25 Really Good Elevator Pitch Examples

An elevator pitch, also known as an elevator speech, is a brief yet unforgettable description of an idea, company, or product that you pitch to a prospect to make them curious for more.

It is all about informing someone about yourself, what you do and what you sell to ensure you can secure a second conversation with them. It is meant to be shorter than an elevator ride which makes it about 20 to 30 seconds long.

When it comes to business, an elevator pitch is a quick and easy way to introduce yourself to a fellow professional, grasp the attention of an interested investor, share your business idea with a colleague or even reveal important details about yourself and what you do. With this, you can easily grab the attention of an important party who might greatly contribute to your business.

That means, whether you are starting a business or handling product sales, you need to know how to prepare a proper elevator speech to interest prospects such as potential customers. A proper elevator speech should be brief and interesting while still providing essential details about you, your organization, your product, or your idea.

An elevator pitch can be used when in:

  • An actual elevator
  • Job interview
  • Career fairs
  • Networking events
  • A meeting on the subway
  • When introducing your business to potential investors
  • In passing to sell a new business idea
  • When screenwriters suggest stories to their film executives

Since the pitch can be used on different occasions and is greatly beneficial, you need to know how to prepare it, how to deliver it, whom you should deliver it to, and the correct details that you should include to make it a quick and memorable summary about yourself and what you are offering.

How Long Should a Business Elevator Pitch be?  

To ensure you have an effective and unforgettable pitch, you need to know how long it should be. A proper pitch should be about 30 seconds or less. Ensure that your details are specific and easy to comprehend. This way, you will not lose your prospect’s attention during that short yet important conversation.

Remember, the average attention span of an individual is usually eight seconds long. Therefore, an effective pitch must be delivered within that short time, which means you must always be prepared. Although a proper business pitch should be 30 seconds long, the length will sometimes depend on what and who you are pitching. The industry you are in and the medium (video, text or image) you use will also determine the length of the pitch.

If that is the case, ensure that your pitch is less than one minute long (60 seconds). The pitch must have a purpose, maintain a proper flow, and have a hook that will interest and provoke the other party to invite you for a second conversation. Whether it is an investor or a customer, ensure your pitch has the right components to fulfill its objective.

Free Professional Business Elevator Pitch Example for Word Document

    How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

    When writing a proper and effective pitch, there are some steps you should observe. With these steps, you can create a short yet detailed and memorable pitch that will earn you a meeting or a second conversation with the targeted prospect.

    Below are the steps that you can follow to create the pitch for your business:

    Identify your goal

    Start by first identifying the goal or objective of your pitch. Whether you want to talk to potential clients, pitch new ideas to company executives or discuss your products with prospective customers, you should first know the objective you wish to fulfill with your pitch. That way, you will know the detail to include making it catchy and beneficial.

    Become an expert on your products and services

    Once you have your objective in mind, focus on knowing more about your products and services. Having the proper knowledge about your products and services will help you prepare your pitch that sets you apart from the competition. Ensure you identify unique features about your products and services, as such details will interest prospects to learn more about your business.

    Conduct market research 

    For the third step, proceed to conduct a market research to identify the problems your prospects have and what kind of solutions your products and services can bring. Having such information will make you more confident, as you will be able to answer any follow-up questions presented to you by the prospects. Also, this will help you to easily customize your pitch to suit your target audience.

    You can conduct market research by interviewing customers and performing surveys of people in your target audience. That way, you will know the exact solutions to present to their problems.

    Introduce yourself

    At this point, you are ready to write your pitch. Start by introducing yourself to the person you are talking to. The focus should be to highlight who you are and the role you play in the company or business. This section is meant to initiate conversation and help you calm down in such a high-stress situation. It should be about one sentence long, as much rambling will make you lose the attention of the targeted party.

    State your company’s mission

    Proceed to clearly state your company’s mission. You should focus on what your company does in terms of products and services. For this section, first, introduce the company and then mention what it does. Be sure to have a detailed first two sentences that allow the prospect to know the most important information about you and your company, in case you are cut off at this point.

    Explain the problem and offer a solution 

    The next information in your pitch is to present the problem and offer a solution. For the problem, you should inform the prospect about what your business or company is trying to solve. You should make the problem more relevant by relating it to your target audience using real-life examples or a visual. If this step is done correctly, you will easily grab their attention.

