26 Free Goal-Setting Templates (Word, Excel, Printable)

A goal is a vision for the future that you want to realize through careful planning, dedication, and hard work.

For most of them, there is usually a deadline or a time limit set for their realization. They can be for personal achievement or for business and career advancement.

You must set goals in order to be successful in any aspect of your life. It will help you be more productive and focused as you strive to achieve your life goals. You will be able to focus on developing a workable plan of action to accomplish your mission. That means that you will become more motivated and effective in what you do. Whether it is at work or in your personal life, it will help you establish goals that align with your desires.

You can use pre-made templates to establish and set your goals. With these templates, you can focus on achieving your goal through an actionable chart and keep track of your progress. Using a template is the perfect way to ensure you have specific, reasonable, and achievable targets. The entire concept is to provide a way to realize your dreams through setting goals for your life in order to lessen the overthinking that comes with simply having dreams.

Free Templates

Free Downloadable General Goal Setting Template 01 for Word Document
Free Downloadable Weekly Goal Assessment Template for Word Document
Free Downloadable Student Goals Setting Sample for Word Document
Free Downloadable Smart Goals Worksheet Template 01 for Word Document
Free Printable Project Goals and Objectives Worksheet Sample for Word File
Free Printable Procrastination Management Worksheet Sample for Word File
Free Printable Goals Planning Template for Word File
Free Printable Life Goals Worksheet Sample for Word File
Free Printable Career Goals Worksheet Sample for Word File
Free Downloadable General Goal Setting Template 02 for Word Document
Free Printable Meeting Goals Worksheet Sample for Word File
Free Downloadable General Goal Setting Template 03 for Word Document
Free Printable Goals Planning Sample for Word File
Free Downloadable Smart Goals Worksheet Template 02 for Word Document
Free Printable Student Academic Goal Planning Sheet for Word File
Free Printable Goals Setting Chart Sample for Word File

    Types of Goals

    There are different types of goals that you may want to achieve. Depending on your choices and plans for life, here are some of the goals that you may have:  

    Career or business goals

    These are to facilitate the realization of growth in your career or business. Whether it is to expand your business or get promoted at work, goal setting is the best way to achieve your goals. These for your career or business must be established in a way that takes into account your plans and all of the milestones you will need to reach them.

    Financial goals

    If you want to reach your financial objectives, goal-setting is another necessary activity. They may include saving up for a business, building good credit, paying off your debts, or even making more money. These dreams can be achieved if you properly lay them out.

    Educational goals

    With education, gaining new knowledge never stops. That means that if you want to achieve more in your career or expand your knowledge, you will need to set up some attainable targets. This may include planning what you want to learn and how you want to learn it—physically or online—and establishing how you can balance learning and working.

    Relationship goals

    You can make plans to improve your relationships, whether they are with family or with friends. Goal setting can help you establish what you need to do to achieve your relationship goals. This may include spending more time with family or even visiting your friends more often.

    Health and fitness goals

    You also need to focus on it for your health and fitness goals. Whether it is to shed some weight or focus on being more fit, you need measurable goals that are easier to achieve and keep track of. Also, with health and fitness aims, you are more likely to stay motivated and even have fun while exercising.

    For personal growth

    Setting goals for your personal development is necessary whether you want to take up painting or learn to swim. You can monitor your development and assess whether your objectives have been attained.

    For spiritual growth 

    It is also possible to set targets for your spiritual growth. You will need to establish the changes you want to make in your spiritual life and how you want to grow in that area of your life. Goal setting can help you organize small, attainable steps like meditation and yoga to ensure you achieve them for spiritual growth.

    Great Comprehensive Financial Goals Worksheet Template for Word Document
    Great Comprehensive Daily Goals Setting Template for Word Document
    Great Comprehensive Goals Setting Worksheet Template for Word Document
    Great Comprehensive Smart Goals Tool Sample for Word Document
    Great Comprehensive Action Planning Worksheet Template for Word Document
    Great Comprehensive Smart Goals Worksheet Sample 03 for Word Document
    Free Downloadable Weight Loss Goals Worksheet Sample as Excel Sheet
    Free Downloadable Business Goals Setting Sample as Excel Sheet

      What are SMART Goals?

      SMART goals are the ones that help guide the process. With SMART goals, you will have simple, attainable, and easy-to-remember goals for your personal or business life. You will remain accountable when it comes to achieving them and even become more productive.

      SMART stands for:

      • S: Specific
      • M: Measurable
      • A: Attainable
      • R: Relevant
      • T: Time-bound

      These components that make up the SMART goal outline can help break down your goals for easier accomplishment. Having SMART goals is the best course of action for tracking your progress, adhering to the deadline, aligning them with your plans, and increasing effectiveness.

      You always need to be specific. To do this, you must concentrate on answering the who, what, where, when, and which questions, which will help you set clear objectives. After deciding on a clear objective, you must establish a means of determining whether you are still on the right track and whether your goals have been met.

