How to Host Sip And See Party (Free Invitation Templates)

To put it simply, the sip and see party can be described as an intimate get-together or an open house, usually hosted by the new mom or new parents. It allows family and friends to meet or “see” instead of taking place before the baby arrives; this event takes place after childbirth (or adoption). In short, it’s a post-facto celebration to reunite loved ones and sound, to sip soft drinks (tea, coffee, punch, etc.) – all alcohol-free for mom to enjoy too. The concept is gaining popularity in recent times, especially among parents who haven’t had a baby shower for various reasons.

As mentioned before, this is a kind of open house: guests can come and go within the set visiting hours, coo to the baby, meet up with the parents, and enjoy a few snacks. The goal is to celebrate the arrival of the little one informally, so it’s ideal for those who don’t necessarily like the idea of ​​a baby shower. Best of all, how the party goes is entirely up to you. Don’t want games? Prefer a buffet to a five-course brunch menu? You have all the freedom!

Why New Parents Throw this Party?

 Indeed, family members can visit the hospital or the parents’ home to see the baby. But for others, we can organize a special meeting, which has certain advantages. For example, by setting a date, one can avoid unexpected visits at random times. It will give the mom time and space to recover from birth and bond with her child. Besides, newborns do not have a well-developed immune system. Logically, it is good to keep the little one away from frequent visitors. Since a sip and sees is organized after the baby is old enough, the risk of infection is lower.

When to Plan a Sip And See Party?

 If you prefer the sip and see to the traditional baby shower, you can start planning during pregnancy but wait until the birth to set a date. First and foremost, if the mom has recently given birth, you should first make sure that she feels ready to have guests – it can take several weeks to several months after giving birth. Who should organize the event? These parties are usually held in the parents’ house and are managed by themselves, but a close friend or family member can also plan them. Where to meet depends on what’s best for the new mom. If it is the mother of the infant who takes care of the organization, she should configure a particular area in the living room or on the terrace, for example. If needed, she can ask a friend or family member to help coordinate. The celebration has a relatively short duration – about an hour or two to avoid inconvenience to the baby’s parents.

Sip And See Party vs Baby Shower

The  Baby Shower is an ancient tradition that brings together friends and family to celebrate pregnancy and receive gifts for the trousseau, such as clothes, blankets, bottles, etc. It was common to receive embroidered towels, bibs with the baby’s name, and other personalized items while sip and see is a party organized to, as the name suggests is an informal get-together.

Another difference between sip and see the party and a baby shower is that the former is organized only by parents and later can be organized by a close relative or friend.

How to Organize a Sip And See?

 In short, it depends. If you’re hosting your celebration, don’t hesitate to ask anyone you want! Some couples prefer a mixed party, while other new moms only want to invite friends and relatives. If someone else is hosting the event, it is essential to ask the parents they would like to host.

Details to Consider When Planning

Timeframe: When writing the invitations, be sure to be specific about when people can arrive and when the party ends. Note, the timing of the visit should not disrupt the baby’s sleep schedule. In addition, limit the duration to a maximum of two hours.

Location: It is good to organize the party at your place as you will have everything you need at hand. If this is not possible, book a place as close to your house as possible.

Decorations: Don’t overdo the decorations – ultimately, the guests are there to see the baby. However, you can get creative and cut animal shapes and stars out of cardboard. Ask guests to write their best wishes on each piece. Tie them together to create a crib mobile.

Refreshments: Serve appetizers, such as small sandwiches and cookies, and some drinks. While it is up to you whether or not to serve alcohol, keep in mind that many people like to celebrate such joyous events with champagne.

Games and Entertainment: Note that most people are attending a sip and see party prefer to spend their time holding the baby rather than playing games. Since your friends and relatives are there to see the little one, there is no need to worry about conversation triggers. If, however, you’re interested in games, they would be a perfectly acceptable addition to your party.

Hygiene: Ask your guests to wash their hands before touching the baby. Also, keep a disinfectant on the side. And of course, if you have a cold or cough, avoid attending the party!

