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Household management can be a challenging thing for many individuals. This is particularly applicable to individuals who either live alone or with a partner. If you are employed and have a full-time job along with a house to manage, it can be even more daunting. At such a point, a chore chart can be significantly helpful in organizing a harmonious schedule for completing important chores.

A chore chart allocates specific chores to certain days and time-slots. It not only serves as a time management tool for a single adult but also for multiple adults who may be cohabitating. They can schedule, divide, and delegate chores among each other using it for better household management.

In this article, we will enlighten you about everything essential to know about making an effective chore chart. We are also providing you with free charts to immediately access and use according to requirements.

Free Chor Charts

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    What are Chore Charts?

    Chore charts are visual tools that you use to track and manage household chores.

    Since it is important to do chores regularly for appropriate management of a household, these tracking tools help the users a lot. They help manage time and household responsibilities among multiple cohabitating adults. This strengthens relations and bonds between them.

    A chore chart has a list or grid layout with chores and assigned people. It will also contain empty spaces for you to tick mark or cross out chores as you complete them. There can be different types of chore charts based on different time durations. You can make daily, weekly, or monthly chore charts. The design, type, and format of these charts vary according to personal preferences. This article will highlight all the essential steps required to make a weekly chore chart. You will also find free charts for direct use here, along with additional tips. 

    Tip: Display a chore chart somewhere where you can have easy visual access to it to stay and keep the others reminded of their responsibilities. An example of such a place is a refrigerator door or wall.

    What Goes on a Good Chore Chart

    Although the contents within a chore chart vary from scenario to scenario, there are some that you must consider including in your chart for maximum effectiveness. These specific chores enhance the productivity of this tool. To help you decide what should go on a weekly chore chart, which is the most common of all types, we have provided examples of suitable contents below.

    Some of the essential components to include on a weekly chore chart for adults are:

    Chores for the week

    The most essential contents on a chore chart are the chores. When planning chores to be completed throughout the entire week, consider the following responsibilities:

    • Washing the dishes 
    • Wiping surfaces such as countertops, shelves, and furniture 
    • Doing the week’s laundry 
    • Cleaning bathrooms (washing sinks, emptying trashcans, washing bathtubs, and cleaning mirrors)
    • Mopping the floors 
    • Vacuuming the carpets
    • Ironing and hanging or folding laundry 
    • Grocery shopping 
    • Meal preparation 
    • Meal storage (freezing)
    • Packing lunches (weekly lunch planning)
    • Changing bedding 
    • Changing bath linens 
    • Changing hand towels in the kitchen 
    • Faucet and drainage repairs (if required)
    • Yard work 
    • Vehicle maintenance 
    • Watering plants 
    • Pet vet visits
    • Organizing closets 
    • Taking out the entire house’s trash


    If you are living by yourself and want to manage chores, then this section will not be included on the chart. You will simply checkmark the chores as you complete them one by one. But if you are cohabitating with another adult, then assign chores individually. Do this by naming the specific person next to their assigned tasks. Do this carefully so that there is no ambiguity and the responsible persons are properly aware of their responsibilities.

    For example: 

    Vacuuming rugs 
    Organizing kitchen cabinets 

    Taking out trash 
    Lawn mowing 
    Cleaning the bedrooms
    Bathing the dog

    Due dates and frequency

    Then, assign due dates within the week for each task. These will highlight the time and days by which each time-sensitive chore must be completed by the assigned person. Moreover, mention the frequency at which the mentioned chore is to be done. 

    For example: 

    Chore: Watering the plants
    Assigned to: Sarah 
    Frequency: every morning 
    Due date: before 9 a.m 

    Chore: Bathing the dog
    Assigned to: Spencer 
    Frequency: once
    Due date: by the end of the weekend

    Chore: Taking out trash
    Assigned to: Spencer 
    Frequency: every night 
    Deadline: before 10 p.m

    Chore: Vacuuming
    Assigned to: Sarah 
    Frequency: after every 3 days 

    Chore: Laundry
    Assigned to: Sarah 
    Frequency: once
    Due date: by the end of the week


    Include spaces for checks or tick-boxes along with each chore. These boxes will be checked or ticked as per preference each time a task is completed.


    Adult life can be very busy or difficult to manage, especially if you have a job and a house to manage simultaneously. Even if you do not have a job to worry about, managing a household itself is a full-time job. Some people may find it very difficult to set a schedule in which they can optimally get chores done for better management of their house and also set time aside for the other activities of their lives. A chore chart helps attain this effectively by scheduling your daily life optimally. You can make chore charts for adults for every day, week, or entire month. This article contains all the essential information you must have to make and use a chore chart to manage your house effectively as an adult with multiple responsibilities. 

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