      These also need to be attainable by ensuring that you have the means of achieving them. This may entail acquiring the knowledge or abilities that may be required to achieve a specific objective. An achievable goal will keep you motivated and focused. Ensure that these are relevant to what you want to achieve.

      For instance, if the goal is to learn to swim, then ensure that you are visiting the training pool so that you can learn how to swim.

      The final and most important aspect of SMART goals is that these should be time-bound. Without a time frame, there is little to no chance of success. A deadline increases motivation to achieve them and clarifies how they will be completed within the allotted time.

      Templates and Their Key Features 

      Templates are ready-to-use documents that will help you prepare your goals and set ways to work towards accomplishing them. There are different templates that you can access online. You can also choose to create your own template based on your goals and the changes you are looking for.

      Templates will assist you in tracking your progress, highlighting significant accomplishments, identifying obstacles in the way of your goals’ realization, and determining the necessary course corrections. 

      Some of the key features of the template are listed below. These features contribute to what makes a template great and effective. Make sure to search for these characteristics when downloading or developing your own template. 


      Select a template that is easy to use and simple to understand. For effective use of the template, you must use one that you can understand. You can then set goals and monitor your progress with ease. Also, it will allow you to make changes where necessary. 


      The template should have a time frame. Setting deadlines for your goals will help you stay motivated and keep your attention on them. You are more likely to remain steadfast in your efforts to complete your various goals if you have a time-framed template.

      Highlights your main goal

      With a template, you need to ensure that you can highlight your main goal. This is usually the greatest aim you want to achieve when it comes to realizing your goals. If you can keep an eye on your main goal, you will be able to realize it and motivate yourself to achieve the other ones.

      Shows your progress

      The template should also be able to show your progress and your accomplishments. You will be inspired to keep putting in the effort to achieve your goal as a result. Without being able to track your progress, you are more likely to lose focus or feel demotivated.

      Displays your purpose

      A proper template should also be able to provide details about your purposes by demonstrating why you are striving to achieve them. For instance, you can indicate that you are exercising as one of your health and benefit goals. You can also include that losing weight and being fit are the purposes of exercising. With a clear purpose, you can envision your reward and remain focused on your goals.

      Gives clear instructions 

      Finally, another important feature of a good template is that it should give a clear set of instructions on how to attain your goals. You will be able to use these instructions as a roadmap if you do this. Make sure the template is customizable and allows you to change these instructions if they are not helping you achieve your goals. 

      Things to Think About

      When setting your personal or professional goals, there are some tips that you should never forget.  These will serve as your roadmap and a reminder of what you should and should not do when setting up sensible, attainable, measurable, and time-bound goals. 

      The following are some special considerations to remember:

      Break down your main goal

      You need to first establish your main goal. After that, you should break it down into small, achievable tasks. This will keep you motivated because the more small tasks you complete, the closer you are to completing the main one.

      Ensure clarity

      Ensure that there is a clear reason or purpose for every task or plan you want to complete. This will help you remember your goals and hence encourage you to accomplish them. Additionally, it is best to set up specific paths and rules that you intend to follow to accomplish your goals on time.

      Be flexible with your goals

      Life changes, and so should your targets. To stay motivated, these should be adaptable so that you can change them as needed.

      You will get tired or bored and, in some cases, fail to get the intended results. That is why you must have flexible plans. Being flexible with how you plan to achieve your ambitions in life will help you as you continue working on your goals.

      Track them

      Make sure you can monitor your development and goals. In order to accomplish your goals in the time frame and according to your preferences, you must maintain accountability. Identify the issue that is impeding your progress and work to resolve it so that you can continue working toward your goals.

      Set realistic goals

      Setting realistic and achievable aims is the best way to approach goal setting. However, you should avoid setting goals that do not challenge you or promote your desired growth. Set realistic ones that will help you realize your capabilities and potential.

      Do not completely disregard your previous goals

      Instead of ignoring the previous ones, use them as a guideline as you set new ones. Your goal setting should be centered on learning from the past to adapt achievable goals and successful methods of achieving them.  In addition, ignoring previous goals when setting new ones may lead to less effective planning.

      Avoid setting uninspiring goals

      Set goals that will motivate you to achieve them. If your aims lack zeal, you run the risk of lowering the levels of accountability and motivation that should be associated with achieving them. To stay motivated and productive, set targets that you are passionate about.

      Final Thoughts

      Personal, business, career, spiritual, and even health and fitness goals can all help you succeed in life. You can fulfill your life’s ambitions if you have goals in place. That is why it is important to adopt the habit of setting goals. With a targeted approach, you will be able to set goals, access the right plans, and have the right tools for achieving your goals. Using a template is the easiest, fastest, and best way to create charts for various goals. You can set SMART goals that are beneficial to you and that are also achievable by using goal-setting templates.

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