24 Redken Shades EQ Color Charts | A Perfect Hair Color Guide

Redken Shades EQ Color Charts

Redken Shades EQ is like a conditioner and is different from that of the usual hair gloss. It is acidic and is neither permanent nor temporary. Instead, this hair color is semi-permanent. It is temperate for the hair to improve its condition and gives them a shiny look. Redken Shades EQ comes in various ranges of different shades and color charts. It can be helpful for those people who want to change their hair color by improving their hair tone. In this way, the volume and beauty of your hair will get enhanced.

Usually, hair colors contain a specific kind of smell due to ammonia in them, but Redken Shades EQ does not contain ammonia in it. So you will not experience any odor while applying this hair color. Also, the shine it gives to your hair is due to its infusion formula with wheat amino acids.

Because of this property, it also acts as a conditioner for hair and makes them look glossy. By applying the Redken Shades EQ hair color, the problem of faded or discolored hair can also be resolved by improving the hair tone. It can give an instant gloss, shine, and the desired finish in just 20 minutes after properly applying it to your hair.They are good for nourishing and conditioning your rough and brassy hair.

How to Choose the Right Hair Color

The right hair color shade can be decided according to your

  • Natural skin tone
  • Features
  • Personality

Here are some of the other points that can help you select an appropriate and suitable hair color from the Redken Shades EQ Color Chart:

Have a look at the color ranges

Have you become bored with your hair color? Are you thinking of changing your hair color? It is not easy for anyone to pick a color because there is a broad range of various shades of colors. Even the basic colors have a varied number of shades, i.e., the blonde hair color has various shades such as:

  • Beige blonde
  • Dirty blonde
  • Honey blonde
  • Light ash-blonde
  • Platinum blonde
  • Silver-blonde
  • Strawberry blonde, etc.

TIP: A professional and experienced hairstylist can help you select the right hair color for your hair.

Choose your hairstyle

Your hair color will be selected according to the desired style you want to have. For example, you might want to get:

  • Full-head color
  • Streaks
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Ombre
  • Balayage, etc.

Your hairstylist can help you select any of these styles for your hair that will look beautiful on you.

Select the type of hair color

You can choose your desired hair color from a number of different hair color types. Semi-permanent hair colors are good for you if you do not want to change your hair color for a long time or just want to see that how a new hair color will look on you. Permanent hair colors are helpful if you want to cover your white or grey colored hair and change the hair color permanently.

Note: A routine follow-up will be required after a specific time period for getting the touch-ups for hair roots so that the color of your hair matches with the hair roots’ color.

The right hair color for you cannot be decided from the Redken Shades EQ colors chart based on your complexion alone. Some other factors should also be considered including, skin undertone, eyes’ color, your hair color goal, and the type of hair tone you want.

If you want to give a lighter color to your hair, then you will have to go through the process of bleaching, which can further damage your hair so you should not go for this option. If your hair color is already black or dark brown, then you should not choose a darker hair color. You can opt darker color shade if you had done bleaching before or just want to get your hair re-colored.

You can enhance your hair color if the shade of your hair color is getting dull or faded. It can be enhanced by adding soft highlights. Your hair color doesn’t need to become grey with your progressing age. Some people have grey-colored hair naturally at a young age, so if you want to get them dyed temporarily or permanently, you can choose a shade from the Redken Shades EQ colors chart.

EQ colors chart can help you improve the volume and depth of your hair. You can pick any shade for getting highlights or you can also go with the combination of both highlights and lowlights of your choice at the same time.

Recognizing the skin undertone

The dermis layer of your skin, which lies under the epidermis, also decides your skin’s complexion in terms of warmth or cool along with the light, medium, or dark shade of the epidermis. People with light or dark complexions can have either warm, cool, or neutral undertones, and neither is associated with a single type of complexion.

