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As a contractor (freelance) offering services to different clients, being flexible and autonomous is usually highly beneficial. This is because you get to work directly with your clients and get paid without the need of an employer or broker (middleman). However, it would help to have a proper way of getting and accounting for your revenue and profits. That is why you always need to have a contractor invoice template to prepare.

As much as you get to work on a contract basis, acquire several clients, and negotiate for your payment directly, failure to prepare invoices for your clients after offering them your services may be detrimental to your work.

With a contractor invoice, you have just the proper document to indicate the kind of services you offer, the payment you expect, and any other fees you incurred, like consultation, materials, and labor. As a contractor, ensure that you always have a template to prepare one for any contracted service you offer.

This may include writing, gardening, photography, videography, building, and even carpentry. Also, it is wise to always keep a copy of the invoice for future reference when dealing with your clients and as financial or service records.

A contractor or freelancer invoice is a form used by a contractor to bill their clients after offering them specific services.

Whether it is photography or carpentry, you need to always provide a list of all the services you render. That is why you need an invoice template to do so.

Using a template will ensure that you have all the details of the services offered and work done. You should prepare and send your clients this invoice based on the time agreed upon by both of you. With an invoice, you will be assured of proper and secured billing and an effective way of organizing your accounting records.


When preparing this invoice, ensure you indicate any fees incurred and the payment you expect for the services offered or work done separately. The payment you expect from the client for the work is referred to as the contract price. The contract price should not be put together with the fees, including material costs, labor costs, GST (Goods and Services Tax), and HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).

Contractor Invoice Templates

Free Contractor Invoice Template 02 for Word

Free Contractor Invoice Template 03 for Word

Editable Contractor Invoice Template 04 for Word

Printable Contractor Invoice Template 05 for Word

Editable Contractor Invoice Template 06 for Word

Free Contractor Invoice Template 07 for Word

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Free Contractor Invoice Template 14 for Excel

    What should Your Contractor Invoice Include?

    When preparing your invoice, ensure that the document contains the critical information mentioned below. These components are essential and must be found in the template. With this information, you will have a complete invoice to ensure your clients understand what they are paying for and receive your entire payment.

    The header

    The header is the first piece of information in your invoice template that you will need to fill out. This section should contain the following information: the date, a unique number, your contact information, and any license information related to your contracting work.

    • The date: The date was the date when the invoice was prepared before being sent to the client. It should be indicated just below the header.
    • A unique number: Adding this is meant to keep track of the invoice to ensure you have well-organized financial records. This number should be unique so as to make it easier for you to refer to any invoice you may need. It is best to use a numbering system.
    • Your contact info: This will include your business name, complete address, email address, and phone number.
    • Include any license information: This may entail your company’s logo, address, and license number for proof of your company and its services. With this information, the client is able to verify that you have a credible business.

    Your client’s details

    You should also include your client’s details, including their name, email address, and phone number, in your template. You can also include their location by mentioning the name of their city. Your client’s details are essential and must be written correctly. You should include the name of the person who will receive the invoice if you are dealing with a company client that has a billing department.

    An itemized list of services

    The next component to be included in the template is the list of services offered. The description of services must be detailed yet brief, as you will have to mention all the specific information concerning the services you offer. The information you should mention includes the type of service, the hours spent on the services, the number of services, and the rate for the services offered.

    The rate of each service should also have a total at the end to give a clear amount. Ensure that the details are simple and easy for the client to understand to make the billing process faster.

    The template will provide properly detailed accounting records with an itemized list of services. Ensure that you take a few photos for the client to see your progress with the project. This can work best if you take before and after pictures.

    Description of the work location and your scope of work

    You will need to include the location of your work and give details of the kind of services or work you offer. When describing the scope of your work, you can include the order number of the client, the start date for the work, the intended duration for handling the work, and the anticipated completion of the project.

    Address the materials you’ll use

    Your invoice template should also mention all the materials used or the materials you plan to use in detail. You can choose to include the serial number for the materials as well.

    If you are listing all the materials you purchased for a particular program, there are specific details you will need to include. The details in relation to materials are the types, the quantity, the cost of every piece of material, and the total amount for the materials.

    Add labor hours spent on the project

    It is crucial to provide labor hours as well. This means that you should include the following: the type of labor, the quantity of labor, the number of hours required to complete the project, the number of people working on the project, the price of labor per hour, and the total cost of labor.

    Display the total amount due

    Your invoice should mention the total amount due from your client. This includes the total for labor and materials used for a particular project, excluding the deposit amount, if any. This information appears at the end.

    The amount of GST/HST

    The amount of GST/HST is known as Goods and Services Taxes/ Harmonized Sales Tax. This is referred to as the taxes that must be added to the total of the materials and labor to determine the final amount the client should pay. These taxes are referred to as sales taxes.

    The deadline for payment

    The deadline for the payment must also be indicated at the bottom of the template. It is meant to indicate the date by which the payment should have been made in full. You need to inform the client of this date so as to avoid a late payment.

    To whom the payment should be made

    You should mention to whom your client is making the required payment to avoid any confusion. In the invoice, you need to specify if it is meant to be paid to you or to a particular organization. This way, your client is aware of who to contact to confirm if the payment was made to you successfully.

    Acceptable forms of payment

    You should mention the acceptable forms of payment to give your client preferred options. Also, different forms of payment offer convenience and flexibility for your client. Whether you prefer cash, a check, a debit card, or a prepaid card, you need to mention them so as to make it easier for the client when making the payment.

    Include your payment terms

    Including the payment terms will ensure that your clients are aware of all the conditions surrounding the payments to be made. This can include consequences regarding late payment, information in regard to paying in advance, conditions of whether or not the deposit should be returned to the client, etc.

    Shipment details

    This includes a summary of all the information regarding shipping any materials or goods required for the work or project you are handling. For instance, you can include the number of materials, the date of the shipment, and even any critical contact information details regarding the shipment.

    When should I Send an Invoice?

    The best time to send your clients an invoice is usually the end of the month, as this helps to cut down on the size of the paperwork required to be filed. This billing style is beneficial for contractors who prefer instant payment after each step of their work. This is because it guarantees the proper flow of money and reduces the chances of incurring debt. You can send it once you finish the project you are handling, in the case of small-scale contractors.


    A contractor (freelance) invoice is a document used by contractors to request payment from their clients for services offered. Contracting jobs may include gardening, writing, and even construction. It is crucial for you, as a contractor, to always prepare an invoice to ensure you have proof or evidence when dealing with your clients in the future. The easiest way to prepare an invoice is by using a free and downloadable template. Using this template, your invoice will have all essential elements, such as your contact information, provided services, payment specifics, and, if applicable, shipment details.

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