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A cleaning service agreement is an agreement between two parties – a client and a service provider. Generally, these are one-time agreements and so, are fairly simple contracts to draft. That being said, the scope of the cleaning job itself is extremely wide and can vary on a case to case basis. Fear not, however. We’ve compiled a guide to help draft a cleaning service contract that can be modified to best suit each situation!

How to Draft a Cleaning Service Contract

When drafting a cleaning service contract, there are several things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips for drafting a legally valid document that safeguards the interests of both parties;

  • The agreement can be made between many parties – homeowners, businesses, offices, schools, etc. This list of clients is practically endless, and so, the cleaning service itself should modify the contract according to the client and the job.
  • Each section can be customized depending on the needs and so, cleaning businesses may use the template as a whole, or choose to modify certain sections that may need editing!
  • A cleaning services contract also provides channels through which dispute resolution can take place, while also explicitly outlining the course of action that parties may be entitled in case of a breach. As a result, it serves to protect the interests of both the client, as well as the service provider!

Cleaning Service Contract Template

As we said earlier, a cleaning services contract may be required for several reasons. Large scale cleaning companies, small, family-owned cleaning businesses, and even independent contractors that offer cleaning services will need such a contract to protect their interests, particularly in legal terms. Below, you’ll find a template that may be used as-is or modified to suit the needs of any cleaning service provider!


The parties, i.e the “Client” _ and the “Service Provider” <___________> (Service provider name) hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this cleaning services contract agreement. They are collective to be referred to as “the parties.”

I. The client wishes to enlist the service provider to perform one or more of the following service(s);

A. Maintenance

B. Restroom Cleaning

C. Garbage Disposal

D. Power Washing

E. Window Cleaning

F. Additional Services ________________ (Clients must specify what exactly they require.)

II. The agreement is slated to commence on <______> (Start Date) and subsequently end on <________> (End Date) If either party wishes to terminate the agreement prematurely, they must provide written notice in advance of a minimum of 14 days (This may be changed) to the other party.

III. The service provider agrees to provide and service the client to the best of their abilities. The client, as a result, possesses the right to, at any point within the term dates specified in Section I, inspect the area for performance. In the case of errors, faults, and/or damages, the client hereby possesses the right to delay payment until said errors, faults, and/or damages are addressed by the service provider.

IV. The Service Provider hereby agrees to perform the duties enlisted in Section I and shall invoice the client upon completion. Payment will be due within 30 days of reception of the invoice. The client hereby agrees to pay the service provider the following amounts;

(Here, the service provider will need to list their charges for each of the services they offer!)

Payments are scheduled to be made by the following method;

(Here, the service provider will need to specify how they are to receive the payment.)

V. The Service Provider hereby agrees to maintain confidentiality regarding the client’s premises and to maintain any information that is not openly known to the public as such. In the case of breach of confidentiality, the client is thereby entitled to full legal remedies.

VI. The Service Provider hereby agrees, upon completion of the job(s) specified in Section 1, to turn over any property provided by the client back into the client’s possession.

VII. Any notice between the parties must be provided in written form to the following mailing addresses;

Client – __________________________________________

Service Provider – __________________________________

VIII. This agreement hereby represents a Cleaning Services contract between the parties as mentioned above and is a comprehensive understanding between the two parties. Subsequently, it supersedes any prior contractual or non-contractual agreement between the two parties mentioned, i.e. the “client” and the “Service Provider.”

Client Name Service Provider _______

Client Signature _ Service Provider Signature

Date __

cleaning services contract agreement doc

free printable cleaning contract template pdf

    When Would You Require a Cleaning Service Agreement?

    A cleaning service is a rather simple term, but, in reality, it is one that represents a number of services that are essential to the maintenance of households, offices, business places, shops, restaurants, and almost any business! As a result, clients will have to have a contract that works for them, as they might have particular requests to make and/or special services that may need to be performed. Additionally, some clients may want to convert a one-time service into an ongoing arrangement, and so would prefer to sign a contract to formalize the arrangement.

    This is particularly important, as Cleaning Service Agreements typically have schedules laid out. Schedules can be very important to the proper functioning of a business, and with a Cleaning Service Contract, those schedules can be formalized and legally protected. Finally, cleaning service agreements help people maintain records, which helps for a number of purposes, such as organization, accounting, etc. For these reasons, a cleaning service agreement is an absolute must when enlisting such services.


    Do cleaners bring their own supplies?

    It largely depends on the size of the cleaning service you enlist, and the scale on which they operate. Smaller businesses are likely to have the bare necessities but might be able to afford large scale cleaning equipment, and so will need companies and businesses to provide said equipment. Larger-scale cleaning enterprises, however, will bring their own supplies and are likely to be very well equipped with the appropriate materials.

    What is included in a basic house cleaning?

    Once again, this may vary from one service provider to the next and will generally need to be discussed with them. That being said, the general convention dictates that a basic house cleaning usually consists of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors, thorough cleaning of the bathroom, buffing the carpet, and window washing.

    Is hiring a cleaner worth it?

    This depends highly on your budget and your needs. Typically, one would argue that in the case of big businesses, schools, offices, organizations, and institutions, a cleaning service is all but necessary. That being said, smaller homes don’t typically require a cleaning service, unless it is after a big event at said home. Large scale houses may require cleaning services every few months, along with a weekly plan to help maintain it and lower the dependency on cleaning services.

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