20+ Free Raffle and Movie Ticket Templates (How to Create in Word)

Movie ticket

Have you ever thought of making raffle or movie tickets on your own at the comfort of your home from your own computer and was at a loss on how to go about it? Then have no fear we are here to save you the stress and teach you how to do this from Microsoft word. Yes! Microsoft word! And guess what too? We would provide you with free templates to make astounding tickets that would wow people.

What is a Ticket

A ticket has a reduced replica of an invitation card. Although their purposes are similar, they differ in structure and quantity of content. A ticket may act as your gate pass into different occasions like auditions or birthday ceremonies. Also, it allows you to participate in luck-spinning events like raffles. Moreover, its use extends into the public transportation space. For instance, train stations, bus stops, seaports, and airports may issue ticket stubs before hopping into a seat.

Furthermore, retail stores print coupon codes and voucher digits on tickets during their promo seasons. To reserve a table at shows and live concerts, businesses often use tickets. Besides, a ticket can be your license to networking sessions, exclusive events, and soccer stadiums to watch your icons perform. Thanks to its simple nature, it can slip into your pocket or rest in your palms with ease. Hence, traffic wardens can slot them into the hands of traffic offenders.

What are Raffle and Movie Tickets

Though raffle and movie tickets both share similar qualities, they are entirely not always the same thing even if they almost always serve the same purpose. A raffle is a specialized event where people test their luck to win mouthwatering prizes in a pool of other participants. Just like gambling, you have a low chance of clinching any gift. The organizer’s issue raffle tickets for this occasion. There is a replicate of each numbered ticket in a raffle drum or its equivalent. At a different instance, the host rolls the drum and picks a random ticket. The person who holds the original copy of the drawn ticket walks away with a prize. Due to its popularity and massive engagement, businesses incorporate it into their marketing or promotional strategy.

Conversely, a movie ticket gives you access to the cinema to see your favourite screenplays. Compared to raffle tickets, there is no uncertainty and movie theatres issue it more frequently.

Despite the low probability of winning a prize, several people love the thrill and possibility that comes with owning a raffle ticket. For little or no amount, you can claim exciting prices like smart TVs, washing machines, or cars. According to several consumer survey reports, there is an almost 100% chance that participants would walk away empty-handed. Yet, many find it exciting and adventurous. Besides, nearly half of Americans plan for a cinema visit once in a year. Whether raffle or movie tickets, there is a never-ending use for them.

Raffle Ticket Prize Ideas

If you are searching for your next raffle ticket idea, you will find this section useful.

A new car

Who does not want to be the talk of the town when he or she pulls up in the latest motorcar? A new vehicle release always generates word-of-mouth marketing and gossips about the brand. Businesses that can plug into this can save thousands of dollars off their advertising budget. Other examples include scooters and motorbikes

Bucket-list sports trips

Nothing excites football fans than seeing their favourite players in person. To many, it is a dream come true. Hence, the term “bucket-list.” Popular examples are the Super Bowl, Champions League final, and FA Cup final.

Tropical getaways

Several people include an exclusive vacation in super-aesthetic areas in their bucket list. Setting a tropical getaway as the ultimate prize will garner tons of buy-in from different categories of people. Dreamy places like the Maldives, Kaua’i (in Hawaii), and Riviera Maya (in Mexico) are hard-to-resist.

Indulgent gift baskets

During valentines, birthdays, and celebrations, people look forward to sharing and receiving gift baskets.  They signify love, appreciation, and admiration. If there were multiple winners, themed gift baskets would be amazing.


The 21st century is the era of sleek electronics. Smart TVs with LED technology, intelligent wristwatches, and phones are adorable to young people. If your promo targets the younger demographic, you should consider this. Moreover, home theatre systems appeal to the older folks.

Gift cards and certificates

Research reports from the National Retail Federation showed gift cards as the most-demanded present by consumers year-after-year. Why? They determine what to get with the money. Hence, using gift cards and certificates as raffle ideas is not bad.

Girls’ weekend

Ladies love a girls-only occasion to catch up on exciting events from other parts of the world. Going along with their spouses could add a different flavour to such programs. Themed dinners, picnics, movie openers, paint & wine drinking, and book reading tours are fantastic raffle ticket ideas.

