12 Free Resume Templates for Data Entry Operators

Data entry is a profession where employees are responsible for collecting, compiling, inputting, and manipulating information into a company’s computer systems–such as databases or spreadsheets. Therefore, it is essential to create a resume that showcases your most relevant experience and skills to land the job of data entry. Data entry heavily relies on computer skills as it is centered on transferring data from paper to computers and other digital platforms.

So, what are the responsibilities of a data entry clerk or processor? They are responsible for typing and converting numbers, words, and symbols into data that is easy to understand, organize/sort, and scan digitally. This may involve converting handwritten information into digital text and transcribing audio or video information into readable data such as text. A strong resume for a data entry job should thus highlight your capabilities in performing such or similar tasks. This article will guide you on how to write your resume to secure interviews and data entry jobs.

Choose the Best Format

Experience is critical in proving your suitability for a data entry job. As a result, the most suitable format for a data entry resume is a reverse chronological resume. This is because this format focuses on your previous work history and experience, starting from the most recent and going backward. Therefore, with such a resume format, you can rely on your accomplishments and skills gained in each job to substantiate your suitability for the job. If you’re new to the industry, consider a functional resume format that focuses on what skills you can contribute to your new employers.

Some of the formatting guidelines you can consider include:

  • Use a professional font like Arial or Garamond and a font size of 12-14 pt.
  • Include the fundamental sections – Heading, summary/objective statement, work history/experience, education, and skills
  • Create a one-page long resume
  • Save and submit the resume as a PDF. It is widely accepted by recruiters and is ATS (applicant tracking system)-friendly

Components of a Data Entry Resume

For an effective data entry clerk/processor resume, you should always ensure that your resume is easy to read, ATS-friendly, error-free, and, most importantly, persuasive to the employer.

To achieve this, the following are the critical components of a data entry resume you should consider adding:

A detailed header

The resume starts with a heading at the top that indicates personal details that introduce you to the potential employer. This section should indicate your full name, occupation/job title, address, phone number, email address, and any of your online professional profiles or portfolio, such as a LinkedIn profile.

Bad example

Data entry clerk
98-333 950-44

Good example

Data entry clerk
14 Melbourne Street, Pretoria, GA 2337 | milesben193@email.com | 703 6471 1308

Eye-catching objective/ summary statement

It would be best if you began to market yourself to the recruiter by providing an objective or summary statement in 2-3 sentences. An objective is for job applicants with little professional experience or entry-level applicants. An objective discusses your career goals, qualifications, skills, and relevant experience.

Bad example

Recent graduate looking for a data entry job. Fast typing skills, organized, and MS Office Suite. I am qualified for the position and believe I can be an asset to the company.

Good example

Qualified data entry with an 80WPM typing rate seeking a full-time placement to demonstrate my data collecting, sorting, and filing competencies. Worked part-time as a data analyst at a marketing agency for five months. Proficient in MS Office Suite and CRM.  

A summary is meant for applicants with significant experience in data entry. The summary should reference your work experience. Consider using an adjective that best describes your character, such as reliable. Indicate years of experience (use numbers), indicate how you intend to contribute to the position, and mention your notable career highlights and several relevant skills.

Example – Bad

A data entry clerk with proven experience in data entry, transcription, and filing. Keen to use my skills and knowledge gained during my work experience to work and achieve the set objectives at your organization.

Example – Good

Qualified data entry clerk with eight years of experience. Detail-oriented with a positive attitude, works well under pressure, and enjoys multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment. Averages 99% accuracy with an 80 WPM typing rate. I intend to fully utilize my extensive experience and skillset to become an asset to the company.

Employment history details

This section of your resume for a data entry job highlights your achievements in previous workplaces. It’s essential to keep this section short as it describes your previous jobs, skills, and accomplishments from the past ten years. Use action verbs to describe your skills, achievements, and responsibilities and substantiate using facts and figures.

This section should include employment dates, job titles, and roles for a good data entry clerk resume. Also, include detailed information on your responsibilities, including those specific to a particular department or role.

Example – Bad

Data entry clerk
2011-Present | Data collection and entry 

  • Data processing, digitizing, and filing in MS Excel and MS Word
  • Duplication of documents in the photocopier, scanner, and printer
  • Associated me with the different departments at the company
  • Co-ordinated duties with other data entry clerks and processors to complete various tasks efficiently
  • Assisted in quality control of data
  • Conducted monthly and weekly counts of documents

Example – Good

Data Entry Specialist
USCIS Office, Washington DC
2021 – Present

  • Performed data entry and filing tasks on Microsoft Windows and Mac-based PCs.
  • Converted handwritten information into digital text of more than 100 documents per day
  • Sorted data every week to ensure the company has an organized digital database
  • Distributed sorted data to the respective departments through email, courier, postage, and fax
  • Transcribed audio and video information from remote ZOOM meetings into digital text (PDF, Word, and Spreadsheets) 

Education details

Next, outline your educational qualifications. This section indicates the level of academic qualification, the number of years you were in school, university, or training, and the degree (if applicable) you obtained. A degree is not a requirement in data entry. Certifications and exceptional credentials can also be included in this section. Outline the qualifications in reverse chronological order – from recent going backward.

Example – Bad

Hilltop Highschool
GPA of 3.9

Example – Good

Bucknell High School, Lewisburg, PA

  • Graduated at the top of my class
  • Took statistics classes (Statistics I and II)

Skills section

You must highlight your skills and abilities to enable employers to judge your worthiness for a data entry clerk position. A strong resume for a data entry job should thus cite examples of skills you have gained from previous jobs and training. Include hard and soft skills. However, prioritize technical/hard skills as they are much needed in data entry. For example, list relevant computer application programs, software, business strategies, and procedures that you’re familiar with and help perform responsibilities as a data entry clerk.