Theme ideas for a sip and see party even though it is not mandatory to set a theme for your celebration, we give you some cute ideas:

  1. A Star is Born: Hang gold and silver stars around the room and bake star-shaped cookies.
  2. Baby is sweeter than sugar: Use colorful, festive decorations around a dessert table loaded with a variety of sweet treats and small framed photos of the new addition to your family.
  3. Message in a Bottle: Place a large bottle, slips of paper, and pens near the front door. Encourage each guest to write a few notes about their first experience with the baby. It is something that you and your child will be able to read together for years to come.
  4. In the spotlight: Take pictures of everyone when it’s their turn to hold the baby. You can email the images to them after the event and create a collage or memory book.

The Guest List

You can invite both women and men – close friends and grandparents are preferred. However, you can also send invitations to neighbors, co-workers, and others.


Once you have set the date, time, location, and guest list for the baby shower prepare the invitations. Besides a baby shower, they can be simple and sent to recipients a few weeks before D-Day.

Drink And Snack Ideas

Bearing in mind that these events are shorter, preparing a full catering menu is not necessary. Refreshments are generally light, and it’s handy to have a few glasses of drinks to toast. You can serve a few cheese or fruit platters, a spread, crackers, cold cuts, muffins, sandwiches, chips and dips, cookies, chicken wings, etc., which will delight the guests’ taste. Of course, if you want to come up with an elaborate menu, you can.

Besides, spread the good news of the arrival of your baby with some desserts. The center of attraction is the candy bar. Fill it with macaroons, candy, anything sweet.

Traditionally, coffee or tea is served to guests, but you can also add champagne, beer, or wine to the list, depending on your preference. You can also prepare a punch, non-alcoholic cocktails, and fruit juices for the children present.

Decorating Ideas

It’s easy to fall for the gorgeous decorations on Pinterest, but in this situation, it’s best to keep it simple, at least to minimize prep and cleanup. Beautiful, fresh flowers and a stylized area are the ways to brighten up a room.

If you have the time (and the energy), you can certainly bet on a more splendid setting. Do you not know where to start? Pick a theme – seaside, jungle, Peppa pig, flamingo, etc. (By the way, if the last idea is okay with you, check out our article on how to make the flamingo cake !) Regardless of the color scheme, oversized baby name balloons are always a fun but straightforward statement.

Which People to Invite to the Party?

In short, it depends. If you’re hosting your celebration, don’t hesitate to ask anyone you want! Some couples prefer a mixed party, while other new moms only want to invite friends and relatives. If someone else is hosting the event, it is essential to ask the parents they would like to host.

Sip and See Party Invitation (Free Templates)

Now that you know how to host a sip and see the party, download our free invitation templates to efficiently and quickly make personalized invitation cards.

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Sip and See Invitation Sample

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Free Sip and See Party Invitation Sample

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    Editable Sip and See Invitation Sample

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      Should You Bring Gifts If You Are Invited To A Sip And See?

      Do you feel uncomfortable going with empty hands? It is indeed an excellent opportunity to get an advantage. Since you know the gender and name of the little one, you can easily customize it. A baby book, a bib, a photo album, a teething ring with the infant’s initials, a gift basket full of baby toiletries, a monogrammed blanket, or a gift for the new mom are always well accepted.

      Sip and See Etiquettes

      Following are some etiquettes to consider regarding sip and see party:

      Bringing Kids:

      Everyone loves their kids but they can be very messy. You can bring your kids but only if it is mentioned in the invitation, and if it’s not entirely mentioned you should ask the organizers.

      Touching Baby:

      Newborns are very sensitive so it’s recommended not to touch the baby but if you are very close to the newborn you must ask the mother for permission.

      Bringing Gifts:

      Unlike, baby shower where it is not compulsory to bring gifts, it’s not necessary to bring gifts to a sip and see the party.


      When should you schedule a sip and see party?

      Sip and see party should be scheduled when the child is 4 to 6 months.

      Who should host a sip and see party?

      The parents of the baby should host the sip and see the party.

      Should you open or bring gifts to a sip and see party?

      Yes, you can bring and open gifts to a sip and see party depending on your preferences.

      Who should you invite to a sip and see party?

      You can invite people to a sip and see party using’s invitation cards and through the internet.

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