Babysitter Resume Samples (Skills, Objective, Format & More)

As a babysitter, your main goal will be to take care of children for their parents on a temporary basis. This could be during the summer, on the weekends, or at night while the parent is away. The abilities and qualities required for this position are outlined in a resume for a babysitter. 

Even though most babysitting jobs will be entry-level or part-time, they may still be challenging. Most parents understand that they need a true professional to handle the responsibility of watching their children, even for a few hours. This means they will look for a variety of skills, from caretaking to decision-making and interpersonal skills. In addition, they want to ensure the babysitter can keep their children entertained during the duration of the job. 

By using compelling language, highlighting the relevant attributes, and demonstrating the right personality traits, you can convince the parents that you are suitable for the job, even before being asked to come for an interview. 

Babysitter Resume (Samples & Free Templates)

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    How Should You Format Your Resume?

    The formatting of your resume will be just as important as the information you include in it. If the document is unorganized and unprofessional, it is possible that the family will not even read it. However, there are a few tips that you can use to help write a professional resume. 

    The most important part is your past experience. You can choose to go with a reverse chronological format or a functional resume. In a reverse chronological format, you will list your work history from most recent to oldest, along with any extracurricular activities or unique skills. This format of resume is suitable if you already have some previous work experience. A functional resume is a good option if you do not have much work experience.

    Instead of showing a big gap in the employment section of the resume, you would use the functional resume to highlight your educational qualifications, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and skills that will help you demonstrate that you can be a good babysitter.   

    For the layout, Garamond is the most suitable font, with a size between 10 and 12 points. Keep some white space on the sides and bottom with one-inch margins, and do not exceed more than one page in length.

    A Step-By-Step Guide for Writing an Effective Babysitter Resume

    Writing a resume does not have to be difficult. It can be easily prepared if you follow the tips provided in this article.

    Follow the step-by-step guide in the following section to create it effectively for a babysitter’s job. 

     Step 1: Create a resume header

    The first step is to add a header. This will often include your contact information so the family can easily contact you if they wish. Add your name and address, along with the city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address. Adding your picture, a LinkedIn page, and a professional website can help make a good impression as a professional. 


    Erin Maths
    245 Tanglewood Ln
    Lincoln, NE 68535

    Step 2: Write a compelling profile summary

    A profile summary highlights your skills and why you are the perfect candidate for this position. It should not be more than two or three sentences. Briefly describe any experience you have had as a babysitter and how you will provide assistance to the family in this new position. If there is space, add in some of your top professional achievements. 


    Keywords are critical when writing a compelling profile summary. You want the employer to see these as soon as they look at the document, so they feel an instant connection with your document.

    Some great keywords to use in your profile summary include conflict resolution, reliability, dependability, work ethic, communication skills, organization, interpersonal skills, trustworthiness, and honesty. Look at the job description to see if there are other keywords that you can add to the summary. 

    You can also quantify your experience by discussing how many years you worked in your role. Even a part-time babysitter can mention how many hours they have spent taking care of children to accurately describe how much experience they have. Use your summary to answer what age group of children you can work with, whether you can handle additional tasks outside of childcare, your preferred schedule, and your personality.


    I am a dependable and honest childcare provider with 4 years of experience at a daycare facility watching children aged 4 to 8. Through my work, I resolved conflicts between children, kept  lines of communication open between parents and other facility workers, and ensured that the daycare room was kept organized at all times. 


    Your summary needs to be short. You want to highlight why you are the best candidate without using too much space on the resume. You will have succeeded if you can write it succinctly and if the family can read it in a few seconds.

    Step 3: Outline your employment history

    There are many ways that you can share your experience in childcare. If you have trouble describing your experience, the STAR method is ideal for you. The STAR method stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Consider the various unusual circumstances in which you have previously worked, the tasks you faced, the strategy you used, and whether it was effective. Keep this brief while sharing a lot of information with the employer.

