40 Free Board Meeting Agenda Templates (Progressive Tips)

A board meeting agenda is a detailed list of all the things that need to be addressed by the board of directors in the meeting. It is also called a board agenda. If the board of directors wanted to accomplish everything they need to, time would not be enough. However, with the help of an established meeting agenda of the board of directors, they can be accurate, efficient, and productive. It also helps the board chair keep the meeting on track.

Basic elements of a Board Meeting Agenda

A good board meeting agenda must include the following;

  1. The heading – It states the name and address of the company. The date, time, and venue of the meeting also must be stated.
  2. Call to order– The chair of the meeting has to announce the call to order and the time. The secretary must record that in the minutes. After that, the chair can welcome all the attendants, ask for introductions, and read the vision and mission statements of the company.
  3. Changes to the board meeting agenda-this is where the chair asks for changes-additions and deletions- to the agenda.
  4. Approval of minutes-it should be stated along with the date of the previous meeting. In case there are any mistakes in the minutes, the board members can make changes to ensure that the minutes are accurate.
  5. Reports-the The executive director must give a review of business operations and projects.
  6. Old business-it includes past issues that were not discussed.
  7. New business-the board members must come up with new business items and the necessary plan of action.
  8. Announcements and comments-board members can make comments or add agendas that need to be discussed at the next meeting of the board of directors.
  9. Adjournment-The chair closes the board meeting. He or she has to state the closing time and the date of the next meeting.

Free Templates

Board Of Director Meeting Agenda 

Board Meeting Agenda Sample


Effective Board Meeting Agenda Sample

Effective Board Meeting Agenda


First Board Meeting Agenda Sample

First Board Meeting Agenda
First Board Meeting Agenda


Startup Board Meeting Agenda

Startup Board Meeting Agenda
Startup Board Meeting Agenda


Few tips and guidelines on preparing this agenda

  • When creating a meeting with the board of directors, you need to take care of the following confirm why the meeting is taking place.
  • Choose topics that will help you achieve the purpose of the meeting.
  • Go through the previous board meeting agendas and presentation agendas so that you can have the right estimations
  • After the meeting agenda is ready, distribute them to the participants of the meeting.

Creating a board meeting agenda is not that simple. However, you can use the templates that we have prepared for you to avoid unnecessary errors.

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