Writing an Obituary (with 10+ Obituary Samples & Examples)

An Obituary is a news article that reports the recent demise of a person. It typically accounts for the life of that person, family members, nice tributes, great achievements as well as the information on the funeral service. The main purpose of an arbitrary honor and aggrandize the life of the deceased. It faintly guides the guide human behavior on how to behave while alive and how to be remembered positively. Also, an Obituary act as a death notice.

During the hard times when mourning the death of your loved ones, it may not be easy for someone to remember everything to include in the arbitrary. Death is painful to everyone but as you morn , you need to honor the dead for the last time. So, the best thing is to use Obituary template or an Obituary example to ensure you do not skip something important. An Obituary example or a template will help you write a clean and well informed arbitrary without skipping anything. Remember this is last honor so you need to make it perfect. Also, it eases thing for you during the hard times.

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How to write an Obituary Sample

Step 1. Consult a local newspaper

Before you begin writing, it is critical to consult the local newspaper. Many newspapers have guidelines on the style and length of the obituary. Besides, most of them accept obituaries written by their staff or submitted from a funeral home. Once you consult and agree with them, move on and begin writing.

Step 2. Death announcement

Begin with the name of the deceased, age residence alongside the time and place of death. The identifying statement of death can be passed in several ways, for instance, Died, passed on went to be with the creator, the list is big. Some people feel like using the phrase died is so blunt and therefore goes for the flowery phrases. However, this depends on you. Go for what is comfortable with you. Indicating the cause of the death in the arbitrary depends on you. However, have in mind that many obit readers will be curious to know the cause. If you are comfortable to share go ahead and include it.

Step3. Biographical Sketch

The keyword here is sketch. You should not include everything since an obituary is not a biography. So it should only recount the most critical events, abilities, contributions as well as connections the life of the diseased, everyone has a unique life but there are general milestones which include the birth dates and the place of birth, parent’s names, place and date of marriage, spouse, education and occupation. Nevertheless, an arbitrary is not a legal document, so you can include or omit anything you feel it not important. You also need to mention the contributions and recognition of the dead. In case they are many, choose the greatest.

Step4. Family

It is knowing that funeral is the living, well an obituary is for the living also. So one of the most critical parts of an arbitrary is the list of survivors who preceded your loved ones to death. So in the confusion and occupation of death, do not forget the close family members. You may omit their hobbies and interests but do not forget the family.

Step 5. Service Times

The local traditions vary from one country to another, so you need to consult your local papers to give you the exact order of services times. However, you can still this part for the funeral director. However, you need to include the essential information. That is the time, full date and place where the service will take place. Also, include officiant name. do not forget the place and the dates of the burial.

Step 6. Special Messages

It is cool to have a special message at the end of the obituary. For instance, Special Thanks to the hospital staff, or we will retain your memory in our hearts. You may also include a short prayer or a short poem.

Step 7. Photos

Photos may incur an extra cost but are a satisfying souvenir of the diseased. Further, it is an easy way for people to recognize diseased among other obituaries. Include the old and the newest photos to show the life the passed on enjoying.

Basic contents of Obituary program template

The basic information of an Obituary program template includes the

  • Name
  • Dates
  • Cause of death
  • List of loved ones
  • Resume details
  • Membership organizations
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Charities
  • Funeral arrangement
  • humor
  • positivity
  • place of history

The arrangement

the format should follow: Death announcement, Biographical Sketch, Family service time, Special message and photos. All the above content falls under these subtitles. 

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