    As you write about your work experience, include the children’s ages and any relevant information with real numbers. The age of the children will matter because each age group will have unique needs and challenges. 


    • Helped coordinate and manage 20+ playdates with other families, helping watch children and organizing snacks, show-up times, and end times.
    • While their parents were at work, looked after a 2-year-old girl and two 9-year-old twins.


    Sometimes, you will have a list of babysitting jobs that you can add to the resume to impress the family. However, if you have just started this career, you do not have to leave the resume blank. Add in volunteer experiences as well. This shows that you have been active in other areas and possess some of the skills that the family may need. 

    Step 4: List your education

    Add a section to your resume about any relevant education you have received. If you have attended school for childcare or child education, or are currently attending, you should mention this. Families will be interested in learning more about this and may be more inclined to hire you with this experience. If you do not have this education, you may skip the section or add any additional certifications you may have that can assist you with your work as a babysitter. Moreover, employers will feel more confident about hiring you if you know how to care for their children, especially in an emergency.

    Some of the certifications that you can list on your resume include:

    • American Red Cross CPR certification
    • Connection Centered Discipline Nanny certification
    • Red Cross Water Safety certification
    • INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment
    • First Aid certification
    • Childcare or babysitting certification
    • Training courses in the discipline, safety, and behavior with children

    These certifications may not be necessary, but they can help you stand out from some of the other applicants. 


    In my role as a childcare provider, I have obtained the American Red Cross CPR Certification and the Red Cross Water Safety Certification to provide the best care for children even in an emergency situation.

    Step 5: Highlight relevant babysitting skills

    The exact skills that you have for babysitting will depend on your past work experience.


    If you know how to change diapers and make bottles, you will find that it is easier to get childcare positions for taking care of younger children.

    Incorporate both hard and soft skills into your resume. You can learn hard skills from hands-on experiences, such as helping your parents take care of your younger siblings or past babysitting jobs. Soft skills are like personality traits, such as communication, honesty, and trustworthiness. Your employer will be interested in both types of skills before hiring you.

    It is also important to note how it is becoming more common for children of all ages to use technology for fun and in school. Employers will need a babysitter with some technical skills. While you do not need to be a computer expert, knowing how to help with homework, how to use a tablet, and having basic computer skills can help. Consequently, include these on your resume as well.

    for you

    When you want to show that you are perfect as a professional babysitter, you must show the right skills that the employer requests. You should never try to mention an extensive list of skills. Instead, focus on the few that you are confident about and can demonstrate to the family as well. 

    Some of the skills you can add to your resume include:

    Hard SkillsSoft Skills
    Reading to childrenTime management skills
    Potty trainingDisciplinary skills
    Administering first aid and medicationsA positive outlook and friendliness
    Cleaning Conflict resolution
    Bottle feedingCommunication skills
    Child proofing roomsCustomer service skills
    Helping children get dressedCaring and empathetic
    Performing CPRPatience
    Tutoring childrenInterpersonal skills
    Changing diapersProblem-solving skills
    Providing medications to the childrenCaring and empathetic attitude
    Ability to bend and lift during the dayPeople skills
    Preparing food for the childrenResponsible and focused
    Medication dosingFriendliness
    Tutoring children of any ageCompassion
    Diet monitoring servicesPersuasion
    Entertaining childrenListening


    I have worked with younger children and have experience changing diapers, preparing bottles, and potty training toddlers in a caring and friendly manner. I can perform CPR and first aid when necessary while staying calm and focused on the child. While working with your child, I can assist in preparing food, keeping the home clean, and administering medication when necessary. I also provide tutoring and music lessons for children.

    Step 6: Add a few other sections

    You can consider adding a few other sections to your resume based on the skills and experience you possess for this type of career.


    If you have additional training and certifications beyond a high school diploma that can aid you in watching children, then you can add this to this document as well. 

