10 Free Newborn Baby Checklists – Must Haves! (Printable)

Besides time and attention, babies need a lot of material things. Therefore, it is essential to ensure these necessities are bought before birth. This stuff includes basic care essentials, comfort items, and entertainment gadgets. Some of these items are must-haves, and others are simply optional. A checklist for items needed for a newborn baby can be prepared to avoid last-minute purchases and prioritize what to buy. The checklist entails baby outfits, wipes, baby wraps, a diaper bag, toys, a first-aid kit, etc. A newborn baby checklist is, therefore, a planning tool. This article will discuss the essential items to include in such a checklist.    

Newborn Baby Checklist 

A checklist for newborn baby essentials lists all the items to buy before the baby arrives. Making a checklist will help ensure that your baby is adequately cared for when he/she comes home from the hospital. This saves time and money because all the items are bought in advance.

Below is a comprehensive checklist for newborn essentials: 

Clothing essentials 

Baby clothes are available in various colors, sizes, etc. Most baby clothes will be categorized based on age – newborn, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. You may choose to buy new or used clothes, depending on your budget. Also, select all-cotton clothes, as they are less irritable for the skin.

Essential baby clothes to have include:

  • Swaddle blankets are used to wrap and swaddle the newborn infant. It’s the best way to protect your baby from falling out of bed, sleeping on the face, and entangling limbs. The best blanket to buy is soft, cuddly, and warm.
  • Sleepers/sleeping sacks/nightgowns or pajamas are essential items for the baby. Many options are available in baby stores, from pajamas to sleep sacks. Shop for sleepwear that sufficiently covers the baby from shoulders to feet.
  • Onesies are a must when shopping for a newborn baby. They are meant for cold winters or hot summer nights and days. They can thus be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, fully covering onesies or those that do not cover the legs. Most will have a snap between the legs to allow diaper changing. 
  • T-shirts are usually short-sleeved and suitable for most days when dressing the baby in leggings or pants. 
  • Leggings or stretchy pants are highly recommended for babies because they are comfortable. Also, they are easy for a quick diaper change. 
  • To keep the baby warm in the winter, a sweater or jacket is practical. Jackets and cardigans are better options than sweaters because they are easy to remove and can be opened when the temperature changes. 
  • Your checklist should have socks or booties. These are to protect the baby’s feet from the cold. Buy plenty of them so that you can have a sufficient supply.  
  • The baby should be able to enjoy the sun and remain warm in the winter. Opt for hats with a brim, as they shield the baby’s eyes from bright sunlight.
  • Mittens are to keep the baby’s hands warm in the winter. Make sure they are thick enough to cover the baby’s fingers so that their fingers do not get cold.
  • Bunting bags or snowsuits are the best way to keep the baby warm during harsh winter days. The suit is expected to protect the baby’s legs, arms, and body.
  • Leg warmers are used as protective gear in the cold winter months. They cover the baby’s legs from the knee down to the feet. 
  • Newborn babies wear socks or booties most of the time. However, you can add baby shoes to the list, even though babies will hardly need shoes before they start walking. So, most people buy shoes because they complement their outfits.
  • You can add special outfits to the list. Pick several outfits for different activities and photo shoots. However, to ensure you buy the right size, consider buying the outfits after the baby arrives.   

A newborn baby clothing checklist:

☐2 swaddle blankets
☐Sleepers (4-8 sets of pajamas)
☐Bodysuits (6-8 short-sleeved and 4-6 long-sleeved)  
☐ 4-6 T-shirts
☐ Leggings
☐ 4-8 outer layers [2-4 sweaters or jackets (cotton material)]
☐ 6-8 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of booties
☐ A sun hat
☐ 2-3 pairs of no-scratch mittens
☐ A bunting bag
☐ Leg warmers
☐ Shoes 
☐ 4-5 special outfits

Nursery essentials 

A nursery should provide the right environment for the baby to sleep, care for the baby, make nursing easy, and store the baby’s stuff. Here are the essential items you should include in a newborn baby nursery checklist: 

