Rental Verification Letter: How to Write (with Examples)

Before a rational landlord can accept a new tenant to his premises, he has to be certain that the tenant will most likely remit the dues on time, not to mention ‘behave well’ when on his premises. That is only achievable if the landlord gets to know more about the prospective tenant.

One sure way of doing this is by drafting a rental verification letter and sending it out to the past or present landlord of the prospective tenant. It seeks to obtain more information about the tenancy of the individual concerned. The information provided assists the prospective landlord in making more informed decisions.

Sample Letters

Free Editable Rental Verification Letter Template for Word Document

Free Editable Rental Verification Letter Sample for Word Document

    Purpose of the Rental Verification Letter

    It basically gives a peek into the tenancy of a given individual and their likelihood of being reliable tenants.

    To do this, it furnishes the following pieces of information or details about the tenant:

    Monthly payment history

    It indicates how timely the tenant has been remitting his dues at the agreed-upon time. This is a feat it does by breaking down the payment deadlines against the times when the tenant eventually remitted the dues.

    Money owed

    If the tenant has already vacated the premises but is yet to conclude or repay the debts he owes in full, this has to be indicated. By knowing how much a tenant owes, a prospective landlord is similarly able to tell how reliable or not the same person is bound to be.

    General conduct

    Apart from financial diligence, it is in the best interest of a landlord to know about the general conduct of the tenant. With regard to this, the letter will provide a one- or two-paragraph description of the general conduct of the tenant.

    What to Include?

    The following pieces of information must never be missed in this letter:

    • Payment History: The letter has to showcase the payment history of the tenant. These include the due dates, how faithful the tenant has been in remitting the dues, the amount of money he has been remitting, and any delays in remitting the payments, to name but a few!
    • Rental Unit and Physical Address: This refers to the exact place where the tenant is currently putting up. It is the name of or unit of the apartment, as well as the physical address where the said unit is located.
    • Start and End Dates: When did the tenant enter the premises? And when is he expected to vacate the premises? The letter has to spell out these two dates clearly for all to see.
    • Duration of Tenancy: Closely related to the above is the total duration of the tenancy. Simply put, for how long did the tenant stay on the premises, or is to stay on the premises overall?
    • Impending Expiration Date: In case the tenant is still residing on the premises when exactly is he to vacate the premises? The letter has to specify whether this is renewable or non-renewable.
    • Statement of Character: The letter ideally has to give a roundup of the character of the tenant. This is a statement that basically summarizes the conduct of the tenant in one or two lines.

    Rental Verification Letter Template

    The format below will aid you in drafting your letter:







    City, State, Zip Code

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

    RE: Rental Verification Letter

    This is to let you know that _____ (name of the tenant) is a tenant at one of our apartment units, ___ (name of apartment or rental unit) that is located in ___________ (physical address of the apartment unit).

    He/she has been our tenant since __ (start date of the tenancy) and his/her tenancy is due to expire on ___________ (when the current contract is to expire). Presently, he/she parts with ____ (monthly payment/obligations) for the _______ (the sheer size of the rental unit) he/she resides in.

    Overall, he/she has been well-mannered and responsible. Even though she has remitted the dues past the deadline several times, she has always endeavored to explain in advance and let us know.

    We wish her all the best in your subsequent dealings with you.


    Your Name


    Rental Verification Letter Sample

    Re: Rental Verification for Ms. Emily Thompson

    Dear Mr. Martin James,

    I am writing to provide a rental verification for Ms. Emily Thompson, who has been a tenant in the property located at

    Rental Unit and Physical Address:

    Unit 203

    Maple Grove Apartments

    789 Pine Street

    Townsville, State 12345

    Payment History:

    Start Date of Tenancy: April 15, 20XX

    End Date of Tenancy: April 14, 20XX

    Duration of Tenancy:

    Tenancy Commencement Date: April 15, 20XX

    Tenancy Termination Date: April 14, 20XX

    Impending Expiration Date:

    Tenant’s Expected Vacating Date: April 14, 20XX

    Renewable/Non-renewable Status: Non-renewable

    Throughout the tenancy period, Ms. Emily Thompson has consistently demonstrated a commendable commitment to fulfilling financial obligations. The rent payments were due on the 1st of each month, and I am pleased to report that Ms. Thompson consistently remitted payments promptly without any delays. The amount of $1,200 in rent was paid promptly each month, reflecting a responsible and reliable approach to meeting financial commitments.

