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VIN Verification

Vehicles are one of the worthwhile lifetime investments. But once they are bought, there are a series of registrations and application procedures that the vehicle needs to undergo. All these processes are meant to ascertain the legality and ownership of the vehicle. The process of VIN verification varies from one state to the other. In most cases, however, the owner will be expected to fill out a form while they undergo the VIN Verification.

What is a VIN Verification?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification is the physical inspection of a vehicle by the relevant or authorized state motor vehicle department to the owners. Oftentimes, the whole process of verification is done thoroughly to document the accurate data of the vehicle in question. Some of the information available includes the body type of the vehicle, year of manufacture, model, and make and emission label, among other details. The primary purpose of VIN verification is to identify the unique number that isn’t associated with any other vehicle within the state or region. Through this, vehicle-related cases such as theft and fraud are significantly addressed.

How do you fill a VIN Verification form?

If you are wondering where to start, or how to fill out your VIN Verification form, you are in the right place. We provide a step-by-step guide to ensure you verify your vehicle correctly. Remember, VIN Verification is an official process. Therefore, to fill out the form, the following steps must be followed.

State The Vehicles Description

First and foremost, you need to note down the description of the vehicle in question. The description should include physical attributes such as the make, model, and the number of tiles, emission label, the state or region where you prefer registration to take place, among other details. Also, be sure to include any other relevant details that will facilitate easy identification of the vehicle.

Reveal The Ownership Of The Vehicle

Here, you need to disclose the specific details of the owner. Pay close attention to official names, telephone numbers, official addresses, and other relevant information. In some states, you won’t be required to produce the contact details. In either way, be sure to adhere to the rules and policies of the state you are doing the verification.

Note down the Vehicle Identification Number

The VIN is a unique code that is assigned to only one vehicle. Usually, the verification forms provide boxes where you’ll include each digit of the VIN. Here, you should confirm that the VIN given is accurate to avoid confusion.

Finalize With The Signature

This is the last section of filling out the VIN Verification form. In this section, the name of the officer handling the verification will be indicated as well as the space for his/her signature and date. Alongside the signature, the officer will also be required to provide their badge number to verify their authority to conduct the VIN verification.

Why Verify Your Car’s VIN?

Well, this is one question most vehicle owners ask themselves before proceeding with the verification. The following are some reasons why you need a VIN Verification:

  • Verifying your vehicle is important when registering your vehicle with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This applies to all foreign or out of state vehicles.  
  • Secondly, VIN verification is an important step that helps you obtain information on the history of the car, such as past accidents and odometer readings. The history information of the car history can also help you obtain its legitimacy.
  • VIN verification is also important when you are planning to change your vehicle configuration. For example, if you are changing the body type model (BTM), let’s say converting a van into a shop.
  • You also need a VIN verification when changing the type of fuel
  • When verifying the possession of the vehicle. For instance, an alien transaction can be made, and further verification needed by the authorities.

Download VIN Verification Forms

Do you own an out-of-state vehicle that you would want to register in an applicable state? Or, are you looking for how to verify the legal possession of your car? Well, you need to download the VIN Verification forms here.

California – Form REG-31

Colorado – Form DR 2698

Connecticut – Form AE-81

Indiana – Form 39530

Kentucky – Form TC 96‐229

Maine – Form MVT-10

Nevada – Form VP15

New Mexico – Form MVD-10705

Oregon – Form 735-11

Pennsylvania – Form MV-41

Rhode Island – VIN Check Form

Washington – Visit Inspection Station

Wyoming – Form MV-300A

    Required States

    California – Form REG-31Nevada – Form VP15
    Colorado – Form DR 2698New Mexico – Form MVD-10705
    Connecticut – Form AE-81Oklahoma – Form 701-6
    Florida – Form HSMV 82042Oregon – Form 735-11
    Idaho – Form ITD 3403Pennsylvania – Form MV-41
    Indiana – Form 39530Rhode Island – VIN Check Form
    Kansas – Form TR-65Vermont – Form VT-010
    Kentucky – Form TC 96‐229Washington – Visit Inspection Station
    Maine – Form MVT-10Wyoming – Form MV-300A

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