Free Contractor Invoice Templates (Independent, Self-employed)


Contractors are hired by an individual or a business to perform all kinds of work around their property. There are contractors that perform electrical work, roofing, plumbing, heating, painting, and more. The contractors work on the tasks for a specified time and supply labor along with materials. The contractor requires a method to provide a detailed summary of the work that was completed for the client or the business. A contractor invoice is used to take care of those important details for the contractor and to provide proof to the client that the work was completed and the contractor needs payment.

A contractor is a professional that is hired to complete certain tasks by a specific time. The Contractor Invoice Template is proof that the work requested was completed. For example, a painter is contracted to paint the outside of a building. They add the labor or hours worked to the template along with the materials that were used. All the labor and materials are added up and the template should show the amount required to pay the contractor for their services.

Contractor Invoice Format

1. Invoice number

This is a number that is specific for each invoice. It is crucial in tracking down transactions; thus, it should be unique. An invoice number can only carry numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. These numbers should be in a sequence. For example, 12345.

2. Limited company name

This is the name of the company offering the goods and services. The limited company name must appear in the invoice as it appears on the certificate of incorporation.

In case the company does not have a certificate of incorporation, the business name is the name officially registered with the organization. Also, inclusive is the company address, email address, and phone number.

3. Buyer’s name

The client’s name, email address, and phone number should be included in the invoice. The client’s information is important so that the person will get the invoice and make the payment.

4. Invoice date

This is the date the invoice was written, and the supply date of the goods and services.

5. Description of goods and services

The invoice should be descriptive enough to show the customers what to pay. The quantity of each item should be indicated and its price. The service provided should be explained in detail so that the customer is not left in doubt. The amount charged for the services should also be accounted for.

6. Sum up the money owed

It is necessary for the seller to show the total amount charged for the goods and services. If there is any discount given, it should be noted down and subtracted from the totals. The total amount should also include the VAT charged.

7. VAT Invoice

The invoice should include the VAT rate and the VAT charged on all the goods and services.

8. Payment Terms

Noting the terms of payment is important, although there is always an agreement before the goods and services are delivered. Inform the client on how to make the payment by providing the necessary details.

9. Shipment Details

This applies to the goods and services being shipped. The details include; the place of origin, the destination, and the means of shipment. The shipment number is also the reference number and is used to identify different items with their with clients.

Contractor Invoice Templates

Preparing just the right invoice is difficult. Fortunately, this page contains 5 Contractor Invoice Templates for you to consider. They are professionally crafted and will give any that uses the templates a very businesslike and professional look that will also make it very easy to keep track of all their professional work performed.

Consultant Invoice Template for Excel® :

Consultant Invoice Template for Excel®

Contractor Invoice Template

Consultant Invoice Template

Freelancer Contractor Invoice Template

Freelancer Contractor Invoice Template

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

Sample Contractor Invoice

Sample Contractor Invoice Template

Service Contractor Invoice Template

Service Contractor Invoice Template

A contractor invoice is a document issued to the buyer by the seller indicating the sales transactions for goods and services. Terms of payment are usually included in an invoice. These include the number of days given to make the payment and a discount, if any.

A standard invoice should consist of a professional design and format. This helps in making sure that the correct payment is done on time and also reflects well on your business. A professional format also features a clean and easy-to-read invoice and well-organized account details.

One can create their own contractor invoice using excel or word processor or download free templates from the internet. When creating a contractor invoice, you should consider using professional fonts and layout designs that match with your brand. The writer can also add a company logo if available and also colors to make it stylish.

It is also important to ensure your clients know it an invoice they are receiving by indicating the word invoice on the header of your document. This ensures you get paid on time since the invoice will be distinguished from other documents.