Free Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Templates (Format)

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All meetings have their objectives. Some meetings are brainstorming sessions, while others are meant to discuss serious issues in an organization. Whether you are looking to fill in your employees on the stunning weekly results or practice a pitch for your new clients, your meeting will run more smoothly, productively, and efficiently with a meticulously drafted weekly meeting agenda.

A weekly meeting agenda is a document prepared to provide the guidelines and the topics which will be discussed in the weekly meetings in a company. It also shows the tasks assigned to each person who will be participating in the meeting. The agenda helps the meeting stay on track. There are very many types of meetings that can take place in a company. The management, employees or teams can organize meetings. For you to achieve the goal of that meeting, there has to be proper planning which is ensured by having a weekly meeting agenda template.

Difference Between a Weekly Meeting Agenda and Other Meeting Agendas

The weekly meeting agenda is different from other meeting agenda because it can be used more than once. It helps to keep the record and progress of a series of meetings. Other meeting agendas, for example, audit meeting agendas are usually applied once in a while. When you attend the next meeting, you will have to prepare another meeting agenda.

Essential Elements of Well-structured Weekly Meeting Agenda

There are various designs of weekly meeting agendas. However, there are particular elements that have to be included in the schedule of every weekly meeting.

  • Link to similar previous meetings: This agenda provides a program for a series of weekly meetings taking place in the company, not just one. Therefore, it should include what was discussed at the previous weekly meeting so that there is a good flow of discussion. It is therefore advisable for the meeting secretary to carry the minutes of the earlier meetings.
  • Topics and announcements to work on: The weekly agenda should outline all the information related to what needs to be discussed and debated in the meeting.
  • The time and venue of the meeting: The weekly agenda should provide precise information about the particular time the meeting will start and where it will be held. If you have reserved the office conference room for an hour, that is the longest the meeting should last. In some organizations, other groups will have reserved the same room immediately after your group leaves. So ideally, you must draft the meeting agenda so that your team will have left the room at least some minutes before the next meeting begins.
  • The name of the attendees: the person preparing the weekly agenda should provide the names and details of all the people expected to attend the weekly meeting. They should also include the declaration of the host.
  • Purpose of the meeting: there must be a genuine reason why a meeting is being organized or carried out in a company. This purpose should be outlined straightforwardly in the weekly meeting agenda.
  • List of documents needed for the meeting: many a time in a meeting, the group will be asked to react to a proposal or a report, and it is helpful to list all the documents at the very bottom of the agenda. It will also save time if you send the team members the documents that they will need together in advance of the meeting so that everyone attending has enough time to review them.

How to Format a Weekly Agenda Template

The weekly meeting agenda templates provided are usually blank. You can download it either in PDF form or word document. There is typically a space left for any additional information. The person preparing can easily modify them or make changes according to their needs and requirements.

After you have printed copies of the weekly meeting agenda, ensure that you have distributed copies to all the people who will be attending the meeting. It should be done before the time of the meeting to allow them enough time to prepare for the meeting.

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    Preparing a weekly meeting is not as easy as it sounds. However, you can take advantage of the agenda templates we have made for you. You can use our weekly meeting agenda templates that can be used for several meetings organized on a weekly basis in the company. All you need is to download them from our website.

    When you are tasked with writing the meeting agenda, you are the one in control of the meeting. Your main objective should be to run a tight meeting. A properly drafted meeting agenda will help you achieve this. Leave enough time for discussion, but also not too much time that will render the meeting void. Also, make sure that you start the meeting on time.

    When you are in charge of drafting the meeting agenda, you are directing what course of action the members need to take. Your ability to draft an excellent meeting agenda will increase the meeting’s productivity and follow-up.

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