  • Babies will, more often than not, be sleeping. It is thus important to get them a comfortable and safe crib they can sleep in. It should be in excellent working condition and spacious enough. This should be accompanied by a firm crib mattress that is both comfortable and secure in the crib. 
  • The bedding should include a fitted sheet and crib mattress pads. Select water-proof bedding. To avoid the risk of suffocation, you should not put any pillows, bumper pads, top sheets, etc., in the crib. 
  • Having a baby monitor in the nursery has become a standard baby care practice. Baby monitors help you watch over the baby remotely. Baby monitors can be audio or video based. Video-based are more expensive, so you need to consider that before including a baby monitor in the newborn baby checklist. A reliable baby monitor is necessary. You should buy one that is waterproof, has speakers, and can be used with a free app or with your smartphone.
  • A bassinette is a small portable baby crib that you can carry around the house to ensure the baby is close to you at all times, mostly at night, next to your bed. A bassinet will generally be used for several months, so consider this when considering the size.    
  • The baby needs to be checked frequently during the night. A nightlight can thus be a helpful gadget in the baby nursery to provide enough light to do what you want without having to turn on the room lights. 
  • Make sure there are several swaddle blankets in the nursery. Swaddling keeps babies warm when being held, laid down, or breastfed. 
  • White noise and soft music have been proven to stimulate sleep and help babies sleep better. You should thus consider having such a white noise machine in the nursery. 
  • A humidifier is useful if the air in the nursery is overly dry. You should consider adding a humidifier to the newborn baby checklist. Moisturized air increases the baby’s comfort, especially during cold or cough episodes.  
  • The nursery should have proper storage equipment for the baby’s clothing. These can be cupboards or chests of drawers.
  • A rocking chair can be useful in the nursery. It has multiple purposes, including rocking the baby to sleep, breastfeeding, cuddling before sleep, reading a story, or humming a lullaby to get the baby to sleep. The back-and-forth calm motion of the chair also calms the baby.  

Newborn baby nursery checklist:

☐ 1 baby crib and a mattress
☐ Bedding (2-4 fitted sheets)
☐ A baby monitor that comes with an intercom
☐ A portable crib or bassinette
☐ 1 nighttime light/projector
☐ 5 or 8 swaddles and 2 or 3 wearable blankets
☐ A white-noise machine
☐ Music player
☐ Humidifier
☐ Clothes Storage
☐ Pacifiers
☐ 1 rocking chair (no wheels) and a bouncy seat or swing

Diapering essentials

Changing diapers is one task that you will have to undertake frequently. You need many disposable or cloth diapers to ensure your baby is clean and dry all the time. Regular diaper changing is essential to the baby’s hygiene.

The following are some basic items that a newborn will need:

  • You should include a changing table in the checklist. This is a table where you place the baby when changing diapers. Include a changing pad to ensure the baby is comfortable during a diaper change. You can select a changing table with a strap to secure the baby.  
  • Diapers are essential sanitary items for newborns. Buy plenty of them. Plan for 70 diapers a week. Also, select several diaper sizes, as you cannot predict the size of diapers the baby will wear. Disposable and cloth diapers are available on the market, with disposables being easier to use. 
  • Baby wipes will be needed when changing diapers and cleaning up spills. Use one wipe at a time, and avoid scented wipes as they are known to irritate a baby’s skin. Buy several packs.
  • Buy diaper rash cream to apply to the baby’s bottom. This cream is meant to prevent rashes and heal them. 
  • Washcloths complement wipes. They are used to clean the baby’s bottom or bathe it. Dip them in warm water while using them. 
  • Get a diaper pail to put used diapers in and prevent the smell from spreading throughout the house. It is advisable to buy one that stores disposable and cloth diapers and works with regular trash cans.  
  • A diaper sprayer drains diaper contents into the toilet. It is hooked up to the toilet like you would attach a water sprayer to the kitchen. Diaper sprayers can be handy when using cloth diapers. 

A diapering essentials checklist 

☐ 1 Changing table and changing pads
☐ Diapers (2-4 packages size 1) or 6-10 cloth diapers
☐ Baby wipes (2-3 large boxes)
☐ Diaper rash cream (2 large tubes)
☐ Washcloths
☐ Diaper pail
☐ Diaper sprayer

Baby gear essentials 

You may need some baby gear for traveling with the baby. Here are some of the out-and-about gear you can include in the checklist: 

  • You should include a baby stroller in your newborn checklist. A stroller helps when taking the baby out on walks, going to shops, or when the baby is not sleeping and needs entertainment. 
  • A car seat is also essential, as some countries require it when taking babies in vehicles. Prioritize an infant car seat or a convertible car seat, and you can buy a booster seat later.
  • The car seat covers help protect your car seats from spills or stains. In addition, they help keep dirt, crumbs, and hair off the seats. Choose one that is easy to remove.
  • A baby carrier should be included in the checklist if you intend to carry the baby frequently outside their crib (e.g., to go grocery shopping). A carrier allows the baby to sleep close to you while allowing you to have your hands free to do other things. 
  • Add a stroller rain cover to the checklist to shield the baby from the rain while outside in a stroller. Ensure the cover covers the entire stroller. 
  • Sunshades are necessary for blocking excessive sunlight through the car windows. Sunshades are meant to protect the baby’s eyes and skin. 
  • Baby floor seats provide the baby with comfort when sitting up and entertainment when on the floor. They are meant for babies who can hold their heads upright.
  • A stroller sack is meant to warm the baby in a car seat or stroller. They are designed as sleeping bags and are very useful during the cold season or on day trips. 