Season tickets

A season ticket admits the holder into the stadium, theatre, or musical venues for a defined duration. Depending on your audience, you can customize the field of interest. Also, you can leave the option open for the winners.

Dinner parties

Hosting dinner parties with other families, artistes, and ambassadors can be a great reward for your followers. You can organize a cooking session with a popular chef or a contest for an even bigger prize.

Home appliances

Home can never fully be complete as far as appliances are concerned. With innovations and new product releases, there is always an appliance to add or replace. That is why home appliances make a good raffle ticket idea. Expensive items like a washing machine, grilling machine, or Vitamix can stand alone. Whereas for the smaller ones, you can pair them to make the raffle more attractive.

Hot concert tickets

Music fans always anticipate live concerts featuring their idols and icons. You can plan towards the summer when superstar musicians would be hitting the roads. For instance, Celine Dion’s Courage World Tour will come up in March while Justin Bieber’s will be in June.

Dream home

Only a handful of prizes get massive buy-in like winning a dream home. Several people anticipate the day when they will walk into theirs. Why will they not participate in a raffle that might make that dream come true?

How to Make Your Raffle Tickets on MS Word

Lets quickly dive into an easy systematic method on how to make your own raffles as easy as a.b.c.

Step 1: Insert a Ribbon

Open a fresh document and click on the “Insert” ribbon. Pick a shape of your choice. For this exercise, we will use a rectangle. 

Step 2: Customize the dimensions

To customize the dimensions, enter the required values in the boxes at the top, right corner. For this demonstration, the width measures 6.5 inches while the height measures 2.5 inches.

Step 3: Pick a background colour

To choose a suitable background hue, click on the “shape fill” drop-down icon. There are preset variations of popular colours. However, you can set your brand colour or create a new template by tapping on “More Fill Colors.”

Step 4: Create a text box for the Raffle text

From the “Insert” toolbar, click on the “Text Box” command to add it to the shape. Entering the “Simple Text Box” is advisable.

Step 5: Adjust the Textbox dimension

Adjust the dimensions of the text box to show 2.5 inches by 2.3 inches for the width and height, respectively.

Step 6: Design the Textbox

Click on the “Shape Outline” drop-down icon and scroll to the “Dashes” command. An interface pops up, showing different outline styles. Choose the even-spaced dashed outline. 

Step 7: Input text into the Box

We hope you have created the content for your raffle ticket already. Now is the time to either ‘copy & paste’ or type into the text box.

Step 8: Pick Text style and colour

Experiment with the available spacing and font features until you get one that is legible, beautiful, and just right. Remember to make the fonts stand out and fanciful.

Step 9: Create Placeholders

Create spaces for the holder to write his name and contact details – majorly his phone number and email address.

Step 10: Add a Background Picture (Optional)

You need to add a background picture to the raffle ticket. It could be your logo or an attractive picture that reflects the event. Click on the “Add Picture” command.

Step 11: Place the BG Picture behind the text

Highlight on the picture you have just added and right-click on the drop-down icon. Scroll to the “wrap text” feature and select the ‘behind text” option.

Step 12: Edit the picture

Edit the placement of the image to suit your preference. You can experiment with different spots until you get a perfect one. Afterwards, lighten the picture by using the “grey” feature.

Step 13: Insert A new text box

On the remaining space of the raffle ticket, insert a new text box. Repeat the outline technique in step 6. Here, you can add other important details for the holder.

Step 14: Input prize

Add the ultimate prize and make it bold. The bigger and bolder the prize font is, the easier it is for people to see, like, and get hooked.

Step 15: Add background picture

Insert a relevant background picture here, move it to an appropriate spot, and change the colour into grey. Add a background image in the same way described in the earlier step

Step 16: Create serial number placeholder

Create the space to the holder to add their serial number. In the left segment, insert a text box, remove the outline, and write “No”, followed by a series of dashes. In the right segment, copy your text, and paste it close to the edge of the page.

Step 17: Create an Excel database for Raffles/Tickets

Create a database for the number of tickets you issue. To do that, open a new spreadsheet on MS Excel. Then, rename cell A1 with “ticket number.”

Step 18: Number them

From cell A2 and below, insert numbers corresponding to the tickets you issue.

