12 Meaningful Obituary Samples for a Father

The deceased are not dead until we forget them. The death of your father is one of the most painful experiences in life. One way you can find some comfort while grieving and feel connected with your deceased father is to honor and document their life. You can do this by writing and publishing an obituary as a tribute to him. 

What is an Obituary? 

An obituary is a historically renowned way of publicly announcing somebody’s demise.

They have been popularly used to announce deaths in newspapers, but due to technological advancement, they are now also published on online memorial sites. It is an announcement that the close loved ones or relatives usually write based on the deceased person’s life. It includes personal information of the deceased such as their name, age and date of death, and personal life, etc. It is a tribute that you pay to them, sharing the important details of their life so that their memory lives on.

Obituaries are not only opportunities for the bereaved family to honor the deceased but also for the associated community to partake in the acknowledgment. They contribute to the tribute by acknowledging his/her achievements and contributions in life. 

What to Write in an Obituary for a Father

To write an obituary for a deceased father that is detailed and meaningful, there are certain components you can include in it. Each of these components is essential to highlight his identifying information along with the honorary contributions of his life.  

To write an obituary for a father that serves its purpose well, include the following information in the following order in it: 

Announce the demise 

The announcement of your father’s death is the first thing to include in his obituary. After writing the announcement statement with his name, include any nicknames, the date of passing, and the place of death (optional). You can also mention any specific details of the death if you feel like doing so. These details can include the cause of death and any associated preceding ailments.


This is to announce that Lance Maynard (our loved Lancey) passed away on April 1, 20XX, in Chicago, Illinois. He passed away peacefully in a bed surrounded by friends and family. His last words were, “Don’t be sad, I’ll miss you all too.”

Identification/personal information 

Next, share the biographical information that helps identify him. This covers his personal details, such as birthplace, birth date, residence, parents’ names, education and career, and any major accomplishments. Since you are trying to honor his memory and pay tribute, here you can also mention any of his good qualities. 


Lance was born in Sharon and John Eliot’s house in Chicago, Illinois, on 1st January 1965. He grew up to become an outstanding attorney at law after graduating from the University of Chicago. He served his life trying to prove the innocent as innocent and the guilty at fault justly. Lance also had a keen interest in reading and was part of book clubs throughout his life. He had also begun to write a biographical book during his last days, which was sadly left unfinished forever. He was very fond of his Siamese cat Jenny who now searches around for him in his bedroom all day long. 

Family details

An obituary for a father must also specify his associated family members. This will help announce your family to the public and also be acknowledgment of your loss. It will also help the audience visualize his family as part of the tribute. Include the names of his children, spouse, grandchildren, and any surviving relatives or close acquaintances. 


He has 3 children, Jamie, Janet, and John with the love of his life, his high school sweetheart Helena. Helena passed away 3 years earlier after suffering from leukemia for a long time. Lance has two young granddaughters, Penny and Caroline, who are currently gaining higher education. He was often found spending time with his childhood buddy Charlie Adams. 

Personal touches 

Since an obituary for a father is a very personal/emotional publication, you must elaborate on any memorable factors, stories, or meaningful aspects of his life. This will help you process your emotions and also honor his memory in a more emotional manner. Focus on what makes him unique in this section. 


His marriage of 25 years signifies his loving nature. Helena was more concerned about him than herself during her final days and called him the best husband in the world. He used to ensure meeting his children once every week and worked especially hard on unity among the family.  He was also very kind to the children living on his block. They used to visit him every other day, and he would sit them in his house, give them cookies and candy and teach them life lessons through his stories of life. He had a significant impact on teaching valuable concepts of life to the children of the community. 

Funeral details 

Lastly, mention the details of the funeral or memorial service you arranged for the deceased father. This will help invite and inform the audience where to come to share the painful time with the bereaved. Include the date, time, and location. If you require any donations for the complete arrangements how you or the deceased would have wanted, mention your requests. Those who feel moved by the incident might consider donating the funds to assist with the arrangements. You can also ask for minor donations, such as a specific kind of flowers or incense. Conclude by thanking the audience sincerely. 


The funeral will be held on 2nd February 20XX at Firefly Memories Funeral Home and cemetery. We will do the burial in the same event. We request you to bring Hyacinth bouquets to honor Lance’s lifelong love for them. Thank you so much for sharing this time of loss and pain with us. 

Sample Obituary for a father 

We understand piecing the separated examples together to write your obituary might be too tasking for you during such a time. This is why, we have provided you with a carefully and meaningfully written sample of the full obituary for your father below:

Charlie Kelmeckis left us on May 23, 20XX, in Oregon, USA. He spent his last few days being admitted at the State Hospital and parted from us peacefully in his sleep this morning at 5:03 a.m. 

He was born to Rhonda and Jack Smithcline on November 22, 1971, in Danville, California. Charlie graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in architecture in 1992. He donated part of his monthly earnings to cancer research after graduating. He did this in honor of the loving memory of his mother, whom he was close to throughout his life. He had lost her to cancer when he was a boy of 9. The American Cancer Society awarded him for his generous contributions in 2004. A memorial bench with his name engraved on it remains placed on the facility’s lawn. 

He married Tara, the love of his life, in 1993, soon after his graduation. Charlie has left behind a young daughter, Sam, and a kind son Patrick. He also has a grandson Brad, whose father is Patrick.

Charlie was popular among his close ones for his love for writing, despite being an architect by profession. He spent most of his leisure time in study, working on his books. He wrote and published 3 literary-fiction novels and attained significant fame for them. It was a deeply personal achievement and success for him. 

Charlie’s funeral will be held on the coming Sunday, dated 10th of May, 20XX at Fireflies Forest Funeral Home and cemetery. The burial will also be done by dusk on the same day. We request the cherished attendees to honor the deceased by bringing lavender bouquets due to his life-long love for the particular kind of flowers. They were often found between the pages of his books as bookmarks.

Free Templates 

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    Writing an obituary for your father can be a very difficult and emotionally draining task. It is an announcement you wish you wouldn’t have had to make to the public in your life. This is why this article covers all the essential details you require to write a meaningful and beautiful obituary that honors the memory of your father and streamlines the invitation process easily. We have also provided free examples and samples for you to directly access and use to your ease.

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