Baby gear checklist:

☐ Stroller
☐ Infant car seat
☐ Car seat cover
☐ Baby carrier
☐ Stroller rain cover
☐ Sunshades for the car windows
☐ Baby floor seat
☐ Stroller sack

Feeding essentials 

Feeding is one of the primary responsibilities of a newborn baby’s parents. You will have to feed your baby several times a day. This can be done by bottle feeding or breastfeeding.

Here are some things you need to include in the checklist for feeding:

  • Bottles and nipples should be included in the checklist. You will need bottles and nipples of different sizes to accommodate the baby’s growth spurts; for example, newborns start with 4-ounce bottles, but they transition to 8-ounce bottles as they grow. 
  • You need a bottle brush to remove the residue inside the bottles after feeding the baby. It has a long-serrated handle for easy cleaning and can reach small crevices in bottles and nipples. Ensure you buy a brush that fits all your bottles in shapes and sizes. 
  • A U-shaped nursing pillow to support the baby when breastfeeding. You can use a regular pillow while nursing, but a nursing pillow is more convenient and makes breastfeeding less tiresome. 
  • Burp clothes protect your clothes whenever the baby burps and spits, especially when breastfeeding. Their functionality is similar to a receiving blanket. However, they are smaller and thus easier to work with.  
  • A nursing cover is made to cover the baby and the mother’s chest when breastfeeding. The nursing cover has a strap around the neck so that it stays in place. It can also be used in other instances, like when changing the baby, thus offering some privacy when nursing the baby in public.
  • A bottle drying rack is meant to dry baby bottles, nipples, teethers, and sippy cups after washing. Make sure you buy a bottle drying rack that fits all your baby bottles.
  • Bibs protect the baby’s clothing from spills when feeding (breastfeeding or formula). They also absorb drool. 
  • A breast pump is used to express breast milk. You will need an electric or manual hand pump, depending on your preference. A breast pump is useful, especially if you are planning on breastfeeding, are planning to go back to work in one month, and want to relieve engorgement. You can opt for a pump that pumps both breasts at the same time.  
  • You will need to buy formula milk for your baby if you have chosen the formula option over breastfeeding. Ensure that the formula milk you choose is suitable for your baby. It should be sufficient in calories, fat, and protein to support your baby’s growth. 
  • Milk storage bags are used in place of milk bottles to store breast milk. They are convenient as you can pump breast milk directly into them, do not take up too much space in the freezer, and are easy to defrost. 
  • A bottle sterilizer will help you sterilize bottles quickly and easily using UV light. It can fit all bottle sizes.
  • An insulated bottle carrier is used to carry formula or warm breast milk bottles. The carrier is beneficial if you need to make several trips away from home. Buy a carrier for a single bottle or a dozen bottles. 
  • Add a bottle warmer to the checklist, as it helps warm the formula or breast milk bottle. This ensures the milk is at the right temperature and can be fed to the baby.

Feeding checklist:

☐ 2-6 Bottles with nipples
☐ A bottle brush
☐ Nursing pillows
☐ 6-12 Burp clothes
☐ Nursing cover
☐ Bottle drying rack
☐ 8-10 Bibs
☐ Breast pump
☐ Formula milk
☐ Milk storage bags
☐ Bottle sterilizer
☐ Insulated bottle carrier
☐ Bottle warmer

Bathing and wellness essentials 

Bathing is a fun time to bond with your baby. You should have the right bathing accessories to make bathing as fun and easy as possible. Babies are prone to infections if dirt is allowed to accumulate on their skin, especially their bottoms.

Here are some bathing essentials you should consider adding to your baby’s checklist:

  • A baby bathtub is used for bathing the baby. It is necessary to buy a bathtub that fits the baby while he/she is still tiny, up until age 1. 
  • Bath toys promote a fun bathing experience for the baby. They should be safe and easy to clean.
  • Buy baby soap and shampoo that do not contain chemicals like regular soap but contain moisturizers that are gentle on the baby’s skin, leaving their skin soft and clean after bathing. Avoid brands that have “fragrance” as an ingredient.  
  • Add a bath cup to gently pour water on the baby when washing off the soap from their skin. This makes rinsing the baby less stressful compared to using your palms. 
  • Soft towels dry the baby after bathing. They are gentle on the newborn baby’s skin and ensure it is not scorched. Choose one that has a hood. 
  • A baby moisturizer helps the body maintain its natural moisture balance. It should be fragrance-free to protect against any allergic reactions.
  • A bath thermometer is used to check the water temperature before you put the baby in the tub. Some people use their wrists, but a thermometer can be used for accuracy. 

