event-specific log sheet is helpful when recording any readings during a particular event. It contains spaces to record the date, time, systolic and diastolic readings, and heart rate. It may also include a section for notes. They are best used to record readings during specific events such as gym and exercise sessions, before and after food intake, and after taking a particular medication. A physician may recommend using this log sheet if they note that you experience an extreme change in blood pressure during a certain event, and they need to make further observations. 

      Free Blood Pressure Log Template for Word

        What is a Blood Pressure Log Sheet?

        A log sheet is a tool or document where blood pressure monitoring details can be recorded. It typically contains spaces where details like the date, pulse or heart rate, weight, and diastolic and systolic pressure readings are recorded. You can manually record these details on paper or input them into a digital application. You can use this log at home to monitor specific symptoms, activities, and time periods when blood pressure changes.

        Additionally, you can give it to your physician, who can then recommend particular changes to your lifestyle to help you ease your symptoms. The logs can also be used in hospitals to monitor patients so they can adjust treatment procedures or medicine given to their patients. They are recommended for managing blood pressure-related diseases.

        Benefits of Using a Blood Pressure Log Sheet

        Both individuals and health practitioners can use a blood pressure log. The readings make it easier to interpret body functions at certain times and to check unhealthy activities. One of the benefits of using these log sheets is it helps you record your blood pressure readings consistently.

        Other benefits include:

        • These logs allow you to establish particular trends and patterns relating to your blood pressure and health habits. With the information you get, you can adjust your habits to ensure you have a healthy lifestyle. 
        • These logs allow you to take an active approach in adjusting your lifestyle to reduce or work on your blood pressure symptoms. You can establish the current trends and behaviors that endanger your health from the recordings. You can control what you eat and do. The log sheet readings can be shared with your healthcare provider, who can help you to provide a sustainable treatment plan or lifestyle change.
        • Log sheets can also motivate you to continue recording your blood pressure when you get positive readings. You can record your progress and eventually reach your health goals with the help of an effective log sheet. 
        • Blood pressure readings can help you identify potential health problems before they develop into bigger issues. 
        • Lastly, these logs can be used to improve your overall health. When measured against other metrics like weight and treatment plans, the readings can be used to recommend more suitable medication and lifestyle changes. 

        DID YOU KNOW?

        According to a research published in the American Journal of Hypertension, individuals that checked their blood pressure at home had lower blood pressure than those who did not. (source)

        Free Log Sheet Templates

        Following are the templates:

        Free Blood Pressure Log Template 01 for Word
        Editable Blood Pressure Log Template 02 for Word
        Editable Blood Pressure Log Template 03 for Word
        Printable Blood Pressure Log Template 04 for Word
        Free Blood Pressure Log Template 05 for Word
        Editable Blood Pressure Log Template 06 for Word

          Different types of log sheets are used to record specific readings. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, and event-specific log sheets. These can be shared with healthcare providers, who can then infer the symptoms from the readings.

          Basic Components of a Blood Pressure Log Sheet

          This sheet contains a record of blood pressure recorded over a period of time. While the format and content of each may vary, it should contain basic information on your blood pressure.

          Some of the components of an effective log sheet include:

          Name of the patient

          The name section of the log sheet is crucial for record keeping. Indicating your name is useful when you see several practitioners or are referred to another doctor for further treatment or diagnosis. Since health practitioners see many patients in a day, it is vital to include your name accurately to allow them to maintain proper documentation. Additionally, the records can easily be shared with other doctors, who can then offer the best treatment advice. 

          Blood pressure goal

          This section of the log indicates your target blood pressure. You can identify the optimum blood pressure to help you remain motivated in recording your daily readings. Every reading helps you record your progress and check whether the changes you are making are contributing towards achieving your goal. Further, this target can be shared with health practitioners who can recommend proper treatment plans and help you set healthy and achievable goals.


          The date column records the day the reading was taken. With every reading, you can check whether your blood pressure is increasing or decreasing. It helps you to stay motivated with daily progress.


          You might want to check your pressure during the day, especially if you want a record of the readings between activities and specific times of the day. A log is a helpful tool as you can identify the time at which the pressure is highest or lowest. From the reading, you can adjust the activities appropriately or visit a physician to help you understand what your readings mean.

          Systolic blood pressure

          Systolic blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood passing through your arteries when your heart beats. It is recorded as the top number of your reading. The normal reading should be between 90 and 120 mmHg. 

          Diastolic blood pressure

          This is the pressure exerted by your blood between heartbeats when the heart is resting. It is often recorded as the lower number on your log. The normal reading for the diastole should be between 60 and 80 mmHg. 

          Heart rate

          Heart rate is the number of beats of your heart per minute. The normal reading for this section should range from 60 to 100 beats every minute for an adult. This range may be affected by various factors, including age, fitness levels, emotions, and medication.  


          Including this component can help you track changes in your weight. It can be used as a parameter to check your progress as it affects other aspects of your health, like the diet and underlying conditions. This section may also include your height if you want to check your body mass index (BMI).

          Notes/medicines change

          The notes section is where you will record observations you have made when doing your blood readings. It is crucial to record any changes or effects you may feel after activities, taking particular medication, or any other crucial observations which can provide more context to your blood pressure readings.

          Final Thoughts

          Log sheets are important for blood pressure management. Besides recording your readings, they can help you identify potential health problems and manage your high blood pressure. They can also be shared with your health practitioner, who can then advise you on utilizing them to achieve your target. The effectiveness of your log sheet is often determined by how consistent you are and how accurate your information is. It is crucial to be honest when logging any readings. It can be a simple table indicating the date, time, and blood pressure readings. If you find it difficult to make your log sheet, you may download the free templates provided above and select your preferred format from the available ones.

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