Free Cleaning Service Contract Templates (Word | PDF)

A cleaning service contract is a legally binding agreement between an individual or a cleaning company and their client.

It highlights what the company or individual will offer in terms of cleaning services in exchange for payment. This contract can be used either for commercial, such as janitorial services, or residential, such as housekeeping work.

The purpose of such agreements is to specify the scope of work, expected payment, and frequency of payment (weekly or monthly). 

Some alternative names for the contract for providing cleaning services include the following:

  • Commercial cleaning contract
  • Janitorial services contract
  • Cleaning services agreement
  • Maid service contract
  • Building cleaning contract
  • Facility maintenance agreement
  • Custodial services contract
  • Housekeeping services agreement
  • Residential cleaning services agreement
  • Office cleaning agreement

This article will explain when you can use a contract for your cleaning services. It will also highlight the information you should include in a template for a cleaning service contract and the importance of using this document.

What is a Cleaning Service Contract Template?

A cleaning service contract template is a pre-made document that outlines the terms and conditions of a cleaning service arrangement between you and the client.

This document makes it easier for you to prepare a written agreement highlighting the scope of your work, payment terms, duration of the arrangement, and the rights and responsibilities of each party, along with other relevant details. 

It provides a legal framework for you and your client by clearly defining the expectations of the agreement. There are specific instances when you must use this contract, which include the following:

  • When you are tasked to clean an apartment, house, pool, residential building, or an office
  • When you are hired to work either one-time or have recurring work
  • When you are needed to clean a carpet or a drain
  • When you are selling goods such as cleaning products as part of your cleaning services

Contract templates can be created using MS Word. These documents are meant to make your work easier since they can be prepared once and used multiple times. In addition, they can be edited and customized to suit your requirements, which makes them flexible tools. They also offer a variety of features to format the document. They make it easier to share and guarantee consistency in the structure of your contract.

Free Templates

Given below are cleaning service contract templates:

Cleaning service contract form template

Printable cleaning service contract form

Cleaning service contract template with free download

Example of a customizable cleaning service contract

Editable cleaning service contract sample

Customizable cleaning service contract example

    Cleaning Service Contract Vs. Cleaning Service Proposal

    Although both documents are used in the cleaning industry, the cleaning service proposal differs from the contract. A cleaning service contract is a legally binding agreement between a cleaning company or individual and their client. It contains the terms and conditions of the agreement. It highlights the scope of the work, the payment amount, the payment terms, and the duration of the agreement.

    Conversely, the proposal targets a potential client by highlighting the services the company intends to offer them. They will focus on describing their services, prices, and the terms and conditions of the proposed arrangement. The aim is to persuade potential clients to choose their services.

    Essential Components of a Cleaning Service Contract Template

    A template should have specific sections and legal clauses to help you create a detailed and proper contract for your cleaning services. This information includes the following:


    The date indicates when the agreement is entered into and helps establish a timeline for the services to be provided. It is beneficial for record-keeping purposes and provides clarity on the effective date of the agreement.

    The location where the service will be performed

    Including the location helps identify the physical address or addresses where the cleaning services will be performed. This is particularly important if the agreement covers multiple locations or if there are specific areas within the client’s premises that require cleaning.

    Governing laws

    Specify the governing law that will be used to interpret the agreement. This is meant to determine the jurisdictional laws that will be applied to the contract. Ensure that this section also specifies the location where your cleaning services are required. You should include the exact address of the location.

    Information about the consenting parties

    This section of the template should include your and your client’s details. The full legal names, business names, official titles of signatories, addresses, contact information, and any other relevant details of both parties should be included.

    Scope of work

    For the scope of work section, you should indicate your cleaning services to ensure the client knows what to expect. The contract template should provide detailed information about your job, which may include:

    • The cleaning equipment (whether provided by the client or not)
    • The cleaning services include cleaning the house, pool, drain, etc.
    • The products to be used
    • The number of cleaners


    Whether the cleaning services are recurring or one-time, make sure your template includes a column for this information. It should also specify how often your client needs cleaning services during that period of time.

    Pricing and payment

    There should be a space for pricing and payment information. It should include the cost of your cleaning services. For a one-time job, you can have a flat rate or an hourly rate. For a recurring job, you can use an invoice to request payment. It can also be a weekly, monthly, or annual payment.

    Also, this section should inform them about the frequency of the payments; this is when you expect the payment for your services. You should also mention if you expect reimbursements for any costs you might incur during the arrangement, such as cleaning supplies and transport.

    Deposit amount 

    You should also include a column for the deposit amount you expect for your services. This section should include the amount, which is usually 10 to 50% of the total payment. A deposit is meant to ensure the client’s commitment.

    Late payment penalty

    The contract template should also have a section for penalties for late payment. Late payment penalties are charges imposed on the client when they fail to make payment by the specified due date. Including penalties in the agreement can help encourage timely payments and compensate the cleaning service provider for any inconvenience or additional costs incurred due to late payments

    General provisions

    General provisions, also known as miscellaneous or general terms, are clauses included in an agreement that cover various standard contractual aspects. These provisions are typically applied to the entire agreement and establish the rights, responsibilities, and procedures for both the service provider and the client.