Step 19: Save Worksheet and Raffles

Click on the “save” icon, select the folder to save the document or create a new one. Give it a descriptive name that you can easily remember. Also, you can add “tickets” to the name, and you are good to go.

How to Make Movie Tickets

To create a movie ticket on MS Word, simply follow the steps highlighted for its raffle counterparts. Moreover, you will need to change the content. Add the movie name, cinema name and location, time, and preferably seat number.

Free Ticket Templates

Although we have simplified the process of creating raffle and movie tickets at home, we understand that it could be overwhelming. Besides, you might be too busy to go through the steps. To save you from such stress, we are offering our customizable raffle ticket templates to you free. It is intuitive and easy to use. Download and start using immediately.

Tour Ticket Template Free

Free Raffle Ticket Template

Free Graduation Raffle Tickets

Free Graduation Diploma Raffle Ticket

Free Education Raffle Ticket

Education Raffle Ticket Sample

Free Diaper Raffle Tickets

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Free Movie Tickets

Cartoon Movie Ticket Free

Free Editable Movie Tickets

Movie Ticket Format Free

Editable Movie Ticket Free

Printable Movie Ticket Free

barbeque raffle tickets

barbeque raffle tickets free

Free Diaper Raffle Tickets

Editable Free Diaper Raffle Ticket

Raffle Ticket Free

Raffle Ticket Samples

    microsoft word ticket template

    raffle ticket template excel

    raffle ticket template pdf

    numbered raffle ticket template

    printable numbered raffle tickets pdf

    raffle ticket template google docs

    publisher raffle ticket template

    christmas raffle ticket template

    microsoft word ticket template 01

    raffle ticket template excel 01

    raffle ticket template pdf 01

    numbered raffle ticket template 01

      Where to Distribute Raffle Tickets

      After the hard work of creating your raffles, now is the time to distribute them and you would need a strategic location to garner subscribers. Think a multitude. Yes! Look for where there usually is a large gathering of people and pitch you “distributing tent” there.

      Local nearby businesses: Look for local business areas, where people go to shop, recreational parks etc. A strategic partnership is key if you intend to sell a huge volume of your raffle tickets. Speak with nearby stores to help with ticket sales to their customers. If the ultimate prize is valuable to their customers, they will most likely oblige your request. Also, be clear on what to offer them in return for their generosity.

      Ongoing events: Events are sure likely to draw a gathering and what more does your ticket need if not a gathering of people to purchase them. These are excellent spots because they have people in attendance already. All you need to do is approach participants with your tickets. However, speak with the organizers to get a go-ahead. Often, they will be glad to offer extra value to their customers.

      Websites: A lot of people are online these days, so why not take yo raffles online and make a “killing”. There are websites that allow you to upload your raffle tickets for access to more people. Rally up and Raffle creator are good examples.


      What information needs to be on a raffle ticket?

      It is necessary to include your business name and address to show ownership and legitimacy. The title of the raffle draw. For example “Your 2021 Valentine Raffle Draw.” Also, the grand prize or a list of your top prizes. Make it bold and attractive. Remember to add the draw date, time, and venue. Other important details include the ticket price and number.

      Do raffle tickets have to be numbered?

      Numbering a ticket makes it easier to identify each one during a raffle draw. As the organizers turn the container, everyone’s hopes rise until there is a pick and the number or name read aloud. Without a number, there would be confusion as to how many tickers were issued.

      How to create sequential numbers in tickets?

      You can design sequential numbering for your tickets in MS Word. Create a list of numbers in MS Excel and save it as a document. In your raffle ticket document on MS Word, insert this number list using the “Mailings” taskbar. Click on “start mail merge” and select the “letters” option. Select “recipients”, which is the existing list from MS Excel. Afterwards, place the cursor where you desire the tickets to be and insert.

      The demand for raffle and movie tickets is increasing every day, thanks to the excitement that comes with owning one. As popular adverts do say, one ticket can change your life. Businesses are finding more usefulness for raffle tickets in their promotional practices. Moreover, movie tickets grant you access to your choice of movies and superstars. Realizing the urge to create your raffle ticket, we included a comprehensive and systematic process to help you. Also, we included our free templates that are easy to personalize. When you are done, you can sell your raffle and movie tickets in high-traffic places like grocery stores, supermarkets, and nearby businesses.

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