    After that, proceed to offer the solution in a way that hooks them to listen to you even more. The solution is the most important part of the pitch and must, therefore, be perfect. A proper solution should show the prospect why they need you and your business without telling them to buy what you are selling. Finally, ensure that you tailor your solution to fit the target audience.

    Explain the company value proposition

    Once you have made the problem and solution clear, proceed to explain the company value proposition to your prospects. This section highlights what makes you unique and differentiates your company from competitors who offer the same products or services. In one to two sentences, you will need to convince the prospects of your company’s value and what it offers.

    Highlight the key points of your products and services

    To back up the value and uniqueness you just mentioned, ensure that you highlight the key point of your products and services. An elevator pitch is a brief speech, meaning you need to pinpoint the most important aspect of your business or company.

    For instance, you can mention that:

    • Your product is unique since it is rare, exclusive/patented, available at an unbeatable price, technologically superior, or hard to obtain.
    • Your service is outstanding since it solves a problem that no one else can or solves a problem in a way that is more comprehensive/ convenient.
    • Your company is credible and unique because it has been around for a long time, is an innovator in its industry, is owned or financed by a well-respected and well-known person, or has won a prestigious award.

    Read and edit the pitch

    Finally, read through your pitch and edit it to make it sound more natural. Your pitch should be formal but conversational and friendly. This will ensure that you capture and maintain the interest of your prospects. At this stage, you should also ensure that your pitch is 30 seconds long or less.

    Close with a call to action

    Once your pitch is done, you need to close that short conversation with a call to action. If your pitch has observed the steps mentioned above, it is likely that you have their attention. That means you need to ask or tell them what you want them to do. It can be to give you a call, schedule a meeting, give you their business card for future discussions, or take note of your name and company.

    How to Deliver Your Elevator Pitch

    Once you have written your speech, there are tips that will help you effectively deliver your elevator speech.

    Some of these tips include the following:


    It is not enough to only prepare your pitch. You need to take time and practice it in the mirror, as it will help you with your timing, confidence, and facial expressions. The more practice you do, the more prepared and natural with the delivery. Keep in mind that this brief conversation is the difference between getting that second meeting and being ignored. Practicing will also allow you to know exactly what you should edit out from your speech to ensure you get the perfect length.

    Be conversational

    Another important tip that you should observe is being conversational. Focus on conversing with the person and not on selling them your product or service. Your pitch should be a chance for you to initiate deeper discussion, which can only happen if you are conversational.

    Smile and let your passion show

    When pitching, ensure that you smile. People will be more interested in doing business with you if they like and trust you. Smiling and being friendly as you deliver your pitch will allow the prospects to see your personality. This means being passionate and friendly will enable you to pass your message across to the intended target easily.

    Test and tweak

    Finally, ensure you take time to test and improve your pitch. If you are unsuccessful with your pitch the first time, try again until you achieve your objective of securing that second conversation. If you are still unsuccessful, try adjusting your pitch and test it once again until you get it right.

    This infographic is about delivering an Elevator Pitch.
    This infographic is about delivering an Elevator Pitch.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid  

    The following common mistakes should be avoided when writing your pitch to ensure your brief speech is effective enough to earn you a second conversation:

    Writing a long pitch

    Avoid rambling on and writing a long pitch. A long pitch, past 30 seconds, tends to be non-specific, lacks proper action, and does not have attention-grabbing facts. That means, your prospect will lose interest and might even dismiss you for failure to understand your pitch. To ensure your pitch is not too long, avoid providing too many details about yourself and background details about the company.

    Using too much jargon

    When writing your pitch, avoid using too much jargon and instead use simple language that is easy to understand. Using too much jargon means that someone without the proper technical knowledge will not be able to comprehend your speech. Also, too much industrial jargon will make it difficult for the prospect to understand what you are saying within those 30 seconds.

    Providing no proof of your achievements

    Although your pitch must be short, failing to provide proof of your company’s achievements might discourage prospects such as investors. Try and provide reliable results to show that you have customers who are interested in your products and services.