    Here are some common general provisions found in cleaning service agreements::

    • Limitation of Liability. This protects you by limiting the amount of money that the client can recover from you for breaches, damages, and performance failures.
    • Warranties and disclaimers. A provision that outlines the warranties and any disclaimers regarding the quality of your work.
    • Entire agreement provision. It protects both parties from being liable for verbal statements or representations not included in the contract.
    • Severability. This provision states that if any part of the agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, it will not affect the enforceability or validity of the remaining provisions.
    • Amendments. This provision outlines the process for making changes or modifications to the agreement. Any amendments must typically be made in writing and signed by both parties in order to be considered valid.
    • Force Majeure. This provision outlines the parties’ rights and obligations in the event of unforeseen circumstances or events beyond their control that prevent them from fulfilling their obligations. 

    Duration and termination of the contract

    It is important to include a section in your document to indicate the duration of the contract and specify the termination notice required for ending the contract. It will highlight how long the arrangement will last. It will also include the written notice period either party must provide if they wish to terminate the contract. This section can also include circumstances that might lead to early contract termination and the consequences of early termination, especially if there is no notice.

    Confidentiality clause

    A confidentiality clause is meant to legally bind you from sharing your client’s private or sensitive information with the public. It means you cannot reveal confidential client information indefinitely or until the contract ends.

    Signature of both parties

    Finally, ensure the template has signature lines for you and your client. Both parties must sign the document to make it legally binding and effective. 

    Note: You can use MS Word to create your own contract templates for cleaning services. You should include the information mentioned above. This will ensure that your document is legal and complete. The Word format allows for the inclusion of digital signatures and ensures that the contract can be easily saved and shared electronically. However, if creating your own contract templates from scratch seems difficult, you can access and use the printable ones provided on our website for free. They can be downloaded and customized to suit your needs. This will make your work easier and save you time.

    This infographic is about mistakes to avoid for CSC template.
    This infographic is about mistakes to avoid for CSC template.

    Types of Cleaning Service Agreement Template

    There are three types of agreements for cleaning services that you can create. They include the following:

    Commercial cleaning service agreement

    This type of agreement is meant for cleaning services offered for commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, and retail stores. It highlights the cleaning tasks, the frequency of cleaning, and the payment terms, such as the amount and payment method.

    Residential cleaning service contract

    You should use this agreement when providing services to residential spaces such as apartments and houses. It specifies the expected cleaning services, the cleaning frequency, and the payment terms. The payment terms include the exact amount to be paid and the payment method to be used, such as cash or bank transfer.

    Construction cleaning service agreement

    This agreement lists the terms and conditions of the cleaning services required after a construction project is completed. It outlines the cleaning arrangement, such as the scope of work, payment terms, and any other relevant or special requirements. This type of cleaning work may involve cleaning up debris from the project, removing construction materials, or removing spilled paint.

    Significance of Using a Cleaning Service Contract

    A contract is meant to protect you legally while making it easier for your clients to identify their responsibilities and expectations with regard to the arrangement. With a contract, you can easily include the details of your services and explain how they will be performed. As a professional, you must have a well-written contract. 

    Below is a list of reasons why it is important to prepare an agreement for providing cleaning services:

    Clarifies expectations and communication

    When you have a contract, you can clearly communicate with your client and set expectations. You will be able to highlight all the relevant details, such as payment terms and the exact services you will perform. This means that the chances of misunderstandings or miscommunications are significantly reduced. 

    Using a contract means you will have all the details of your services mentioned in the form of a document. That means both parties will be aware of the framework of the arrangement. Therefore, your contract will offer legal protection to you and your client in the event of any dispute.

    Liability and insurance

    A contract can include provisions related to liability and insurance coverage. It can specify the extent of your liability for damages or losses that may occur during the cleaning process. Additionally, it can require your clients to maintain appropriate insurance coverage, providing an additional layer of protection for your business.


    Having a contract demonstrates your professionalism and your seriousness towards your clients. It will present you as a trustworthy business that is committed to providing high-quality cleaning services.

    Tip: It is essential to carefully review and customize the contract template to ensure that all terms and conditions accurately reflect the needs and expectations of the cleaning service provider and the client.


    A contract will also contain information about termination and cancellation clauses. It allows you to establish clear guidelines for both you and your clients. It outlines the conditions and notice period required for termination or cancellation, any associated fees, and the procedures to be followed. This protects you from sudden cancellations and ensures a fair and orderly termination process.

    More Samples

    Cleaning service contract form template

    Printable cleaning service contract form

    Cleaning service contract template with free download

    Example of a customizable cleaning service contract

    Editable cleaning service contract sample

    Customizable cleaning service contract example

      Downloadable cleaning service contract template - Doc format

      Free printable cleaning service contract template - PDF

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How long is the cleaning service agreement valid?

        It depends on the agreement you have with your client. The validity of this contract may range from a few months to several years or can be open-ended, with either party able to terminate the agreement with a notice period. The most important thing to do is to review the terms and conditions regularly so as to update them if needed, especially the renewal and termination clauses.

        What should be included in a cleaning service agreement?

        The agreement should include key information such as the names and contact details of the parties involved, a detailed description of the services to be provided, the frequency of services, pricing and payment terms, termination and cancellation clauses, liability provisions, and any additional terms or conditions specific to the agreement.

        Should the agreement include a confidentiality clause?

        Whether or not a confidentiality clause should be included in the agreement depends on your client and the type of cleaning services required, such as residential or commercial. Including a confidentiality clause in the agreement is particularly important if the cleaning service provider will have access to sensitive or proprietary information. It helps foster trust, protects the client’s confidential information, and demonstrates the commitment of the cleaning service provider to maintaining confidentiality throughout the engagement.

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