16 Amazing Christmas Flyer Templates (Free)

The holiday season, especially Christmas, is not just a joyous and merriment period for retailers. It is also an excellent time to boost their businesses and make more sales. According to statistics, Christmas time is when most retailers can increase their sales by turning potential customers into actual customers. For this to happen, retailers have been known to get creative with their marketing styles.

A simple way to do this is by using a template to prepare a Christmas flyer with an excellent first impression, which will attract shoppers’ attention. This promotional flyer will help any retailer get the best out of the holiday season by increasing sales and successfully promoting their products or services. With it, you should be able to grab your customers’ attention and keep them interested enough to read the whole flyer.

As a retailer or individual looking to thrive during the Christmas holidays, you need to know how to prepare it using a template, the elements you should include, the reasons why you need this flyer, and how to ensure it is beneficial for businesses in the Christmas holidays.

Why Use a Christmas Flyer?

Using it is to help you stay on top of the festivities and even benefit from the season. As a retailer, you need to focus on the people’s needs during this period. People are in the spirit of giving gifts, which means they are ready and willing to spend their money. With it, you can comfortably compete with other retailers to attract more customers to buy from you.

Using it is beneficial because it is a practical, creative and informative business strategy that can help increase your sales. You should include promotions, sale events, December discounts, and even special offers (seasonal specials). This will attract people to your business during this time when they are willing to spend all their money. Also, with this flyer, you will present yourself to the customers as unique hence attracting them to shop from you. Ensure that your choice of a template will help you prepare a flyer that focuses on holiday themes and is appropriate for the season.

Such a flyer will help you achieve the following:

Sell goods and services

It can include discounts and winter specials to ensure your flyer is effective enough to attract customers and increase sales. Apart from benefiting only during the Christmas season, you might be able to turn these seasonal customers into regular customers and conduct repeat business. This will help you boost your income and sales for the whole year.

Promote holiday events

You can use it to promote holiday events. This can include a Christmas party for employees or a fundraiser during the holiday season where you can invite your customers. Using a flyer will help you inform many people, which will benefit your business.

Elements of a Christmas Flyer Template

Depending on the template you use to create it, the elements vary from one template to another. This is based on the needs of your business and the target audience. However, common and standard elements must appear in it.

These elements include the following:


When editing your template, you need to focus on your branding. You can achieve this by using the same color palette as the one on your business logo. However, it would be best to style your designs to be consistent with your brand. This will enable you to start a professional relationship with your customers, who view you as consistent and credible.


Ensure that your purpose and goal for designing it are included in your template. Whether it is an invite to a Christmas party or seasonal offers at your retail shop, the goal of your flyer is essential and should be visibly written. It should also be specific and clear so that your target audience can spot it immediately as they view the flyer.

Compelling headline

Your flyer should have a compelling headline that quickly grabs customers’ attention.

It is usually visible from afar, and it needs to attract customers and interest them in picking up the flyer or opening up that email to find out more. Therefore, you should write your headline in a big, bold, and colorful text. Your headline can be your company’s tagline, a seasonal offer, limited offers, or even an event invitation.

Detail about your product, service, or event

You should also include details about your product, service, or event in it. This information is essential and should be well detailed in your flyer. Alongside your appealing design, ensure you have the complete and correct information that may include the location of an event, the dates of your limited offer, or even the prices of your products and services.

Content created for your target audience

Also, it should contain content structured for your specific target audience. This should focus on their personality, their preferences, and their dislikes. You can find out about such audience-oriented information by conducting market research and using the data collected to determine the tone of your flyer for the holiday season.


Your flyer template must contain graphics and visual elements related to the Christmas season. These graphics should be colorful, lively, and relevant to the holiday season. You can also include characters and images like reindeers and Santa Claus that your customers associate with Christmas. Ensure that you also include illustrations of your products (or services) and are of high quality.

Effective spacing

When editing it, another vital element you should consider is proper and adequate spacing. You need to select the most relevant images and texts in your flyer. You can still have some white space to ensure your flyer does not look cramped. Ensure you include brief details and resized images to increase the space between them, improving the visual appeal.

Call to action/motivating message

Your motivating message is your call to action. The template should have a message that directs your customers on what they should do next. It should be convincing but not harsh. Some of the ‘call to action’ words include Buy Now, Contact Us, Enter to Win, Call Us, and Visit Our Website. It is a way to direct customers to react or respond in a beneficial way to your business.

Contact information

The final section of your template should include your contact information such as your name, phone number, address, website URL, email address and social media handles to make it possible for your customers to reach out. This information should be visible enough for all interested parties to spot.