    In addition to being a prompt and responsible tenant, Ms. Emily Thompson has exhibited commendable conduct and respect for the property. She has maintained the rental unit in excellent condition and has been cooperative and respectful in all interactions. Ms. Thompson’s character is marked by responsibility and consideration for the property and fellow residents.

    If you require any further information or have specific questions regarding Ms. Emily Thompson’s tenancy, please feel free to contact me at (555) 123-4567 or

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Samantha Nicholas

    Property Manager

    XYZ Property Management

    Key Takeaways

    This rental verification letter serves as a useful and effective guide for someone who wants to write such a document for several reasons:

    1. The letter is well-structured, presenting information in clearly labeled sections. This organization ensures that the reader can easily locate and comprehend essential details without confusion.
    2. Tenant and property details, such as the tenant’s name and specific location, contribute to the credibility and authenticity of the verification.
    3. Throughout the letter, formal and respectful language is maintained. This professional tone is crucial when dealing with matters of tenancy verification, reflecting positively on both the property manager and the tenant.
    4. The letter provides a detailed payment history, emphasizing the tenant’s consistent and punctual payments. Specifics, such as the due dates and the monthly rent amount, offer a clear picture of the tenant’s financial reliability.
    5. Clear definitions of the start and end dates of the tenancy assist in quickly grasping the overall duration of the tenant’s stay in the property.
    6. The letter explicitly states the date when the tenant is expected to vacate and whether the lease is renewable. This information is crucial for planning and decision-making regarding future tenancy arrangements.
    7. A concise statement summarizes the tenant’s conduct, adding a personal touch to the verification. This brief insight into the tenant’s character is valuable for landlords assessing the overall suitability of a tenant.
    8. Including the property manager’s contact information (phone number and email) facilitates further communication. This openness supports transparency and allows for any necessary clarification or additional inquiries.

    Tips to Follow

    To be able to write a nice letter of these kinds, you have to adhere to the following tips:

    • Verify the identity of the applicant to see to it that the information you provide is not used in a manner that is disparaging to your tenant or to commit fraud thereafter.
    • Seek the input and confirmation of the tenant while verifying his residence. Many jurisdictions have tough laws in place that prohibit data from being acquired by third parties without their consent or knowledge.
    • Be certain to only incorporate those vital pieces of information that are also as accurate as can probably be. Any errors or inconsistencies may similarly attract dire repercussions.
    • Use the company letterhead to display this information to give it an official character. That is the only guarantee that the recipient will deem the letter satisfactory to their needs.
    • Include a statement of character that basically vouchs for the tenant and his reliability insofar as taking up the rental premises is concerned. That will also help his chances of getting a space elsewhere.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s examine a couple of frequently asked questions that are consistently asked on this topic:

    How long does rental verification take?

    In many cases, this takes roughly 48–72 hours. Then again, it all depends on the workload at the time you lodge your complaint. Expect to spend lots of time if there are numerous people who similarly want their information or status verified.

    Should you follow up on a rental application?

    Yes, you should! If you lodge a complaint but receive no formal feedback after the 72-hour threshold, you are highly advised to follow it up by seeking to know exactly what happened thereafter. That will also expedite the process in your favor.

    What’s considered bad rental history?

    Several issues constitute a bad rental history. These include delayed payment, bad credit balance, run-ins with the law, and bad conduct within that apartment, to name but a few! Kindly note that the definition of ‘bad rental history’ varies greatly from one apartment or jurisdiction to another.


    We are now confident that you have the information at your fingertips to be able to do a great job of verifying the rental history of a tenant. Knowing what you already know now, is it too much to ask you now to ‌do a great job? We believe that just by reading the explanations above, you will be able to do a great job!

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