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Employ of the month is a monthly program that recognizes employees who take the extra step within their job expectations or have provided outstanding customer services leading to positive impacts on the institution or department. The accomplishments under which the employee is being recognized should have been accomplished within the past 60 days. With this, let’s take a look at what entails an employee of the month nomination and the nomination form.

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    How is the Nomination Done?

    To be selected, an approved nomination form is filled and submitted within the publicized deadline. It’s also important to keep in mind that anonymous submissions are usually not accepted. The nominator does not necessarily have to the director or supervisor of your respective department. However, he or she must be someone with direct knowledge of your contributions to the area under which you are being nominated.

    The nomination form must also be signed-off by your unit head, with the signature suggesting that you have not had any corrective or wrong actions in the last six months.

    How is the Selection Process Done?

    A committee representing the units of human resources and staff council will review the nomination forms and come up with at least three employees for the position of employ of the month award. In this scenario, the committee will hold a meeting once every month and nominate a person based on the set goals. They will then discuss the merits of each selected nominee and proceed to cast their votes for the winner.

    What are the Categories Included in this Form?

    The form will have a variety of categories, which includes:

    • Excellent performance history
    • Provision of outstanding customer service, thus improving the overall working conditions through positive attitudes.
    • Exhibition of innovative problem-solving solutions.
    • Distinguished deed performance.
    • Self starter/ motivated/ inspires others.

    In a situation where the nominee is not elected, they stand another chance to be selected in the next nomination with the form acting as a primary source of information when it comes to reviewing purposes.

    Due to this, the specifics regarding the nominee’s contribution and accomplishments are vital in the entire process. A committee representative will also contact your manager or supervisor for additional information.  

    What Information Does an Employee of the Month Nomination Form Outline?

    • The form has to provide the details of the nominee’s supervisor. This will include the name of the supervisor and the phone number.
    • The next segment will give the details of co-workers for references. Here the co-workers will have to fill in their names and department.
    • It must also cover the nominator details, including the name, department, phone number, and email.
    • Under the nominator segment, he or she has to fill out the necessary information, including:
    • His or her relationship with the nominee.
    • The nominee’s work duties.
    • Reasons for nominating the individual, including the vital points that brought the person to your attention.
    • Provide examples of the activities and performance that goes beyond the expectation of the nominee’s position.
    • Explains how the nominee stands out among his or her peers. Here specific examples must be provided, including the times that the nominee has exhibited interest and dedication in getting the task done.
    • How the person has shown behaviors or qualities that make the nominee an exceptional team player. Here examples will include communication, an initiative with other co-workers, visitors.

    After all these segments have been filled, then the form is ready for submission.

    What Does an Employee of the Month Receive?

    • Once your submission has been approved, you stand a chance of receiving:
    • An introduction to the members of the board of trustees
    • A letter of recognition and certificate from the Human Resource Chief.
    • Special gifts including money
    • A chance of being named the employee of the year.
    • Surprise prize delivery from prize patrol.

    What are the Benefits of this Form?

    The form plays a vital role in both the company and the employee:

    • To start with, it acts as a simple way of identifying the right candidates for the position.
    • It serves as a formal document indicating why you were chosen for the position.
    • The form highlights the essential qualities that make you worth the nomination.
    • It can be used as a future reference document.
    • Gives the board a chance of discussing every nominee’s merits.

    While many companies have different ways of approaching their employee of the month nomination approach, it is advisable to use this vital form. It will make the whole process simple and ensure that the right employee is nominated without leaning on one side.

    If you are looking for an employee of the month nomination form, please download our free templates. The templates are professionally designed to make it easy for you to use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Employee of the Month Nomination Form a good idea?

    As an employer, it is always essential that you recognize your employees’ efforts. This not only makes them happier but also engaged with the company. However, it’s equally important not to fall into the trap of enforcing rewards that don’t substantiate or those that bring harm to the organization.

    Is Employee of the Month Nomination worth?

    Yes. An Employee of the Month Nomination helps encourage the staff to work harder and be more productive in their respective fields of work.

    What Are The Criteria Used To Nominate The Employee Of The Month?

    Usually, the nomination criteria depend on the organization’s policies. However, in most cases, the major determining factors include the quality of work, attendance, and the employee’s attitude towards work.

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