Examples of skills you can include in a resume for a data entry job:

Hard skills

  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Access
  • Apple Numbers
  • Data analysis
  • Clerical skills
  • Claris File maker Pro
  • Data entry
  • Typing
  • Social media
  • Typing proficiency
  • Administrative assistance
  • Office Administration
  • Online data entry

Soft skills

  • Research
  • Customer service
  • Phone etiquette
  • Customer satisfaction

Tip: Always tailor your resume to the specific job description issued by your employer. Identify which keywords the employer has used and incorporate or reference them in the experience and skills sections.

Free Templates: Data Analyst Resumes

You can use templates to simplify the writing process of data entry resumes. The readers can download such free templates from this site. These templates are professionally designed to incorporate the essential components of a resume to save time and effort in creating a resume from scratch. However, don’t copy the provided templates precisely as they are because they may not accurately reflect your skills, experience, and achievements. Instead, customize these templates of your data entry resume to focus on the employer’s needs and job description and showcase your skills related to the specific position.

Free Data Entry Job Resume Template - Editable Format
Data Entry Job Resume Example - Professional Sample
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Data Entry Job Resume - Well-Structured Sample

    Consider Some Tips

    A solid data entry resume can make all the difference in securing you the data entry job. Consider the following writing tips to produce an exceptional data entry resume that sets you apart from other applicants:

    Add hard numbers to bullet points  

    Numbers are an excellent way to contextualize your capabilities and achievements in past jobs. Include numbers where possible. They illustrate what you can do for the employer better than statements without supporting data.

    Add action verbs

    Including action verbs (verbs that show doing) within your job description, especially when detailing duties and responsibilities, makes your resume more specific, dynamic, and engaging. They also present you as a proactive data entry clerk. So, each bullet point should begin with an action verb.

    Examples of action verbs to look into include:

    • Applied
    • Validated
    • Improved   
    • Budgeted
    • Audited
    • Researched
    • Checked
    • Standardized
    • Reported
    • Systemized
    • Cataloged
    • Prepared
    • Verified
    • Executed
    • Performed  
    • Prioritized  
    • Typed
    • Operated
    • Arranged
    • Oversaw 
    • Sorted
    • Collected
    • Derived
    • Evaluated
    • Transmitted
    • Assessed
    • Predicted
    • Processed
    • Summarized
    • Compiled   
    • Followed
    • Modeled
    • Distributed
    • Forecasted
    • Calculated
    • Analyzed

    Include relevant tools you are familiar with

    Data entry involves interacting with multiple data management tools. So, add programs, databases, and critical applications you use daily in your data entry job. Examples include MS Word, Google Docs, Excel, etc. Also, review the job description, identify specific tools the employer may be looking for, and include them in your resume. You can also mention the tools needed to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job you’re applying for.

    Add some additional sections to your resume

    Use additional sections to illustrate your suitability as an employee for the company as much as possible. These sections include volunteer work, clubs, languages, certifications, typing test results, relevant classes you’ve undertaken, hobbies, etc.

    Review the job ad

    Review the job advertisement and try to match your experience and qualifications to the job requirements. Also, identify keywords and specific certifications. Finally, create a list and see which requirements you’ve met, and incorporate them in your data entry resume.

    Personalize your resume every time you apply

    You need to personalize your resume every time you apply for a job. Different jobs will have different requirements, even within the same profession. Tailoring your resume to match the job and employer’s requirements increases your chances of securing the job you’re applying for.

    Utilize the same language as used in the job ad

    Carefully analyze the job ad and mimic the language used. For example, if the job description states “Detail oriented, “ do not use “Attention to detail,” the ATS doesn’t interpret the two as the same, even though they have similar meanings. So, use keywords and phrases used by the employer. This results in an ATS-friendly resume and thus increases your chances of landing a job interview.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a good data entry resume look like?

    A resume for data entry shows how you’re a good match for the advertised job. It also highlights your experience and skills and matches them to the employer’s requirements. To ensure that your resume is perfect, choose a resume format that brings forth your best abilities forward and try to create a balance between hard and soft skills. Also, it pays to look at some sample data entry resumes.

    How do you effectively highlight soft skills on a data entry resume?

    Soft skills are essential to employers and are often overlooked by job applicants. So, you must include several soft skills in your resume to present yourself as an all-rounded candidate. But, first, review the job description to identify the skills the employer will predominantly be looking for in an employee. 

    How do you best describe achievements on a resume?

    Achievements refer to job-related tasks that you performed and attained noteworthy results. The most effective approach to outlining your achievements is by quantifying the outcomes of your contributions in previous jobs. Therefore, use metrics to illustrate your contributions to previous companies rather than simply listing your responsibilities.

    How do I make my resume get past an ATS?

    Most employers will be using ATS in the current job market. The system checks to see if your resume matches any keywords and job requirements in its database and outputs a score. If it finds that there are no matches, your resume is not screened and ranked, and you will likely not be contacted for an interview or may get rejected altogether since you are not a strong match for the job. It is thus crucial to create an ATS-friendly data entry resume. To do so, review each job posting you are applying for and personalize the resume to match the specific job requirements. Also, utilize the employer’s language in your resume’s job description. This boosts your chances of getting a high score from the ATS.

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