    Many babysitters will include courses that provide certification upon successful completion, such as infant care classes, lifeguard training, or nanny basic skills assessments. Finally, those who are currently studying or have studied education or early childhood development should also list that.

    Add an “other” section at the end of the resume to include any of the certifications listed above, club or group memberships, volunteer activities, awards and honors, or other information that helps showcase your skills and ability to be a great babysitter. 

    Many families who are looking for a regular babysitter are interested in finding someone who can help teach their children a second language. A babysitter who has expertise in a language can be a great asset. If this is a skill you have, then make sure to include this information and your level of competency too. 


    I grew up in a bilingual household, speaking Spanish with my mother and grandmother. I am happy to help teach Spanish to the children I babysit.  

    Tips for Babysitter’s Job Resume

    As you start writing your resume, you may be unsure of what to include in it and how to effectively write one. 

    Some of the simple tips you can follow to write it perfectly include the following: 

    1. Add an “elevator pitch” in your summary

    At the beginning of the resume, add a few sentences that help summarize some of your skills, experience, and achievements related to babysitting. If possible, give specific examples of your abilities, especially if they will be strong enough to distinguish you from some of the others who apply for the same job.                                                                           

    2. Include keywords from the job description

    Review the job posting for the babysitter position. Are there a few keywords used throughout the text? Customize the resume to add these keywords to increase your chances of being selected for an interview. Read the job description carefully and take note of any specific qualifications required by the employer, as well as the ages of all children and other details. Try to tailor your CV so that it addresses all of these requirements.    

    3. Use powerful action verbs

    Make sure to use action verbs to demonstrate your achievements and contributions. Use words like “created,” “reorganized,” and “initiated” to show that you are energetic and proactive. These are much better than saying that you “were tasked with” doing an activity. Families want to hire a babysitter who is energetic and willing to work 

    Some of the action verbs that you can use on your resume include the following:

    • Led
    • Ensured
    • Cared
    • Cleaned
    • Arranged
    • Played
    • Supported
    • Looked
    • Enhanced
    • Prepared
    • Volunteered
    • Created
    •  Guided
    •  Monitored
    • Took
    • Helped

    These action verbs help show the potential employer that you are proactive with your work and that you are happy to utilize these skills to assist in caring for their children. 

    4. Keep personal information confidential

    Be careful with the information you reveal to a potential employer about previous employers. You can include previous work experience,


    Keep the confidential information of previous employers private. If you have any concerns about the information you should provide, you should always consult with your previous employer.

    Of course, this also applies to your own personal information. Some basic information, like an email address, can help them contact you, but they do not need to know everything about you.

    5. Be honest

    Be truthful and honest about any information that you provide in the CV. Honesty is always important, but especially for sensitive jobs, like when you are tasked with looking after someone else’s children. Your future or present employer will eventually discover even a small lie, which is enough to ruin your reputation in this field. Just be honest about the skills you have and what you can offer as a babysitter. 

    6. Proofread

    Review and proofread the resume before sending it to a potential employer. A document that has errors will not help your image. If you think it is necessary, ask someone else to review it to make sure it is error-free. Double-check for grammatical and spelling mistakes and ensure all information is accurate. 

    7. Save it as a PDF file

    When writing and sending your resume, it is best to save it as a PDF file. With this format, the formatting will always be preserved regardless of the device it is opened on, and the applicant tracking system can always read this format if necessary.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a babysitter do?

    A babysitter is responsible for taking care of a child or children while the parents are gone. Depending on the age of the children and how long the parents will be gone, as well as the time of day, the babysitter may prepare meals and snacks, help with tutoring or homework, do some light housework, take the children to and from activities, and overall ensure that the children stay safe.

    How long should a babysitter’s resume be? 

    You need to keep it brief and concise. If you make it too long, the employer will get tired of reading it and may not consider it. This is not a good sign if you want to get the position. Keep your resume to a maximum of one page.

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