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Before hiring a new employee, every organization wants an individual who can perform at the very least. Usually, an organization will set a target that the employee is expected to meet at a specified timeframe. On top of this, the employee is always expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization in totality. Even though different organizations have different rules and performance standards, the most important thing expected of an employee is discipline and performance. But what happens when an employee involves in misconduct or underperforms? Well, this is a question that lingers in every mind of an unsatisfied employer. In such a case, the employer will have to warn such employees of their transgression through an Employee Warning Notice Form/Letter.

What is an Employee Warning Notice Form?

As stated above, an employee warning notice form is a document given either by the organization management or the human resource department to an employee to notify them that their behavior/conduct is unacceptable with regard to the organization’s policies or standards. In other words, it’s a formal acknowledgment of employees’ misconduct. These misconducts may refer to low or poor output, poor time management, failure to do certain tasks or any other inappropriate conduct. An employee warning notice form also notifies the employee to change his/her actions failure to which further actions may be taken, including dismissal.

Free Forms

An Employee Warning Notice Form is a document used by employers to formally address and document instances of employee misconduct or poor performance. By utilizing our professionally designed templates, you can save time and effort in creating these essential forms. Our pre-built templates offer technical benefits such as standardization, clarity, and ease of use. Best of all, they are completely free to download, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

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    What Information to Include in an Employee Warning Notice Form

    Basically, an Employee Warning Notice Form will include the following information:

    • Employment details: these include the employees’ names, addresses, phone numbers, employment numbers, and job positions.
    • Organizational details: Here, you will mention the name of the organization, the official address, and the location. Also, you will include the manager/supervisor’s name as well as that of the human resource manager.
    • Transgression details: Explain clearly the infractions made by the employee to the organization. Be sure to include the policy or rule broken by the transgression.
    • Areas of improvement: state what the employee needs to do in order to improve. For instance, if the employee is a latecomer, you can tell him/her to improve on his/her reporting.
    • Consequence: Here, you will state any possible repercussions the employee will be subjected to should he/she refuse to improve on the above-stated areas.
    • Employees’ comments: You can also include a section for the employee to air their comments based on the letter. Also, they should sign the form so that it becomes an agreement.

    Importance of Employee Warning Notice Form

    The following are some of the importance of giving the form to employees:

    1. An employee warning notice form protects the employer from being sued by the employee for undefined dismissal. Humans are bound to mistake—but making a mistake doesn’t necessarily call for immediate dismissal. Therefore, to avoid legal battles with your employee, ensure you first notify them of their mistake using the employee warning notice form.
    2. Employee warning notice form also makes the employee re-evaluate themselves. This makes them start thinking about how to improve their behaviors.
    3. The employee warning notice form redefines expectations and works ethics. Once issued, the employee will be reminded that what he/she is doing is wrong and unaccepted.
    4. Employee warning notice form helps improve your organization’s reputation. When you are fond of firing employees without warning, your organization will be tainted with a bad image.
    5. Additionally, the form helps retain good and special employees. Remember that mistakes are everywhere. As such, if your good employees are caught, they aren’t fired just immediately.

    What Circumstances will Employee Warning Notice Form Apply?

    There are limitless circumstances where an employer may want to issue an employee warning notice form to the employer. Frequently, the circumstances depend on the organization’s guiding policies and standards. However, the following are some common situations that may prompt the issuance of the employee warning notice form.

    • When an employee is not meeting job requirements
    • When an employee constantly reports working late
    • When an employee is absent for work with no valid reason/apology
    • If an employee has violated confidentiality measures
    • If a worker steals from the organization or from the colleagues
    • If the worker threatens to harm any member of the organization in any way
    • If the employer consumes alcohol or any other illegal substance while at work premises
    • They are deliberately submitting wrong or false documents as records.
    • Allowing unauthorized persons within the work premise.

    How Should you Give the Employee Warning Notice?

    When thinking of giving the warning notice to an employee, be sure you do it in the right way. Here are some useful tips that you can use:

    • Makes sure you issue the warning notice in an office as it’s a formal letter.
    • First, issue a verbal warning before following with a written form.
    • Follow the due procedures, as highlighted in the company’s policies and regulations.
    • Make sure you collect adequate information about the incident.
    • You should be the right person to issue out the warning notice. Otherwise, the employee may take legal advantage.
    • Be specific in your employee warning notice form.
    • Ensure the employee understands everything regarding his offenses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens when an employee receives an Employee Warning Notice Form?

    Usually, there are a lot of things that may happen when an employee is given an Employee Warning Notice Form. The warning letters are given in cases where the employer haves confidence that the employee can rectify or change their misconduct. However, if the warning form is given and nothing changes or a new problem arises, then the employer will find it easier to take other disciplinary actions such as dismissal.

    Should an employee sign the Employee Notice Warning Form?

    Yes. Upon receiving the form, an employee should append his/her signature. This acts as an acknowledgment that the contents within the form have been brought to his/her attention. However, there are some cases where an employee may decline to sign the form depending on the nature of the issues stated.

    What if an employee refuses to sign the form?

    Should an employee disagree with the issues stated in the form, he or she can decline to append their signature. In such a situation, the management can write that the employee refused to sign the form and indicate their reasons.

    Why should an employer use an Employee Warning Notice Form?

    There are certain labor laws that will require an employer to first notify the employee of their inappropriate actions before taking harsh disciplinary action. Therefore, in order to document the dismissal process, it’s imperative that you provide an Employee Warning Notice Form.

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