    Writing an emotionless pitch

    If you fail to show emotion and enthusiasm in your pitch, people with think that you do not believe in yourself and your company or business. That means you must write an emotional pitch that will provoke prospects to make favorable decisions about you and your business.

    Business Elevator Pitch Examples

    Here are some pitch examples for various businesses. You can use these as a guide when targeting a particular prospect, such as a customer, an investor, or a fellow professional:

    Example 1: Sales representative (to customer)

    I am Richards Feynman, a sales representative of XYZ Company. Do you like having handwritten notes but hate having lots of notebooks that you tend to misplace? XYZ Company offers you paperless notebooks. With our paperless notebooks, you can take handwritten notes and convert them to text. These notebooks allow you to set up folders to arrange your notes, download customizable templates and make planners. Our notebooks do not have any social media, so there are no distractions. They are also very affordable and come with a great warranty. Visit our offices on the third floor and check out our paperless notebooks.

    Example 2: Owns a warehousing company

    My name is Rebecca Williams, and I own a small company that offers warehousing services. As a consumer, you have likely ordered goods online from different locations. With our help, you can receive your orders on time, have someone to be held accountable and pay reduced transportation costs. We have an app that you can install, and with just a touch of a button, we will be here to help. Zelt Warehousing Company is exactly what you need for easier shipping and safe delivery. Here is my business card; check out our website or call us on the numbers provided for further details.

    Example 3: Customer service representative

    Hello, my name is Philip Miami and as a customer service representative, I believe that failure to properly care for the customers is detrimental to any business. I believe in connecting with customers at a personal level. Since this is a big issue for most businesses, our company’s help is exactly what you need. We pride ourselves in setting up proper feedback systems that will flag any issues raised by customers. This system makes it easy to personalize your customer service leading to more satisfied customers. Here is my business card. Please feel free to reach out for further discussions.

    Example 4: Digital marketer

    As a digital marketer, I am aware of how many potential customers are behind the screen consuming content from different social media platforms. However, I understand that viewership does not necessarily translate to product sales. That is why; I believe that creating the Ultimate Buyer Journey will increase the consumers’ shopping and consumption experience. This is because this system will strategically optimize consumers’ online presence and present them with exactly what they need. Also, implementing this system guarantees an increase of between 15% and 25% in your sales, which leads to increased profits. For more information about this system, please feel free to call me for a meeting.

    Example 5: Research institution

    At Milestone Research Centre, we pride ourselves in developing new technology and medicine that aligns with our mission of saving and improving lives. For 65 years, we have been researching and discovering solutions for the world’s most challenging diseases. As the lead scientist of the current project aimed at creating an effective and reliable vaccine for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), I believe that Vaccine X is the solution to this nemesis that has claimed the lives of our loved ones. Our doors are open for you to contribute to the future of medicine.

    Example 6: Therapy and counseling services

    Mental health is an important yet neglected issue in our society. Whether you were told to shun away from addressing these matters or have no idea where to start regarding this subject, our Hope Online Therapy is the answer you need. We offer online-based therapy and counseling services where you can chat or call our professionals if you need our services. Our establishment is dedicated to creating a convenient and safe environment for your mental health at an affordable price. Check out our website and book an appointment today!

    Example 7: Banking and investment services

    At United Banking, we know that investing is not just about creating wealth but also about what money can do for you. Our mission is to help people make the right money choices. We provide you with proper investment advice to ensure that your financial decisions benefit your future and your loved ones. The idea is to help you achieve what is important to you. We offer detailed and understandable investment advice for beginners, intermediate, and experts. The use of technology also means that our services are easily accessible from the convenience of your preferred location. Access our website today and sign up for classes to secure your financial future!

    Example 8: Business entrepreneur

    As a consumer, I am aware that you use paper bags when carrying your goods. What if I tell you that there is a better option that serves the same purpose but saves you money and does not pollute the environment? Save the Earth Company introduces to you our new lightweight, fashionable, reusable, and eco-friendly non-woven shopping bags. Being reusable means that these bags will help reduce your carbon footprint. Also, our non-woven bags are made from durable and water-resistant material, enabling you to carry and even store different kinds of goods. Visit our shop at Align Centre today!

