12 Tips to Fill College Admission Application Form (with Form Examples)

Free College Application Example

The process of filling form fields for college application, either manual or online, sometimes poses a serious challenge to applicants. This problem often arises in two ways: if the language of the application form is technical or unclear; or, the length of the fields contained in the form is multiple.

But what must the applicant know before filling an application form into a college? Understanding the requirements in the application is as important as providing the right information in the form fields. Below are certain tips for completing a college application form:

  • Be sure of what you are applying for, make sure you are at home with certain general information about the college and program you are applying for. Read over and over again the requirements before applying
  • Make a duplicate of the form (for manual application) before starting to fill the form.
  • Do not assume any information. If you are not sure of the requirement in a particular field in the form, feel free to ask questions on the FAQs page of the college.
  • Begin filling a form from the known to the unknown fields.
  • Never delegate the task of filing your application form. Never get weary of applying the Do-It-Yourself idea.
  • Provide correct, valid and genuine information in every field. Do not give fake or inauthentic data.
  • Never use correction fluid on the application form (if manual).
  • Upload documents in the correct format as required by the application.
  • Never be elusive in the information you are providing. Be specific, clear and straight to the point.
  • Never leave any important field blank. This may pose a serious threat to your chance of getting admission.
  • Your print out (if required) must be clear and printed on clean white paper.
  • Preview the form after completing every field severally before submitting. Invite a second, and if possible, the third eye to go through the completed application.
  • Keep a copy of the form after completing for reference purpose.

Download our free college admission application form sample below and try to fill them up for practice.

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