Baby bathing checklist:

☐ Bathtub
☐ Bath toys
☐ Baby shampoo and soap
☐ Cup
☐ Infant bath towels (2-3)
☐ Baby moisturizer
☐ Bath thermometer 

Play essentials 

Playing is an essential part of every baby’s life. Playtime helps you bond when you have active playtime with the baby. Here are some essential things you should include in a newborn baby’s play checklist:

  • Swings sway or vibrate to help soothe your little one. Unlike a bouncer, a swing typically moves without your newborn having to create the movement with their legs; instead, you use the sway or vibration setting. Keep in mind that baby swings have a minimum and maximum weight limit, so make sure you choose one that suits your newborn’s size. Swings often have toys that hang overhead, and some even make sounds or play music.
  • A play mat has colorful and appealing items for the baby to play with. They are helpful for newborn babies who cannot move around. The play mat should be big enough to accommodate the baby while he/she is still tiny.
  • Babies play all the time, in and out of the house. So, include a portable play yard to provide the baby with a safe space to play and nap when tired as you do your things nearby. 
  • A baby gym is a type of activity center for newborns. It is an area where the baby can play, roll around, and explore his/her surroundings. It has many toys the baby can play with to help encourage physical and mental development. Beads, rattles, teething toys, etc., are some familiar baby toys you wll find in stores. Include them in the checklist for the newborn baby to play with. 
  • A bouncer seat is an excellent way to keep the baby safely entertained as you undertake other activities in the house.
  • Books with attractive illustrations or bold colors are good options for entertaining newborn babies and introducing them to reading. Consider vinyl or washable cloth books.  
  • Baby stores will have brightly colored mobiles to hang overhead for the baby. Typically, the mobile will be fitted with a music player and a nightlight.
  • A toy basket or storage is used to store the baby’s toys. It should have a lid to keep your little one from accessing dangerous items. Ensure the basket does not have a lid that can injure the baby’s fingers, as they will want to get their toys as they age. In addition, it helps keep floors clean, and the baby walks safely.
  • Pacifiers are used to calm the baby and help it fall asleep. The baby can suck on them so as not to get bored or idle. They are not a must-have on a newborn baby’s checklist, as not all babies love them. 

Baby playtime checklist:

☐ Baby swing
☐ Playmat
☐ Portable play yard
☐ Baby activity area
☐ Toys
☐ Bouncer seat
☐ Books
☐ Mobile
☐ Toy basket (for different rooms where the baby plays)
☐ Pacifiers 

Health and safety 

You must ensure your baby is safe from illness and all diseases through specific preventive measures. Babies get sick quickly if preventive measures are not taken. Health and safety items should be included in your newborn baby checklist for you to take care of your little one with confidence and ease.

Here is a list of items that promote good health for your newborn baby:

  • The first aid kit contains bandages, splints, scissors, tweezers, etc. for minor injuries and illnesses your baby might get. Also include a thermometer, ointments, and cotton wool, among other necessities.
  • The nasal aspirator is used to suck snot from the baby’s nose. Use the nasal aspirator if your baby has a stuffy nose and can’t breathe properly.
  • A soft-bristled baby hair brush is used to brush the baby’s hair. This helps prevent cradle caps. 
  • Baby nail scissors are small-sized scissors that can be used to trim a baby’s nails. The small size of the nail scissors makes them easier to handle and control than regular-sized manicure scissors. Nail clippers can also be used, depending on your preference. 
  • Wash your newborn baby’s clothes with baby-friendly laundry detergent. This will prevent the baby from developing skin rashes, reactions, or allergies. Use brands that are made explicitly for washing infants’ clothes. 

Health and safety checklist:

☐ First aid kit
☐ A nasal aspirator
☐ Hairbrush
☐ Nail cutting set
☐ Baby-friendly laundry detergent 

Newborn Baby Checklist Templates 

Free Customizable Baby Nursery Checklist Sample as Word Document
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Free Customizable Baby Essentials Checklist Sample 01 as Word Document
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    Wrapping Up 

    Caring for a newborn is a rollercoaster ride full of responsibilities and exciting moments. It is thus imperative to be prepared before the baby arrives. A checklist for newborn essentials is a tool that helps you plan. Getting the right items is essential, as that will make your journey less stressful as a new parent. Also, the checklist will help you explore your creativity in developing new ideas to make your baby’s life comfortable and safer in those first few months. Consider using a template when creating the checklist. 

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