    Example 9: Remote salesperson (to investor)

    My name is Margaret King, a sales and marketing representative from ABC Company in charge of promoting remote selling. Remote selling is the way to add that personal touch to your marketing strategies without being in the field. Viva is a tool that we have created as a company to make remote selling easy. It is all about increasing your customer base and meeting the audiences’ preferences while reducing operational costs. With Vivo, you can easily and effectively conduct your sales cycle virtually; hence, improving your sales and marketing strategies online.

    Example 10: Wardrobe stylist

    I am Charles Hunters, a professional wardrobe stylist for media personalities. Dressing is a non-verbal communication that you should always take into consideration. I deal with great public figures, and I pride myself in my ability to clean out their closets, select appropriate attires for them based on their fashion need, shop for their clothes and mix and match their outfits to create a unique sense of style. With me on your team, it is all about saving time when picking out clothes but still being confident in what you wear. So make an appointment, and let’s talk more about styling your wardrobe.

    Example 11: Marketing leader at tech event

    “Hello, I’m Jane, the Head of Marketing at QuickTech. It’s fantastic to be here at this tech networking event. Have you ever faced the problem of gaining traction for your product in a saturated market? We have developed a targeted content strategy that not only draws attention but also sustains user engagement over time. Our team’s unique approach to combining SEO and personalized content has consistently resulted in a 30% increase in our client’s user base within the first quarter. Do you think a conversation about enhancing your content marketing might be valuable for your business? Here’s my card.”

    Example 12: Software developer at business meeting

    “Greetings, I’m Mike, a Software Developer at SilverLink. I’ve noticed that many companies are struggling with outdated software that negatively impacts their productivity. At SilverLink, we develop custom software solutions that help automate manual processes and streamline workflow. Our team’s expertise in the latest programming languages and technologies ensures our clients get a solution that’s both modern and efficient. I’d love to set up a time to discuss your specific software needs. Here’s my card.”

    Example 13: CEO of meal delivery service at casual meetup

    “Hi, my name is Emily, the CEO of GreenBite, a company committed to providing fresh, healthy meals on demand. Isn’t it tough to find nutritious meals when you’re swamped with work? Our ready-to-eat meals, delivered to your doorstep, take care of that problem. What sets us apart is our dedication to local, organic produce, ensuring you get the most nutritious and eco-friendly meals. I’d love to give you a week’s trial, so you can experience the difference. Here’s my card.”

    Example 14: AI researcher at tech conference

    “Hello, I’m Alex, an Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Future Minds. We’re at a stage where businesses struggle to sift through vast amounts of data for useful insights. Our AI algorithms are designed to extract meaningful data, making decision-making more efficient. What makes us unique is our model’s ability to adapt and learn over time, providing increasingly accurate results. Could we set up a call to discuss the data challenges you’re facing? Here’s my card.”

    Example 15: HR manager at leadership seminar

    “Greetings, I’m Laura, an HR Manager at PeopleFirst. It’s great to meet you at this leadership seminar. I know how challenging it can be to maintain a positive and motivated workforce. We’ve developed an employee engagement program that has shown to increase productivity by 25% on average. Our methods, including regular feedback and recognition, have created a company culture that competitors find hard to match. How about a coffee meeting to discuss some innovative HR strategies? Here’s my card.”

    Example 16: Financial advisor at investment seminar

    “Hi, I’m Kevin, a Financial Advisor at SecureFuture. It’s great to meet you at this investment seminar. In a volatile market, making solid investment decisions can be tricky. I specialize in developing personalized investment strategies to help clients achieve their financial goals. Our clients appreciate the research-based, individual-focused approach that distinguishes us from others. Could we schedule a call to discuss your financial planning needs? Here’s my card.”

    Example 17: Graphic designer at creative networking event

    “Hello, I’m Anna, a Graphic Designer at Creations Co. Have you ever felt your brand image doesn’t stand out in the cluttered digital space? I create custom design solutions that visually communicate your brand’s identity and values. My designs are not only unique but are also strategically created to resonate with your target audience. Would you be interested in a free brand consultation? Here’s my card.”

