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In the state of Oregon, when purchasing or selling a vehicle through a private sale, you will need to have a car bill of sale for Oregon (Form 735-501).

A Bill of Sale in Oregon is needed when the buyer of the vehicle registers and titles the vehicle in their name. It also acts as a receipt and legal proof should there be any discrepancies regarding the vehicle.

For example, if the seller was given a ticket for a driving offense prior to the sale, the buyer will have proof that the vehicle was not within their ownership at that time. While notarization of a bill of sale in Oregon is not required, it can add more weight to the document in legal matters.

Other Requirements

In order for a car bill of sale in Oregon to be legal, both the buyer and the seller must sign it. Sellers have 10 days from the date of sale to notify the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles that the vehicle was sold. 

Vehicles that are under 10 years of age will also require an Odometer Disclosure Statement if there is no room on the back of the tile to enter this information. There are some exemptions, such as for vehicles that were built without an odometer or recreational vehicles. The Oregon DMV does not have a downloadable Odometer Disclosure Form, so you must request it from their website.

If you are having someone else register and title the vehicle for you, they will need to fill out an Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney form. (Form 735-500)

Creating a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Motor provides its own Vehicle Bill of Sale. However, you can create your own bill of sale for Oregon, provided that you have the following required details:

  • The date of sale
  • Full legal names of both the buyer and the seller
  • Full contact details of both the buyer and the seller (address, phone number, email)
  • A description of the vehicle being sold. This must include the make, model, year, VIN, title number, color, and body type
  • The amount that the vehicle sold for 
  • Printed names and signatures of both parties

Download Free Form

Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

    Registering a Vehicle in Oregon

    The buyer has 30 days from the date of sale in which to register and title the vehicle in their name. Dealership purchases within the state of Oregon normally submit the relevant registration documents for you. You can register a vehicle for 2 or 4 years at a time, depending on the vehicle. Newly purchased vehicles are required to be titled and registered at the same time.

    Where to register 

    When registering a vehicle for the first time, you will need to visit your local branch of the DMV. You may need to make an appointment at some DMV offices. Alternatively, you may submit your registration documents by mail at: Oregon DMV, 1905 Lana Avenue N.E., Salem, OR 97314. Vehicle renewals can be done online through the Oregon DMV’s eSign service.

    Documentation Needed When Registering and Titling a Vehicle

    Be sure that you have the required documents and details with you when you visit your local DMV office to register and title your vehicle:

    • A current and valid Oregon Driver’s License
    • A completed and signed Car Bill of Sale for Oregon (Form 735-501)
    • An original Certificate of Title. If the title is not available, you can request a duplicate by filling out and submitting Form 735-515 (Application for Replacement Title). New vehicles will be required to have the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.
    • Vehicles that are under 10 years of age will require an accurate Odometer Disclosure Statement if there is no room on the back of the title to fill this in. This must be obtained from your local DMV.
    • A completed Form 735-226 (Application for Title and Registration)
    • If there is a Lien on the vehicle, you will need to submit a Lien Release (Form 735-524)
    • A completed Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection, which you can get from your local police office.
    • The funds to cover Titling, Plate, and Registration Fees
    • Proof of Liability Insurance with the Minimum Requirements

    Emissions Testing in Oregon

    For residents in the areas of Medford/Ashland and Portland Oregon, vehicles are required to pass an emissions test before they can register their vehicle. This should be done at one of the many DEQ Too testing facilities in Oregon. The owner will be given a Certificate of Compliance once they have passed, which needs to be submitted with the other documentation during registration.

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