Christmas Flyer Templates

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Free Customizable Wording Christmas Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format
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Great Downloadable Christmas Decor Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format
Great Downloadable Club Christmas Party Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format
Great Downloadable Christmas Party and Gifts Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format
Great Downloadable Christmas Party Organizer Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format
Great Downloadable Flower Bouquet Themed Christmas Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format
Great Downloadable Musical Party Christmas Flyer Template as Word and Adobe Format

    Christmas Flyer Sizes

    Christmas flyers come in different sizes as follows to help you create a document that suits your needs better:

    Basic size

    The primary size is an 8.5-by-11-inch material that is most preferred as it is an appropriate size for any flyer. With this essential size, you can post your Christmas flyer on a bulletin board, hang it on the window of your store and even hand it out to prospects. In addition, this size offers enough space to include all the critical information you need to add in your flyer about your business, your offers, or an event you are hosting.

    For instance, if you are using this basic size to prepare it for an office party, you will be able to include details such as the date of the event, the hours, and location and even include some colorful images.

    Half or quarter size

    This size is smaller than the basic size and usually includes the 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches flyer divided into half or the 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches flyer when divided into fourths. They are suitable for pinning on the refrigerator door and can easily fit into a customer’s purse. They are best for handouts as they are small enough to carry and read later.

    Poster size

    The poster sizes are usually produced by professional printing services rather than home or office printers. They are 11-by-17-inch size flyers used to create an impact among your chosen audience. For example, you can use them to inform customers about different holiday events and upcoming sales events. Ensure that you include all the crucial details that your customers need.

    Factors to Consider Before Creating a Christmas Flyer

    There are factors that you should consider before creating it. To create a simple copy with a compelling advertising message that capture’s your audience’s attention, you need to know how to do it right by observing these factors.

    Here are the two most important factors to have in mind for you to create an impressive flyer for the Christmas holiday season:

    Brainstorm the big idea

    It would be best to start by gathering your team and brainstorming the big idea. Coming together as a team can help bring together different ideas from your imagination. Next, you should list all the ideas you come up with to review and sort through them later.

    Conceptualize the design

    After deciding on the big idea, the other factor you should consider is the design of your template. It would be best to have a visually appealing headline. Ensure that your information is colorful and stands out to make it interesting for readers. Apart from the visual appeal, ensure that your material adds a great feel to your flyer. After deciding on these factors, you can create it.

    Best Practices to Create an Enticing Flyer

    You need to ensure that it contains the correct type of advertising or promotional message. The whole idea is to captivate your audience to read your flyer, attend your holiday events and purchase your products or services.

    Therefore, you will need to observe the following practices (tips) to ensure you create a unique and appealing Christmas flyer:

    Function before form

    Although it should be well-designed and visually appealing, you need to focus on the message you intend to pass to your audience. If the message is not clear or specific enough to your customers, your flyer will not serve its intended purpose. The Christmas period is full of distractions; that means you must prepare a flyer that is not just visually appealing but also contains a compelling and detailed message that will convince your audience to make purchases or attend your event.

    Use a grid

    Flyers have specific sizes that you are meant to choose from and are forced to work with the available space. However, you can maximize this space by using grids on your template. They act as scales for your text and graphic elements by ensuring that you use the suitable sizes and locations. Grids can easily be found in most editing programs and can be applied to your layout to help you use the space provided effectively.

    Set the mood with color

    You also need to play around with colors in your flyer template. With colors, you can make it appear more vivid, attractive, and appealing, which is important if you wish to evoke the right emotions from your audience. Colors also help your shoppers determine the content’s mood in the flyer understand the personality of your business.

    Make it a keeper

    It would be best to prepare a flyer that will be worth keeping. Ensure that you have an adequately crafted flyer that customers will not throw out once they are done with reading its content. It should be a keeper in its layout, size, content, and visual elements. This will work in your favor as such customers can review it more than once or even help to pass them along to another interested party.

    Be approachable

    It is Christmas time, and everyone is happy and joyous. You need to embrace the Christmas period when passing around your flyers. If you are grumpy, that means you cannot be easily approached. It would be best to be friendlier with your customers, making you more approachable. Also, ensure that the flyers have family images and other relevant Christmas illustrations. Keep in mind that your photos should be appealing and not forced.

    How to Distribute Your Christmas Flyer?  

    After creating it, you need to distribute it to your potential customers and shoppers. Ensure that your way of distribution is practical enough for the flyers to reach your target audience. You can post them or hand them to spots where you are sure they can find them. Your timing must be correct and appropriate to ensure that you don’t come off as irritating.

    Based on what you intend to accomplish, you can choose to have someone dress up in Christmas attire (costumes) and hand out the flyers, send emails to your subscribed customers informing them of seasonal specials, or even set up a stall at the market to hand out your flyers and respond to any inquiries. You will easily reach the intended people at the correct place and time with all these considerations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I make a Christmas flyer?

    You can make it using a template. Download and customize it to suit your needs. After editing, you should print it in the correct format and size to help attract more people to your brand. With a template, making it is faster and easier.

    What is the purpose of a Christmas flyer?

    A Christmas flyer during the holiday season is to advertise and market your business. This is meant to attract more sales, increasing your business sales. It is meant for mass distribution, and this can be done publicly or sent through email. Ensure that you use creativity when preparing it, as you will be able to reach your targeted audience and pass your intended message successfully.

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