    Example 18: Sustainability consultant at environmental conference

    “Greetings, I’m Brian, a Sustainability Consultant at EcoNow. It’s great to see your company at this environmental conference. Many businesses struggle to meet sustainability goals while maintaining efficiency. We offer strategies and solutions that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save operational costs. We are unique in integrating business growth with environmental stewardship. Would you be open to a chat about your company’s sustainability goals? Here’s my card.”

    Example 19: Events manager at business expo

    “Hello, I’m Lily, an Events Manager at ShowTime. It’s nice to meet you at this expo. Coordinating large-scale events can be a logistical nightmare, wouldn’t you agree? At ShowTime, we manage everything from concept to execution, ensuring your event is a roaring success. Our creative themes and meticulous planning make us stand out in the industry. Can we talk about your upcoming events and how we can make them memorable? Here’s my card.”

    Example 20: Realtor at casual meetup

    “Hi, I’m Tony, a Realtor at DreamSpaces. I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion about the stressful home-buying process. I offer personalized real estate services to help clients find their perfect home, relieving them of the stress. My knowledge of local markets and negotiation skills set me apart in the field. Maybe we can grab a coffee to discuss your housing needs? Here’s my card.”

    Example 21: Interior designer at home and garden expo

    “Hello, I’m Maria, an Interior Designer at Ambient Designs. It’s great to be here at this home and garden expo. Homeowners often struggle to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality. I design spaces that are both beautiful and practical, enhancing your quality of living. My ability to tailor designs according to each client’s unique style and needs makes me stand out. Can we arrange a time for a complimentary consultation? Here’s my card.”

    Example 22: Personal trainer at fitness expo

    “Greetings, I’m Sam, a Personal Trainer at FitLife. Don’t you just find it hard to maintain consistency in workouts? I offer tailored training and nutrition plans that fit your lifestyle, helping you achieve your fitness goals. What sets me apart is my commitment to making fitness a fun and sustainable lifestyle choice. How about a free session to get you started on your fitness journey? Here’s my card.”

    Example 23: Project manager at professional development seminar

    “Hello, I’m Sophie, a Project Manager at Success Inc. It’s fantastic to meet you at this professional development seminar. Businesses often struggle with keeping projects on track and within budget. I specialize in implementing project management methodologies that optimize resources and improve efficiency. My problem-solving skills and attention to detail distinguish me in the field. Would you like to discuss some of your upcoming projects? Here’s my card.”

    Example 24: Cybersecurity analyst at tech convention

    “Hi, I’m Jake, a Cybersecurity Analyst at SecureNet. It’s great to meet you at this tech convention. Cyber threats are a constant concern for businesses, aren’t they? I help businesses protect their digital assets through robust security systems. My expertise in identifying and mitigating potential threats gives our clients peace of mind. Can we schedule a call to discuss your cybersecurity needs? Here’s my card.”

    Example 25: Sales manager at business conference

    “Greetings, I’m Lisa, a Sales Manager at Growth Engine. Finding the right sales strategy can be a tough game, right? I’ve developed techniques that help businesses increase their sales by an average of 35%. My unique approach of building relationships with clients rather than simply selling products sets me apart. Would you be interested in a chat about your sales strategy? Here’s my card.”

    Pitch Deck Vs. Elevator Pitch 

    An elevator pitch and a pitch deck are sometimes confused with each other and used wrongly in the business world. However, these two concepts are entirely different in various ways. The pitch is a 30-second speech that you prepare to introduce yourself and your company or business to someone. It is used by entrepreneurs to intrigue potential investors, by job candidates looking for work, and even by business people to share details about their products or services.

    On the other hand, a pitch deck is a 10 to 15-slide presentation that you prepare to introduce your business proposal to prospective investors. The idea is to provide key details of your business to convince them to support your business financially. While the pitch allows you to make a good first impression, a pitch deck is usually presented during that second conversation, where you have earned a meeting to expound on the brief details you shared during that “elevator ride.”

    Final Thoughts

    An elevator pitch is a short and memorable speech that will allow you to earn that second conversation with a prospect who can become an investor, a trusted business partner, or even a long-lasting customer/client. This speech is vital in business and should be about 30 seconds long to be effective. With this pitch, you get a chance to make a good first impression while showing off your solutions and strengths in a brief yet detailed manner.

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