You can identify your skin’s undertone by taking a closer look at your skin by seeing a mirror in a properly lighted area or in the sunlight. You can have any undertone with respect to the kind of hue as listed below:

  • Warm undertone – Yellow hue
  • Cool undertone – Pinkish hue
  • Neutral undertone – A specific colored hue cannot be observed

Next, examine the color of your veins by looking at your wrists. The type of undertone with the corresponding color of veins is given as follows:

  • Cool undertone – Blue or purple-colored veins
  • Warm undertone – Green-colored veins
  • Neutral undertone – If neither color is dominant

The type of skin tone, on the other hand, can be found with the help of jewelry that suits you as follows:

  • Cool undertone – Silver jewelry
  • Warm undertone – Gold jewelry
  • Neutral undertone – If both types of jewelry look good on you

Finally, have a look at the color of your eyes, and your skin tone can be identified as:

  • Cool undertone – Blue and green-colored specs in your eyes
  • Warm undertone – Brown or golden-colored specs in your eyes

Now, when you have identified your skin undertone, you should choose such a shade from EQ color charts that will counter it. E.g.;

  • Warm tone shades will go best with cool undertoned skin.
  • Cool tone shades will go best with warm undertoned skin.
  • Warm or cool tone, both shades can fit with the neutral undertoned skin.

Hair tones

Hair tones also play a significant role in deciding the hair color that will look good on your hair. Hair tones can be identified by the type of color reflected by your hair in natural sunlight. If you want to enhance the volume of your hair, then you can choose any of the following tone shades:

  • Auburn
  • Golden
  • Red
  • Smokey, etc.


Redken Shades EQ Color Charts

Following are free printable Redken Shades EQ color charts:

redken shades eq swatch book 2021 01

redken shades eq color chart 2020 02

redken shades eq color chart pdf 03

redken shades eq toner 04

redken shades eq toner 05

shades eq swatches 06

shades eq swatches 07

redken shades eq formulas 08

redken shades eq formulas 09

    Different Varieties of Redken Hair Color Charts

    A wide range of colors is available with different shades in Redken EQ Hair color charts. You can choose any according to your desire.

    Following are some of the colors which can look good with warm and cool skin tones. They can help you decide on the most suitable hair color shade for you:

    Brown hair color chart

    If you want to get darker hair color, you can have a look at the brown hair color chart. Hair dimensions in terms of volume and depth can be enhanced by choosing this color.

    For warm skin tones

    The warm skin tones can go best with the following color ranges:

    • Ash brown
    • Chocolate brown
    • Cool dark brown
    • Espresso

    For cool skin tones

    The cool skin tones can go best with the following color ranges:

    • Butterscotch brown
    • Chestnut
    • Light golden brown
    • Mahogany

    Rose gold hair color chart

    This hair color is getting popular among many people. Gold rosy hair color can be given to your hair by making the faded blonde hair glossy. This hair color can be used on a semi-permanent basis to be compatible with the ongoing trends of the world.

    Blonde hair color chart

    No one prefers rough and damaged hair. You can convert your hair tone by combining yellow or orange hair color with hair gloss. Your hair tones will get a fresh and shiny look in just 20 minutes by this blending formula of Redken Shades EQ Colors.

    For warm skin tones

    The following range of shades can go best with warm skin tones:

    • Ash blonde
    • Champagne blonde
    • Strawberry blonde

    For cool skin tones

    The following range of shades can go best with cool skin tones:

    • Caramel
    • Golden blonde
    • Honey blonde

    Red hair color chart

    Redken Shades EQ colors give you a chance to have beautiful red-colored hair. You can have deep and vibrant shades of red as your hair color. In addition, it comes in a semi-permanent range, so you can change it if it does not suit you or you are not satisfied with this shade of hair color.

    For warm skin tones

    The following color ranges come in a red hair color chart for warm skin tones:

    • Burgundy
    • Cherry
    • Intense red

    For cool skin tones

    The following color ranges come in a red hair color chart for cool skin tones:

    • Auburn
    • Copper
    • Ginger

    redken permanent hair color chart 11

    redken permanent hair color chart 12

    redken permanent hair color chart 13

    redken permanent hair color chart 14

    redken color fusion chart 2020 15

    redken color fusion chart 2020 16

    redken color fusion chart 2020 17

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 19

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 20

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 21

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 22

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 23

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 24

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 25

    redken shades eq color chart pdf 26

      Key Takeaways

      By considering and appropriately following all of the above factors and tips, you can successfully choose the right hair color shade for you. Once you decide on the right color and get your hair dyed with that color, you should do it regularly after a specified time as advised by your professional hairstylist.

      Redken EQ Shades color charts can help you choose the right hair color for you as they have a broad range of beautiful shades from which you can select the right shade, keeping in mind your skin tone and other factors discussed above. Redken EQ Shade can also help you have a constant shaded hair color throughout and a shiny and glossy look.

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